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The Ultimate Back-to-School Classroom Decor Guide for 2023

It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re dreading it or looking forward to it, students, teachers, and administrators are headed back to school for another fun-filled year of learning! Here at Frame it Easy, we wanted to make things easier for everyone, so we created this nifty back-to-school classroom decor guide to help you through the stress of starting a new school year.

Check out our index below to jump to different sections, and be sure to check out our downloadable freebies for teachers, admin staff, students, and families! (There’s something for everyone!)

📚 Teachers, Professors, Principals, & Admin Staff

A+ 🎓 Admin Office Decor Ideas

Almost every student, teacher, and parent spends some time in the school’s administration office. It’s the heart of the school, where decisions are made, students are enrolled, and schedules are created. Given how visible the administrative office is, it’s important to make a great first impression on all your guests!

So, how do you decorate an administrative office that really impresses folks? Keep reading to explore some of our favorite tips and tricks so you can decorate your classroom and office like a pro!

School office decor ideas with a sofa and two chairs.
Admin office – Impress students, parents, and other guests with a nicely designed admin office. Photo by Jose Losada on Unsplash.

Hanging Art Wall Decor

  • Poems and Inspirational Quotes – We’re big fans of framing inspirational poems and quotes! Not only do they look great, but it’s a fairly economical solution to dressing up your walls. Start with finding a collection of quotes or poems (or a combination of the two), then you can begin designing! Play with your font choices and background. Darker backgrounds always look best with lighter-colored fonts and vice versa. We’d recommend a site like Canva to explore design. Once your creation is complete, upload your image to our interactive frame designer, choose your mat and frame style, and we’ll print, frame, and ship your ready-to-hang picture perfect for your admin office.
  • Positive PR – Has your school been featured in the local newspaper? Has an impressive student been covered in a magazine article? Frame it! Not only will this look great in an elegant frame, but it’ll leave a lasting impression on guests who can enjoy the stories you select to frame. Plus, it’s a fun way to display all the talent at your school!
  • Old photos – Add a dose of nostalgia to your classroom decor by placing old photos in your office. Photos of students, teachers, buildings, and activities that have taken place in the past at your school are the perfect touch for your office and reception area. We’d recommend organizing the photos on a striking gallery wall!
  • Nature images – Nothing relaxes guests more than beautiful nature imagery! Luckily, there are a lot of ways to source amazing images that will surely compliment your classroom decor themes. You can try taking the DIY approach and snapping some of your own brilliant nature photographs, or visit Unsplash and find a free picture there. If your budget allows, you can check out all the options on Etsy, or browse our handy guide that covers the best places to buy art online! Don’t forget to upload your photo to our interactive frame designer and choose your frame style! We’ll print, frame, and ship your ready-to-hang frame right to your doorstep.
  • Administration photos – Sometimes meeting new people can cause anxiety, so display photos of the school administrators. This will help ease some of that tension and give guests a preview of who they may be meeting. It’s also a professional display that can liven up an otherwise blank wall.
  • Student or teacher wall-of-fame – Why not give kudos to impressive teachers and students with a wall-of-fame display? You can recognize anything from excellent grades to perfect attendance, to acts of kindness. Make sure to place their framed portrait photos on a designated wall that everyone can see!
  • WiFi info – Ensure your guests can connect their favorite devices to the internet! Even if students aren’t allowed, you may host waiting parents who will want online access. Create and frame a sign that displays your network name and password for guests. Again, you can use a site like Canva to make it really visually striking.
Nature-inspired wall art decor
Admin office – Hanging art is essential for a comfortable admin office. Look for nature-inspired pieces.

School and Classroom Decor and Finishing Touches

  • PlantsPlants are the perfect accessory for any room! Not only do they add vibrancy and color to your space, but they lower stress levels and clean the air. What’s not to love? We’d recommend at least one large potted plant and one smaller tabletop plant. If you don’t have decent natural light, there are plenty of plant breeds that do very well in low-light spaces. Don’t forget to swap out the plastic pots they come in for a ceramic pot with drainage holes for the best shot at a long, healthy, life.
  • Throw rug – Adding a simple throw rug to your space can tie your whole design together, and it adds a cozy touch to the room which helps deaden sound and keeps things comfortable. The design and size of your rug will largely depend on what’s there right now. Try to use complementary colors and keep them in line with your design theme.
  • Lighting – Is your administrative area dark and depressing? Do you have buzzing fluorescent lights overhead? Include a table and floor lamp in your administrative offices. Not only do they look great, but they’ll brighten up your space and make it more inviting. If possible, dim or turn off fluorescent overhead lights where they’re not needed. In terms of style, this will again depend mostly on what’s currently there, so keep with the same design language for a cohesive space.
Waiting room decor with chair, plant, and bookcase.
Admin office – Adding plants and select pieces of decor will make your admin office more inviting! Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash.

Final thoughts

Your administrative area should be inviting and comfortable for all your guests. Fortunately, there are a lot of easy steps you can take to improve the space. Adding a few key pieces of artwork helps improve things, and get creative with what you frame! Whether that’s a student wall-of-fame or a chronicle of the school’s history with a collection of old framed photos, It’ll give the space character and add warmth. Make sure to include a plant or two to liven things up, and with a throw rug down, you’re well on your way to the perfect administrative office!

Too Cool 4 School: 🍎 Teachers Lounge Decor

The teachers’ lounge is a safe space; a refuge tucked away from the chaos and noise of students. As you evaluate your teachers’ lounge, ask yourself: Is it a comfortable space to work productively in? Is it inviting and bright? Does it inspire your employees? If you answered “no” to any of those questions, it may be time to refresh and add some exciting decor to your lounge. Keep in mind that teachers will be happier with an inviting space, and may be tired of their own classroom decor, so don’t be afraid to get creative as you design!

Teacher's lounge decor with comfortable seating and plants.
Teacher’s Lounge Decor – The teacher’s lounge doesn’t have to be boring! Add plants, a throw rug, and some comfortable seating!
  • Community puzzle – A community jigsaw puzzle does double duty as both entertainment and, once complete, as decor. Include a couple of puzzles for teachers to piece together on their breaks, either individually or as a group activity. Once complete you can frame your puzzle, then display it proudly on a wall in your break room!
  • Colorful posters – We love large, colorful posters because they make such a big impact for very little investment. Your first stop should be checking out the free collection the Library of Congress offers of historical posters and images. It’s as simple as choosing your image, uploading it to our interactive frame designer, selecting your mat and frame style, and receiving ready-to-hang frames at your doorstep!
  • Inspirational quotes – Who couldn’t use a pick-me-up once in a while? Inspirational quotes can do just that! That’s why incorporating them into your classroom decor is a brilliant move! Teachers will love seeing the positive notes as they relax and regroup. Use a site like Canva to design something truly striking. Make sure it’s easily readable, especially from a distance. Choose a complimenting matboard and frame color so it stands out!
  • Kudos Board – Decorate and install a large corkboard in the school lounge. Add a jar filled with slips of colorful paper next to it. When a teacher wants to call out a colleague for positive behavior, they can write it up and pin it to the kudos board! By the end of the year, it should be filled with colorful well-wishes. Not only does it add some vibrancy to the space, but it’ll brighten up employees’ days!
  • Plants/herb garden – Plants are essential to any design plan. They look great and help ground a space with an extra organic layer. Add as many as you can reasonably take care of weekly, and make sure wherever you place them they get the appropriate amount of natural sunlight. If you have a lot of “green thumbs” in the group, try your hand at a simple indoor herb garden! Plants and plant care can be a huge stress reducer, so make sure to incorporate them into your lounge.
  • Community message board – An excellent way to connect with community members! Post job openings, reminders, items for sale, important dates, community events, and more! Use colorful stickers, pins, and paper to dress it up and make it visually striking.
  • Student and teacher art – Schools are filled with budding artists! Why not take advantage of the free masterpieces by framing and displaying a few notable pieces each month? You can create a beautiful gallery wall filled with color at a relatively affordable price! Even better, you can easily swap pieces out to make room for new talent, refreshing the gallery’s look as often as you please.
  • Throw pillows and throw rug – Soften your teacher’s lounge up a bit by adding throw pillows and a throw rug. Try to keep consistent with style and colors, too! If you’re stuck, stick to simple patterns and earth tones as a safe bet. Not only will it make the space more inviting and comfortable, but it’ll help absorb sound and cut down on the institutional feeling a lot of communal spaces have.
  • Scented candlesScented candles pull double-duty in decorating: they improve the scent of a room and they look great doing it! Some scents can be irritating to others, so be careful when making your selections. Vanilla or coffee tends to be well-received and generally inoffensive.
  • Water feature – The sound of running water can be so relaxing! You can find small indoor fountains for relatively little money, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles. No matter which you choose, it’ll definitely add a zen feeling to your lounge.
A plant-powered teacher's lounge!
Teacher’s Lounge Decor – Plants, scented candles, and student art can really dress up your lounge! Photo by Copernico on Unsplash.

Final thoughts

The school teacher’s lounge should be a refuge for teachers! It should be a space our educators can go to relax, work, and recharge! The good news is that creating an inviting lounge doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Whether you’re adding colorful posters, a relaxing water feature, or a vibrant herb garden, the options for upgrading your lounge are pretty much endless! Once you’ve come up with the perfect design, make sure to share it with us on social media

6 Framable Signs ✍️ Every Classroom Needs

Back to school is a stressful time for everyone. Why not ease the tension and give your students all the information they need in a beautifully designed classroom? Keep reading to discover 6 must-have signs every teacher needs in their classroom decor.

Vacant classroom with desks and framed art prints.
Frames for Classrooms – Frame signs for your classroom so students know the rules and expectations. Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash.
  1. Rules and expectations – Students need rules and expectations clearly posted so they can be held accountable and the entire classroom understands the standard of behavior. Don’t be afraid to get creative with designing your sign; you want to make it visually striking so it gets the attention it deserves.
  2. Emergency information – Do your students know where to go or what to do in an emergency? Make sure to include essential details like evacuation routes, emergency contacts, lockdown procedures, and fire drill procedures. Hang your framed sign near the entrance and exit so it’s highly visible.
  3. Schedule – Tired of answering the same questions about lunch and break times? Post the daily and weekly schedules so students can plan accordingly. If they know the schedule, they’ll be less likely to miss important dates and be better prepared for the day’s activities.
  4. Important reminders – Let’s face it, kids and teens forget a lot. Give them a step up and let them know what they can’t forget before they leave for the day. Whether it’s parent signatures, a specific notebook, or electronic equipment like laptops, a striking framed sign ensures they remember!
  5. WiFi information – In some classes and schools, technology is necessary to participate. In this case, it’s important to have a sign that details your WiFi network name and password. Students can easily reference it any time they need to connect.
  6. Electronics policy – Students should have a clear understanding of the electronics policy so there’s no question about the rules. Consider if cell phones and laptops are allowed, and if so, what situations are appropriate for the classroom.
Two men using computers inside of a classroom.
Frames for Classrooms – Frame signs that cover emergency protocols, the schedule, and important reminders. Photo by Patrick Amoy on Unsplash.

How to Design Your Own Classroom Decor Signs

When designing your signs, make sure your text is readable; choose your fonts and their fill color carefully because some are more difficult to read at a distance (try a serif font in black or another dark color). Avoid using dated clip art images and stick to text-heavy design. Sites like Canva are great for beginning designers to flex their creative muscles, so we recommend giving that a try if your standard sign designs are falling flat. To amp up the visual interest, head over to our interactive frame designer and choose a colorful mat and frame style for your creation!

A variety of picture frame mats in different colors.
Frames for Classroom Decor – Use our interactive frame designer to explore all the colorful mat and frame options available!


Remember, if you frame these, you won’t have to worry about printing and laminating new signs each year (who wouldn’t love one less thing to worry about!), nor will you have to waste time replacing flimsy signs that can easily get damaged. Plus, they’ll look more professional and have a higher likelihood of getting noticed. Still, have framing questions? Check out this handy guide on how to hang frames on any wall type!

New frames in a variety of sizes and colors.
Frames for Classrooms – Framing your sign increases the likelihood it’ll get noticed, and saves you from having to replace flimsy paper signs.

Final thoughts

Adding nicely designed signs to your classroom decor gives your students important information and makes your space both pleasant and professional. Students will appreciate knowing the expectations you’ve set while learning about being self-sufficient. You’ll also save time and money by avoiding printing and laminating the same signs each year when you frame them! Don’t forget, Frame it Easy can print and frame for you, or you can order something for an existing piece, and we’ll ship ready-to-hang frames right to your door!

8 Genius Framing Projects: 📓 School Library Edition

A school library is a place every student loves to visit. Whether it’s enjoying your favorite mystery novel or reading up on a new hobby, the library is a place to explore ideas and get lost in stories. Help give students the information they need to enjoy the library to its full potential by adding framed signs to your space!

School library, shelves of books inside the library.
School library – Make sure your students know library rules and policies with framed signs. Photo by Shunya Koide on Unsplash.
  1. Check-in/out procedures – Arguably the most important sign you’ll need, post a framed sign detailing procedures related to checking out books and returning them. Students are more likely to check out books if they feel comfortable with the process, so explain it as clearly as possible on your sign.
  2. Rules and expectations  – Set the expectations for behavior with a sign explaining library rules. Students should see the sign when they enter so they can be held accountable for their behavior, and you won’t have to constantly remind them!
  3. Catalog instructions – Do students know how to use the library catalog? Chances are, many won’t! Display a sign with step-by-step instructions that teach students how to use the library catalog. It’ll free up your time and teach them how to be self-sufficient.
  4. Wifi information – In many libraries, students use laptops for research and studying. In these cases, post a sign that shows both the network name and the password. Display the signs anywhere students regularly use their electronic devices.
  5. Book care – Nobody likes a damaged book! They cost you and your students money. Avoid the problem in the first place with a framed sign that goes over how students should care for books. Add details about protecting books from water, pets, and mud. If possible, offer the books in a plastic bag at check out to prevent some accidents.
  6. Directional signs – These are especially important to help students become more self-sufficient. Point out where different sections of books are (fiction section, non-fiction section, periodicals, etc.), where exits and entrances are, where restrooms are located, and where students can charge their devices.
  7. Emergency information – Make sure everyone is prepared for an emergency! Post evacuation routes, emergency phone numbers, emergency exits, and lockdown and fire drill procedures. Students will be less anxious if they feel prepared and your job will be a lot easier in emergencies.
  8. Electronics policy – Are students aware of how they should conduct themselves when using electronics? Explain it to them on a sign so there’s no confusion. Consider including details like sites they should or shouldn’t visit when they can or can’t use their devices, or any other relevant information.
Close-up image of library book shelf with sign on shelf.
School library – Appropriate signage is essential in your school library! Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash


Remember when designing your sign: make sure to be consistent with your colors, fonts, and style. It’ll look a lot more cohesive if everything follows the same design language. Also, consider how readable your signs are from a distance, as some fonts or colors are more difficult to read farther away. We’d recommend sticking to a black (or another dark color) serif font (like Arial, Helvetica, or Futura). Add visual interest with borders, mats, or a colorful frame, like our Hanover frame which comes in blue, red, or green!

Close up image of our Hanover frame in green.
School Library – Our Hanover frame in green is very striking and sure to get the attention of anyone who passes by!


You won’t have to waste time and resources replacing flimsy signs that can easily get damaged. Your framed signs will look more professional and will be likely to be noticed, too! Since many libraries have tabletop and shelf-top displays, we have you covered with our EaselMate accessory, a piece that acts as an easel for any of our Wood or Metal frame styles up to 13″ x 19″. It installs in seconds and adjusts to any angle! The EaselMate allows you to display frames on surfaces, bookcases, and tabletops.

Variety of frames and sizes.
School library – Don’t waste time and money on flimsy paper signs. Frame them! We offer several customizations, including our EaselMate accessory!

Final thoughts

Every great library needs good informational signage. Empower your patrons by giving them what they need to enjoy the space, including directional signage, check-out procedures, how to care for books, and rules and expectations. Frame your signs and hang them in visible spots where everyone can see them! 

Want to learn more about how Frame it Easy can help teachers, administrators, and other education professionals? Explore our B2B services or get more fantastic tips and tricks from the Learning Center for businesses and professionals.

📝 Students, Parents, Guardians, and Families

Back-to-school time can be a whirlwind of emotions for all parties involved. There are school supplies to buy, Picture Day outfits to be coordinated, and lunches to pack. No matter if you are a parent or student we have you covered in the “Making Memories” department this school year!

Dean’s List Worthy Dorm Decor

Whether you’re a college freshman moving away from home for the first time, a rising sophomore, a junior, or even a seasoned senior returning for your final undergrad year, decorating your dorm room is an exciting part of the higher learning process! Of course, as a college student, you want to keep your decor affordable and easy, while still being able to express your personality and interests.

And while you may be tempted to just tape some posters to the walls or pin some photos to a corkboard, you can take them both up a notch with affordable, high-quality custom frames that are made to last.

Dorm life - Decorate fast (before your roommates do!)
Even dorm rooms can be stylish – We’ll show you how it’s done!
  • Find Your Decor Theme
    • You’ll most likely be sharing a space with some roommates so try coming up with a theme — if possible. It doesn’t necessarily have to be identical, but maybe you can coordinate some things, like colors or styles.  Comforters in harmonizing hues or patterns, maybe a set of bowls and mugs in different colors (so you know which one of you left the dirty dishes!) This coordination can easily be extended to your frames. Your theme can tie into the type of art you will hang up. Maybe you’re both movie buffs. Or sports is more your thing. Or you are both obsessed with music.  Choose your artwork and then custom frame it with either the same frame style or complimentary matting. Even if you and your roomie don’t have a lot in common, you can pick and choose your wall art that is a representation of your individual personalities while still coordinating your frames for a unifying yet unique look.
      • 🔥 Hot Tip: Can’t agree on a theme? Start with your design colors, and chose complementary colors to start your room decor theme.
  • Find Your Art
    • You may already have something in your bedroom at home that is making the move with you that just needs a frame refresh. You’d be surprised how comforting a familiar poster or picture you’ve had forever can be. If you’d like to start new, there are lots of options for finding art that is not only affordable but will appeal to your tastes. Check out our articles on Free Downloadable Art, plus our Free Downloadable Coloring Pages and Frameable Art Quotes!
      • 🔥 Hot Tip: Being away from home can be tough, there’s nothing like pictures of family and friends to make us feel less alone. So don’t forget to choose some of your favorites to frame and keep on your desk, dresser, or windowsill. There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by loved ones when you’re feeling a bit lonely.
  • Find Your Frame
    • This is our favorite part! Head over to our Frame Designer to start designing your frames. You can either upload your print or enter your “Art Size” to represent your photo. If you choose to upload your art, we will print the photo for you and send your frame ready to hang. If you are not uploading a photo, just be sure to measure your art correctly so that it will fit once you receive your frame.
      • 🔥 Hot Tip: We have tons of colors to choose from (more than 18 different frame colors and over 75 matboards, including metallic and patterned) so the design possibilities are endless. And with our interactive site, you can experiment with it all to see exactly how your finished product will look. 
Frame a trip to the beach!

Whether it’s your first time or you’re pretty much a pro at this by now, decorating your college dorm can be tons of fun! It’s a great way for you to express your personality and interests and a way to show off some of your favorite things to all your friends at school! Just remember, you spend a good amount of time here, so make sure it’s something that makes you happy.

First Day Back: 📸 Photo Op Ideas

It’s the first day back! Everywhere, kids are groaning, parents are jumping for joy, and teachers are on their 5th cup of coffee (and it’s only 8 am 😰 )! 

If you have little ones, the first day of school can be such a special moment. Time is fleeting, so it’s super important to capture these memories when you can! We’ve put together a list of first-day back photo ideas for giddy guardians who want to snap up some Insta (and frame) worthy pics!  

  • Get A Grip (on last year)
    • Snap your lil’ cutie holding a framed photo of their school portrait from last year. A lot can change in one year and over the summer! It’s a sweet reminder that this year is a fresh start. It’s time to make new friends, learn exciting new subjects, and take on the school year! Take your snapshot at the bus stop, the front door, or the porch before they leave for the first day.
      • 🔥 Hot Tip: It’s even cuter when they have their lunchbox in hand!
Smile! These moments go by so fast!
Smile! These moments go by so fast!
  • Chalk One Up
    • Grab a small chalkboard and write out your student’s new grade, use a larger board for multiple kiddos in separate grades! Have them draw around their grade with colorful chalk, then get ready to pose. Lining them up from little to big also makes a cute memory to look back on and makes for an appealing shot!
The 2022 Ultimate Back to School Guide - grab a chalkboard for a quick & easy back-to-school pic!
Grab a chalkboard for a quick & easy back-to-school pic!
  • Perfectly Printable Photos
    • Check out some freebie printables for a cute first-day photoshoot! Print and have your little one fill out our “first-day” sheet, then snap a photo. Do the same for the “last day” sheet at the end of the school year, and see how much has changed. Be sure to save your sheets for a school scrapbook you can cherish for years to come!
The 2022 Ultimate Back to School Guide - First and Last Day printables are perfect for photos and scrapbooks!
First and Last Day printables are perfect for photos and scrapbooks!
  • Bussin’ 🚌
    • Part of the fun of school is making friends and hanging out on the bus. Grab a pic of your stellar student stepping onto the bus on their first day! Meet them back at the bus stop and be sure to capture them stepping off too. They might be a tad grumpy or tired but that’s nothing an after-school snack can’t fix!
The 2022 Ultimate Back to School Guide - Snap your student getting on and off the school bus.
Snap your student getting on and off the school bus.

Create Memories: 🎓 Senior Portrait Ideas

You’re almost there! you’ve done your time, you’ve taken all the tests, and now it’s time to move on to the next adventure. Stay awhile in this moment though, time moves fast and your senior year is something to cherish. Take time to savor your senior year with these senior portrait ideas!

  • Confetti & Glitter Celebration
    • Grab some confetti or glitter and throw it in the air! Your picture will sparkle almost as brightly as you. Match your confetti to your school colors, outfit, or photo set.
  • Budget Props
    • Posing with props makes a picture 10x more fun and brings in so much character, luckily your local dollar store should have TONS of budget-friendly options. Pick up some balloons, party streamers, beach blow-ups, and some silly glasses. Decorate your backdrop and you’ve got this class clown nomination in the bag!
  • School Spirit
    • Did you participate in a school sport or after-school club? Showcase your involvement by incorporating it into your senior portrait! Pose with your sports gear, set up a shot in your club room or with your club members, or wear your team jersey!
  • Helpful Hobbies
    • We all need a way to clear our heads, thank goodness for hobbies! Whether you enjoyed gardening, knitting, or anything in between consider incorporating a hobby that helped you get through the tough times during those 4 years!
  • The After-School Spot
    • Did you hit the mall, local cafe, or arcade with buds after school? Set up a photoshoot with your buds at your after-school hangout spot. With this photo set, you can look back and remember all the good times, laughs, and stories you shared.

 The Essential Graduation Guide! 🎓

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  • Other Mentionables:
    • Favorite Flowers – Pose with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and greenery!
    • Park Pals – Take a few snaps with the family pet at your local park!
    • The Classic – The cap & gown, the tried & true, you know you gotta.
    • Friends Forever – Grab your best guys & gals for a group photo!

Frame-tastic After School 🎨 Art Projects

Keeping the kiddos entertained during the summer months is a breeze, there are summer camps, and the beach, and all their friends are most likely free to play! Keeping them off Fortnite on a rainy afternoon is another task, we’ve come up with a few frameable and fun art projects to keep their brains engaged and their creative imaginations active! Want to craft alongside them? Check out 5 frame-worthy DIY Wall Art Projects so you can get your creative mojo flowing, too!

Frame-tastic After School 🎨 Art Projects
Frame-tastic After School 🎨 Art Projects
  • Circle Punch Art
    • This project is perfect for those gloomy rainy days. Round up the kiddos and grab some old magazines. This project gives kids the creative freedom to design their own patterned wall art.
    • Materials Needed:
      • Craft paper, old magazines, newspapers, etc. (for your circles)
      • 1″ – 2″ circle punches (or any shape you like!)
      • Craft glue or double-sided tape
      • Craft paper (for your canvas)
    • Start by having the kids punch out interesting colors, shapes, and patterns with a circle punch.
    • Measure out a grid along your canvas paper, this will give them a guideline on where to place their cutouts.
    • Place the circles on the grid until you’re happy with the arrangement, and then glue or tape them down.
    • Once your glue is dried, grab your Frame It Easy frame and add your art!
Cute circle art for an after school project
  • Nature Texture Art
    • Time to go on an after-school adventure with this project! Making natural paintbrushes with the natural elements you find on a nature walk can produce some pretty cool textured results!
    • Materials Needed:
      • Handle sizes sticks
      • string or floss (to tie the leaves to sticks)
      • leaves, pinecones, or any natural (kid-safe!) textured element. (Pine leaves work great!)
      • Paper for your canvas
      • Paint
    • First, gather your sticks and leaves with your little ones on a nature walk!
    • Fashion the leaves and sticks together with a piece of string in the style of a makeshift paintbrush.
    • Get out the paint as well as your canvas of choice and have your artist go to town!
    • Once their masterpiece is dry, add it to your frame!
Vojtech Bruzek Framed Art in Granby Gold
Textured Art by Vojtech Bruzek in Granby Gold
  • Kids Collage Art
    • This project is a fantastic way to recycle some of those old magazines and newspapers lying around! Let the kids run wild with their imagination on this one!
    • Materials Needed:
      • Magazines, Newspapers, colored paper, photos, etc.
      • Scissors
      • Paper for your canvas
      • Craft glue or double-sided tape
    • Have your artist cut and paste their own crazy collage, to make it even more fun throw a contest to see who can make the most imaginative image!
Bekky Bekks in Framed Art Ashford hot pink
Art by Bekky Bekks in Ashford hot pink
  • “The Old Fashioned”
    • Nothing beats the ole paper and colored pencil, marker, and crayon past-time. Sometimes all you need to relax is to sit down and scribble away. If your artist is more of a coloring buff than a sketching savant; look to our Frame-tasticly Free Picture Frame Coloring Pages to print out!

Be sure to check out our article on How To Add Art To Frames for an easy guide to making your framed art look perfect and professional!

Final Thoughts on our Back-to-School Classroom Decor Guide

Going back to school can bring everyone involved into a wave of emotions. You may have butterflies, you may be relieved, or you’re just ready to get the whole thing over with. (We hear you, high-school seniors!) We at Frame It Easy hope these back-to-school tips make the transition to school life a little smoother. Let’s start this school year off with a bang!

Perhaps you captured your first day on film? Maybe you tricked out the teacher lounge? Whatever your project is, send us a snapshot at creative@frameiteasy.com (with the subject line: “Featured Friends”) for a chance to be featured!

Tag us on Social media @frameiteasy and use the hashtag #frameiteasy for more chances!

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