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When it comes to buying a picture frame there are many options. From large chains to specialty local shops, you can find a variety of frames at varying price points. If you’re looking for a quality, affordable custom option, though, we’re happy to be of service!

(Psst…if you want to know the difference between standard/store-bought frames and custom framing, check out our post on Store-Bought Picture Frames vs. Online Custom Picture Frames.)

We use proprietary know-how and streamlined manufacturing processes to produce your fully customized frame in just a few days, custom packaged and ready to ship anywhere in the United States. (Fun fact: When our facility's in full swing, we ship multiple frames per minute! 🤯)

Innovation and adaptability are at the core of our business practice, and we’re continuously working to re-frame the perception that custom products have to be complicated, time consuming, or overly expensive.

The perfect fit.

From vacation photos to movie posters, we've got you covered with an easy online experience — order from the comfort of your own home and your frames will be delivered right to your door in any size you need!

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Here at Frame It Easy:

  • We specialize in online custom picture framing that’s easy, affordable, & fast!
  • We can provide frames for art you already have at home or we can print your digital art & photos for a frame that arrives ready to hang.
  • Most sizes will cost around half of other online shops, and around a quarter of what local shops or craft chains would charge.
  • Our packaging is just as custom as each frame to ensure safe delivery, and it's all recyclable (including the plastic straps!)
  • We can deliver anywhere in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii). Our frames are proudly Made in America.

We’re a great fit if you’re looking for:

  • An easy, fast, and affordable place to purchase custom picture frames for art less than 1/4″ thick in any size from 5”x5” up to 42″x62″.
  • A variety of quality, U.S. made frames (produced with virtually no waste) that ship anywhere in the United States.
  • Fair pricing with a brand that doesn’t play pricing games (i.e. you only pay for what you order without any “bundled” or exorbitant costs).
  • An option to White Label your order and/or use our service to aid your own business.
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A little bit of history…

Our founders have over 20 years of knowledge/expertise that has made them pioneers in the world of online framing. Starting as a small team of three, hand-cutting every single frame, Frame It Easy is the culmination of all their industry experience that has grown into a team of over sixty. Since 2004 we’ve produced and shipped millions of custom-made picture frames from our Connecticut facility, and we’re constantly growing at an incredible pace!

What sets us apart?

Our proprietary, cutting-edge technology that is unmatched in the industry. Frame It Easy was founded on the premise that custom framing should be easy and affordable, and our innovative process allows us to deliver a custom product at an extremely affordable price (without sacrificing quality).

Many frames on a white wall

Our mission: To provide custom framing that's fair for everyone.

At Frame It Easy, we are committed to providing easy & fair custom picture framing that is both accessible and affordable. We know that what’s inside your frame matters most, and we want to ensure that it’s preserved in a well-designed, cost-effective, and quality product. We leverage technology to take care of both people and the planet, which we believe is truly a win for everyone!

Our winning framework?

  • Be fair to our customers by facilitating an easy experience, offering a quality made + fairly priced product, and providing exceptional support.

  • Be fair to our team by paying fair wages, treating people with respect, and allowing opportunities for growth.

  • Be fair to the environment by championing sustainable business practices, minimizing waste, and choosing environmentally conscious materials & vendors.

We’re here to help!

It’s our mission to provide personal support, because the product you’re ordering is personal. Have a question? Need some guidance? You can count on our team to help you out at any time. If you have a framing question or need some framing advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can email yourfriends@frameiteasy.com or call (888) 983-2670. We're in the office 9am to 8pm (Eastern time) every weekday, and a real person will call or write you back quickly during these hours!

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