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Tips and Tricks for Reframing Art

Don’t let artwork with a frame that doesn’t fit your home decor stop you from buying it! Here are some tips and tricks to reframing your artwork with Frame It Easy.

How to Design the Perfect Diploma Frame

Earning a diploma at any age is a wonderful achievement that you should be very proud of! Create a unique diploma frame with Frame It Easy.

Custom Picture Frames — The Perfect Housewarming Gift

If someone you know has just recently moved and you want to congratulate them with a housewarming gift, try something different than flowers and wine this time!

On Demand Custom Frames — Perfect Wall Decor in Just 3 Easy Steps

We get its hard to find on demand custom frames that are affordable, made of good quality, and will arrive to you fast. But here at Frame It Easy, we have it all!

Framing in Red, White, And Blue

There are so many ways to incorporate Red, White, and Blue into your wall decor to celebrate the patriotic holidays. Learn how to create a beautiful display and show your support!

Potential Risks Of Online Custom Framing And Why You Shouldn’t Worry With Frame It Easy

Making an online purchase for something you never held before or saw in person can be scary. Online custom framing is no exception to that fear. But we’re here to ease your worries!

Tips for Matching Your Custom Picture Frame in Each Room

Finding the perfect frame to match your other decor doesn’t have to be as daunting as you think. We’re sharing some tips with you on how to design the right frame custom frame to match your space.

What Is Line Art? (And Why We Love It)

Line art is a great way to add simple, yet stunning art to your home. For those who don’t know what line art is, we’re here to explain it and tell you all the great places to get it from.

Different Ways To Frame A Map For Your Home

A map is a great way to incorporate important places in your life, into your home decor. There are plenty of different styles of maps that can you can choose from, here are some of our favorites.

Preparing Your Art For Framing: A Few Tips and Tricks

We know buying picture frames isn’t just an impulse buy. Read more about our tips and tricks to prepare your art and wall space for framing before you click “buy”.