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Planet Earth photo inside blue metal frame with plant

We aim to be the most efficient picture framing company in the world.

From the materials we use to the way we use them, our goal is to supply the best custom picture frames that are manufactured with sustainability in mind.

  • Efficiency is at the core of our business model, and our precision machinery grants unparalleled accuracy to optimize every single piece of material we consume.
  • We have virtually no raw material waste — overall we have about 2% scrap in an industry that averages over 20%!
  • We source many of our materials from vendors who are equally as environmentally conscious.
green metal frame close up

Our Materials Matter

As an American-based company, we care about the local places we live and work, but we also care about our environmental impact on a global scale.

  • Many of our raw framing materials are made in and sourced from American vendors.
  • Our finger-jointed poplar wood frames are made from repurposed pieces of natural wood that are cut and bound together, then finished with a wood pattern wrap.
  • Some of our aluminum for metal frames is sourced from a vendor that recycles 100% of its scrap through the foundries of local recyclers, and uses recycled aluminum on all its painted and anodized matte finishes.
  • Our painted wood frames meet all "Low-VOC" standards with the paint products that are applied. (Paints labeled "Low-VOC" contain fewer than 50 grams per liter of volatile compounds; the products we use meet the Green Seal standards.)
  • Our paper mill is certified with all its operations in accordance with FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) and they are committed to sustainable energy & resource management.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Despite the fact our waste is extremely minimal, we aim to reduce its impact even further by recycling and/or reusing any packaging, scrap, and/or returned frames.

  • All of our packaging material is recyclable, including the plastic straps.
  • We use corrugated cardboard packaging that is cut custom to each and every order — this reduces waste and means we don’t have to ship using bubble wrap (or even paper wrapping) to keep your frames safe.
  • We donate frames to various organizations in need, such as schools, hospitals, and non-profits. (Feel free to check out one such example here.)
  • Our Packaging as a Service supplier is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, an organization that collaborates on forest-based conservation.

    Sustainable Forestry Initiative
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