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Tips For Artists: How To Price Your Art

When it comes to pricing your art, as an artist you want to make sure you are getting what you deserve. Here are some tips on how to price your art!

Farmstyle Fun With Home Decor Blogger Brianna Dubinsky

During a home remodeling project, Brianna Dubinsky was able to turn her hobby of home decor and DIY projects into a full-time job, doing what she loves most — making people happy!

Framing Fashion Illustrations

Fashion Illustrations have been around for nearly 500 years. Not only are they useful in designing clothing, but also serve as a unique piece of art.

Framing Colorful Art Pieces

A colorful art piece will not only brighten your day every time you see it, but it will also brighten your room! Give your colorful piece the proper display it deserves with these tips and tricks.

Different Types of Photography (And Which of Our Frame Styles Would Look Best With Each)

There are many different types of photography, each that would fit in one of our frame styles! Learn more about which type will look best with your photo.

Bright and Colorful Online Art Prints With Featured Artist Colleen Williamson

Colleen Williamson is a mom, entrepreneur, and artist with bright, versatile prints that inspire people all around the world to create a space in their home that will always make them smile.

Photo Paper vs. Art Paper: Which Print Paper Type to Choose

Which print paper type to choose might seem like a tough decision for your printed art and photos, but once you know the difference between art paper and photo paper, the choice should be easy and clear.

Best Pop Art And Where To Find It

Pop Art has been a style of art that has been around for decades and is still very popular today. We’re sharing with you tons of famous and local artists to buy pop art from.

What Is Line Art? (And Why We Love It)

Line art is a great way to add simple, yet stunning art to your home. For those who don’t know what line art is, we’re here to explain it and tell you all the great places to get it from.

Everything You Need To Know About Poster Frames

Don’t let the fear of framing a large poster stop you from actually doing it! We’re here to help with all the questions you might have when it comes to framing your posters.