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Planning a Triptych Framed Art Display

Planning and creating a Triptych Art display isn’t as simple as framing any other photo. Find out how, here!

What is Maximalism Art and Why Should You Frame It For Your Space

If you’ve never heard of maximalism art, let us be the first to introduce you to it and why we think it would be perfect for your space!

What to Frame: Caricature Drawings

Caricature drawings are a fun twist on your average family photo. Find out where to get them done and of course, give them a grand display afterward!

The Perfect Gift For Any Car Lover

What’s a better gift for a car lover than a framed photo or drawing of their favorite car? It’s easy, personal, and you don’t have to stop for gas!

How To Frame Your Watercolor Painting

Give your watercolor painting the grand display it deserves! Check out these tips for making your framing process easier.

How Our White Labeling Service Can Help Your Business

Are you guilty of selling half of a project by offering an unframed print or piece of art? Make your work truly stand out by offering it with the display it deserves with our White Labeling service.

Framing Your Limited Edition Artwork

With limited edition artwork, you want to keep it safe and protected, but it shouldn’t have to cost as much as the art. Find out why Frame It Easy is your best option.

What Is Typography Art and Why We Love It

If you have never heard of typography art, let us introduce you to it! If you have, check out this post to learn more ways to add it to your decor.

Tips For Artists: How To Price Your Art

When it comes to pricing your art, as an artist you want to make sure you are getting what you deserve. Here are some tips on how to price your art!

Farmstyle Fun With Home Decor Blogger Brianna Dubinsky

During a home remodeling project, Brianna Dubinsky was able to turn her hobby of home decor and DIY projects into a full-time job, doing what she loves most — making people happy!