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How To Add Hardware To A Picture Frame (Guide)

While we don’t often think of them much, the hardware on your frame is important! It’s what holds everything together, after all. If you need some help adding your hardware, let us help!

Advanced Technology: What Sets Frame It Easy Apart

Advanced technology is a huge part in our everyday lives without us even fully realizing it. See how Frame It Easy uses it to create your frames!

Are Our Picture Frames Non-Toxic?

Here at Frame It Easy, customer satisfaction and safety is our number on priority when it comes to picture frames! Here’s what we are doing to keep your family safe.

A Guide To Our Non-Glare Acrylic Cover

If you are looking to hang a frame in a hallway or near where sunlight often hits, here is your solution: our non-glare acrylic cover!

Opening Your Frame It Easy Package

While we try to make everything as easy as possible for our customers, we understand that you still may have questions. Here are all the components you will find when opening your package from Frame It Easy.

What To Expect When You Order A Custom Frame From Frame It Easy

Here at Frame It Easy, we take pride in our custom frames. Here is what to expect when you receive yours!

Custom Made Packaging For Your Custom Made Frames

When ordering online, you hope that your item will arrive safely to your doorstep. With Frame It Easy, our custom packaging ensures that! Learn more about how safe and secure our packaging is.

Is Acrylic or Glass Best for Picture Frames?

Acrylic and glass are typically the two main options for a picture frame cover. Both have benefits and drawbacks, but which is best?

Photo Paper vs. Art Paper: Which Print Paper Type to Choose

Which print paper type to choose might seem like a tough decision for your printed art and photos, but once you know the difference between art paper and photo paper, the choice should be easy and clear.

A Brief History Of Picture Frames

You may have never given much thought to the history of picture frames and how they came to be what they are today. We’re sharing with you a brief overview of the evolution of picture frames!