When you refer a new customer to Frame It Easy using your referral link, we reward you with a Frame It Easy gift card!

Currently your reward is up to $100 (10% of their order with a maximum of $100 and minimum of $10) Frame It Easy gift card.

Anyone using the link will also receive 10% off of their order, so everybody wins.

By participating in our referral or affiliate programs, you are agreeing to the terms here:


  • Qualified User: Someone that has purchased from Frame It Easy and received a unique referral link.
  • Participant: A Qualified User that shares their unique referral link.
  • Referred User: Someone who clicks on a Participant's unique referral link and makes a purchase through Frame It Easy.
  • Eligible Referral: A Referred User for whom referral credit is issued to the Participant. They must satisfy the following conditions:
    1. The Referred User clicked on the Participant's unique referral link and completed a purchase at Frame It Easy.
    2. The Referred User has not previously completed a purchase at Frame It Easy.
    3. The Referred User is not paying partially or fully with referral credit issued to any Participant.
    4. The Referred User's payment for their order with Frame It Easy has successfully processed.
    5. The Participant must not have posted their unique referral link on a coupon aggregation or sharing website.
    6. The Participant cannot use their own referral code acting directly or indirectly as the Referred User.
  • Reward: When we determine that a Participant has made an Eligible Referral, we credit their unique Frame It Easy gift card with a value of 10% of their Eligible Referral order value (with a maximum of $100 and minimum of $10). We then email the Participant a notification of their gift card's current balance, code, and PIN. The Reward is solely based on the value of the Eligible Referral order and not past or future orders.

Program overview

  • When a Qualified User chooses to share their referral link and become a Participant in the Program, they agree to abide by the terms of the Program.
  • For each Eligible Referral, we email the Participant a summary of their Reward.
  • Participants that receive $600 or more in Rewards from the Program in a calendar year are limited to redeem up to $599.99 in rewards, until a completed and verified W-9 form is provided to Frame It Easy.
  • Participants are responsible for all applicable taxes and fees pertaining to their Rewards and following from their use of the Program. By participating in the Program, the Participant releases Frame It Easy from all liability with respect to the Reward.
  • Frame It Easy reserves the right to suspend any Participant of the Program at any time, and for any reason. Frame It Easy reserves the right to retract any gift card value that was issued following verified or suspected abuse of the Program. Participants suspended from the Program for verified abuse may not be considered Qualified Users again.
  • Frame It Easy reserves the right to modify or cancel the Program, or this policy, at any time and without notice.
  • By taking part in the Program, Participants agree:
    • To only provide your unique referral link to people you know.
    • To not engage in fraud, spamming, invasive activity, or any other abuse of the program.
    • To comply with all applicable anti-bribery laws.

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