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Your Frame in 4 Steps:

  1. Measure (or upload) your art.
  2. Design a frame that perfectly fits your style. (Don’t worry - we’ll walk you through it!)
  3. Wait for your frame to arrive at your door. (But don’t get too comfy - orders typically arrive in less than two weeks!)
  4. Hang. Admire. Repeat.
Design Your Frame
dogs posing in front of a frame of themselves

Need to frame something special?
We totally got you!

It all starts with your art - the star of the show!

Upload an image for us to print & frame, or easily frame art you already have yourself.

We can frame art less than 1/4″ thick in any size up to 42″x62″. This includes:

Materials You Can Feel Good About Hanging With

You can rest assured that your art will not only look great, but will be well protected for years to come. Each frame is custom-made for your needs with materials specifically chosen to last for the long haul. (Did we mention they’re sustainable, too? #TeamGreen)

stacked frames

Frames to Fit Every Style.

We offer both wood and metal frames in a variety of styles and colors. You can learn more about our frame styles here.

several prints

Prints and Photo Paper and Art Paper - Oh My!

If you choose to have us print, mount, and frame your digital art and photos, you will be extremely pleased with the clarity and quality. Choose from photo paper or art paper for a look that best complements your piece. (Plus your frame will arrive ready to hang - what could be easier than that?)

gold frame with double matting

To single mat or double mat… that is the question.

Add a bit of focus and flair by optionally adding a decorative border - or even two! (What we in the biz refer to as matting.) With a variety of colors and the flexibility to choose how much is visible, you have complete creative freedom to create a look that’s your own.

person assembling frame

Totally covered from front to back(ing).

Your art will be protected behind a durable yet lightweight acrylic cover. The backing is a premium white foamcore that’s acid-free (which is just a fancy way to say it won’t damage your art over time).

Things You Need To Design
Your Frame with Confidence

Not sure where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t sweat - we’re here to help! Our easy-to-use frame designer will take you through each step of the process.

Before you get into designing your frame, here are a few things that are helpful to have handy:

person holding small frame

The size of (or file for) your art.

If you already have your art in-hand, make sure you give it a good measure. (Nervous? Don’t sweat! Check out our guide on how to confidently measure your art for framing.)

If you plan to upload a digital file, make sure you have it handy in either JPEG, PNG, or HEIC format.

person sitting in front of frames

An idea of your personal style.

The goal is to make sure you get a perfectly fitting frame, not just for your art, but for your style, too! Having an idea of what vibe or look you want your final frame to have can help guide some of your design choices. (Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to some common interior design styles.)

frame buying guide

Our guide to everything you need to know about picture framing.

If you want to learn all the ins and outs of crafting the perfect frame, we’ve got a handy guide.

Grab The Guide

For more helpful planning tips, be sure to check out our Learning Center.

What To Expect When You’re
Expecting Your Frame

frames wrapped for shipping

What Your Order Comes With

All of our frames ship with the necessary & proper hanging hardware - all you’ll need to provide is a hammer! Your packaging will also be completely custom-made to perfectly fit the frame(s) you ordered which will minimize damage and reduce waste. (Humblebrag: Plus it’s just really cool, too.)

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How Long You Have To Wait

Right now it takes about 1 to 3 business days for us to make your frame(s), then add the time it takes to go from our Connecticut facility to your door (typically anywhere from 1-5+ business days, depending on where you live). At checkout you will be given estimated delivery times along with shipping method options.

person hanging picture frames

How to Hang Your Picture Frame

As noted, each frame will arrive with the proper hanging hardware you need to get your frame up on the wall. For more info, check out our complete guide on how to hang a picture. (Plus check out our complete guide on adding art to frames.)

We hope these helpful tips empower you to feel even more prepared to receive your frame(s), but — as always — please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if you still need any help!