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How To Build The Best Frame For Your Puzzle

We might have said this before, but assembling a picture can be just as rewarding as taking, painting, or drawing one. Indeed, assembling a puzzle can take time, but maybe, after all your hard work you don’t want to simply dismantle it and put it back in the box; maybe you want to frame it. And if you need tips on framing your puzzle, we’ve got some great sources for that, too.

If you are looking to frame your puzzle, we are sharing with you the best frames to use to give your puzzle the grand display that it deserves.

So, what are the best frames for a puzzle? Which should you choose if you’re in the market for a frame for your puzzle? If you’re on our site, you’re likely considering one of our frames, so we’ll use our styles. Let’s see if we can find you the perfect fit.

Step 1. Figure Out How Thick Is Your Puzzle

Puzzle Frame

This is always the most important step before designing your custom frame. Before deciding on the aesthetic you are going for, first, figure out what will work from a functional standpoint. You may have envisioned your final product, but if the puzzle won’t functionally work with the frame you want, you will have to start all over.

Most puzzles are less than 1/8″ thick. If yours is, you should be okay with either a wood or metal frame style, at least with us. Our wood frames can accommodate art up to 1/8″ thick, and our metal frames can hold pieces up to 1/4″ in depth.

The only reason why you might be running into a puzzle thicker than 1/4″ is if you’re building a really old-fashioned one. They do exist, but chances are you’re going to run into them are slim. Still, this is just a reminder to always measure how thick your puzzle is — as we’ve talked about it in previous posts about them!

Step 2. What Are Your Puzzle’s Measurements?

Puzzle Frame

So, this is a big thing to consider: What do you want in your display? Do you have a large puzzle, and want that to show through more than anything else? Or do you have something smaller, and you want to make it look larger with a more substantial frame? Either way, let’s look at the possibilities…

Before we start, though; let’s be sure to cover our most important rule. There are no real rules! These are simply recommendations. If you don’t think what we recommend is appropriate, then do what you think is best!

For Larger Puzzles

puzzle pieces

Let’s talk about larger puzzles first. Most of the customers that reach out to us want a puzzle frame that’s, well, more minimalist. They spent a long time putting the puzzle together, and the frame should just hold it on the wall for them to enjoy, without distracting or taking away from the piece.

If this is what you’re thinking, the Ashford and Hanover styles are the way to go. They’re both just under 3/8″ in thickness when viewing them from straight ahead. That would be the best course of action if you want something to just simply hold your puzzle.

For Smaller Puzzles

framed puzzle

If you are working with a smaller puzzle, you have a few options. If you want the puzzle to look a little larger, you might want to think about our Derby or Dayton frames. Both are about 1 1/4″ thick when looking at them from straight ahead. They would make your smaller puzzle seem larger, and occupy a larger spot on your wall! You could also consider adding a matboard to make your piece look bigger.

If you are not trying to add size to your puzzle, any of the above mentioned frames will work for your piece. Take a look at the style or colors in your puzzle to decide which frame will work best for your piece.

Step 3. Piecing Everything Together

Puzzle frame tips

Puzzles can take a lot of time to assemble. And if it looks particularly great when it’s done, it might look even better on your wall. We have a few other articles that help with puzzles, but just remember the following for aesthetics, and you will be all set.

  • Bigger puzzles might look great in thinner, more minimalistic frames.
  • Smaller puzzles might need to be given more size with a larger, more noticeable frame.

If you have a framed puzzle and want to show us the final product, just reach out to us on social media. We’d love to see it! Any questions, just reach out to our customer support line.

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