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  • Can I use a promo code to purchase a gift card?

    Promo codes or other discounts cannot be used to purchase gift cards.

  • Will I or my recipient receive a physical gift card?

    Frame It Easy gift cards are completely digital and delivered via email. You can either keep it digital and email straight to your recipient, or print it out on your home computer if you want to pass along a physical gift.

  • What will the gift card look like?

    All gift cards are digital and will be available to view online after purchase. A link with your gift card details will be sent via email that, if desired, can be saved as a PDF and/or printed on any at-home computer.

    Gift Card Printout Sample
  • Will my gift card expire?

    No, when purchasing a gift card from the Frame It Easy website your card will not expire.

  • When will I receive my gift card email?

    Your gift card(s) will be emailed shortly after you complete your purchase. If you have not received your gift card email after 15 minutes, feel free to reach out to our support team. (Please note that if you are sending your gift card directly to your recipient, you will receive an order confirmation, but only your recipient will receive the actual gift card email.)

  • Do tax and or shipping fees apply to gift card purchases?

    Tax is not charged for gift cards when you purchase one.

    When redeeming a gift card, tax is then charged based on location-specific tax rates as with any other payment method.

    Since they are digital, there is no shipping fee for purchasing gift cards.

More questions? Contact our support team!