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Common Mistakes Made When Decorating and How To Fix Them

When it comes to home decor, usually we say do whatever you think looks good! However here are some common mistakes and their easy fix to make your home decor the best.

Tips and Tricks For Framing In Your Basement

A basement can be a home gym, a hangout spot, a gaming room or all of the above. But it still deserves some great decor! Check out these tips for decorating your basement.

7 Things to Add to Your Gallery Wall to Take it to the Next Level

Gallery walls aren’t just for framed photos, there are tons of other things that can be added. Check out these great ideas!

Home Decor Ideas: The Ultimate Guide For Framing Wallpaper

What do you do with the leftover wallpaper after you cover your walls? Frame it of course! Check out these ideas for your next framing project.

5 Rules In Home Decor We Think You Should Break

Rules are meant to be broken, sometimes, especially in home decor. Check out these 5 rules in home decor that we think you should break!

Accent Wall Ideas For Your Next Home Update

Spice up your room by creating an accent wall. Check out these great ideas for some inspiration!

Frame Ideas For Coffee Tables & Small Spaces

Small spaces deserve great frames, too! Check out these ideas to add to your coffee table, night stand, or other small spaces.

5 Renter-Friendly Decor Tips For Your Space

When it comes to renting, you want to make it feel like home. Check out these renter-friendly decor tips to use in your space.

4 Eye-Catching Wall Designs You Can Make With Frames

The possibilities of creating an eye catching display on your wall are endless! Check out some great ideas here.

What Is a Diptych Painting?

Two is better than one, so they say. The same stands for art, too. Diptych paintings are a great way to add that to your home decor.