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Picture Perfect Summer Activities for Kids

School is out and it’s time to plan summer activities for kids. summer is here! It’s time to soak up the sunshine, explore the great outdoors, and make new memories with the kiddos. 

What better way to capture those moments than with some fun, creative activities that are not only entertaining and budget-friendly but also perfect for snapping some great photos? You’ll be able to look back on the summer and relive the memories, and perhaps even find some framers in the mix! 

Here’s a list of picture-perfect summer activities for the littles that will keep them engaged and leave you with lots of adorable snapshots.

1. DIY Outdoor Photo Booth

All the yard is a stage! Transform your backyard into a whimsical photo booth with just a few simple props and a bit of creativity. Create some unique backdrops by using what you have. Start by hanging a colorful sheet, tablecloth, or some streamers as a backdrop, Next, gather some fun props like old Halloween or dance recital costumes, goofy sunglasses, hats, and silly wigs. Let the kids go bananas and strike a pose. This activity is a hit for birthday parties, picnics, or just a sunny afternoon. Adults can and SHOULD get involved as well! Live a little. Plus, you’ll have a blast looking through all the hilarious photos all summer long.

framed picture of kids playing outside

2. A Nature Scavenger Hunt

Are the kid’s gettin’ to ya? Tell ’em to take a hike! There’s nothing like a change of scenery to reset the day.  There are so many outdoor activities for kids that can connect them to nature. Bring them on a nature scavenger hunt at a local park or even just in your backyard. Create a list of items for them to find, such as a unique leaf, a smooth rock, or a flower in bloom. You will be right by their side to document their findings. It’s also so cute to see what they would find picture-worthy out in nature. Hand them the camera and have them find some interesting snapshots to take. Not only will they enjoy the hunt, but you’ll also end up with a collection of beautiful nature photos taken from their perspective.

black picture frame of family on the beach

3. Make a Splash

What kid doesn’t like to have fun in the water? How many times do you think you will hear “Watch my dive!”? If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, snap some shots during a pool day. If you don’t have a pool, nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned water balloon fight. Fill up some colorful water balloons, and let the kids go wild. Set up some rules to make it a game or just let them enjoy the chaos. The action shots of kids running, dodging, and laughing are sure to be priceless. And we cannot cover summer activities for kids without mentioning the beach! I mean, come on! There is no better scenic backdrop than the ocean. Enjoy building sand castles, beach games, and the inevitable crash nap on a beach blanket. Surf’s up!

kids doing chalk art

4. Chalk Art Extravaganza

If you need something to keep them occupied for a while, this is the one! Hand the kids a box of colorful chalk and let them turn the driveway or sidewalk into their canvas. Encourage them to draw their favorite scenes, write messages, or create a giant mural. Remember hop-scotch? Give them a little tutorial on how to create the squares, what they mean, and how it all works. Snap photos of them in action and their final masterpieces. The vibrant chalk art will make for some truly frame-worthy shots.

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5. Have a Bubble Bonanza

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Bubbles are magical for kids and make for some fantastic and whimsical photos. Create a bubble station with different-sized bubble wands and plenty of bubble solution. Once everything is all set up, just let them have at it! Be ready with your camera! Capture their little faces as they chase and pop the bubbles. The sunlight reflecting off the bubbles creates a dreamy effect that looks amazing in pictures. You can even get your pup involved! 

family photo in a wood picture frame

6. Gardening Adventures

Another great way to connect to nature over the summer is to garden. Get the kids involved in some gardening activities. Buy some seeds and let them plant flowers, vegetables, or even a small herb garden. They’ll love getting their hands dirty, and you’ll get some great shots of them proudly holding their gardening tools and inspecting their plants. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to teach them about nature and responsibility. This activity literally lasts the whole summer as they watch their garden grow. So cute.

family photo in a custom picture frame

7. Plan a Picnic Party

To go, please! Take lunch on the road and pack a picnic with some tasty treats. Head to the park with a few essentials and let the good times roll.  Be sure to bring a blanket or sheet to lay out. Pack some games or activities, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in nature. Combine this picnic with your nature scavenger hunt and you’ve got a nice little afternoon goin’! Photos of the kids enjoying their snacks, playing games, and lounging in the sun will capture the essence of summer.

gold picture frame with kid art

8. Crafty Creations

Perfect for an after-dinner activity, or even on a summer day that is either rainy or too darn hot to even be outside! Set up a crafting station where kids can let their creativity run wild. Whether it’s painting rocks, making friendship bracelets, or creating a finger-painted masterpiece, the artistic process and the finished products make for great photo opportunities. Plus, the kids will have some cool crafts to show off. Framing and displaying your kid’s art makes them so proud and acts as a perfect keepsake honoring your child’s artistic side!

kid sitting at table

Final Thoughts on Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is a time for fun, exploration, and making memories. With these picture-perfect activities for kids, not only will the kids have a blast, but you’ll also have a collection of beautiful photos to look back on. So grab your camera, gather the family, and enjoy a summer filled with laughter and creativity!

Enjoy these boredom-busting summer activities for kids all summer long. Once you’ve snapped your shots, easily upload them to our Custom Frame Designer. We can print your photos for you and deliver a ready-to-hang custom picture frame. Happy framing!

Picture Perfect Activities for Kids

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