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AI-Generated Art & Framing – The Unexpected Future Of Art

The Rise of AI-Generated Art and Its Impact on Framing:

AI-generated art is the latest trend in the art world, with many artists and galleries exploring the possibilities of incorporating it into their works. While some artists are not too thrilled with this new tech tool, it seems as though it’s here to stay. Those who may not be so artistically inclined find generated art to “level the playing field” so to speak, allowing their descriptive ideas to become digital artworks.

With “art” being such a broad term, it’s incredibly hard to define. (Now so more than ever!) Anything can be art as long as someone perceives it as so. Art is subjective, after all.

Keep reading to dive deeper and investigate the different types of AI-generated art, how it is framed, and why it is becoming increasingly popular.

Robot handshake human background, artificial intelligence digital transformation
AI & Humans Working Together? Image by rawpixel

What Is AI-Generated Art?

A.I. stands for “Artificial intelligence “. AI has been “fed” or rather exposed to millions of human-developed images including photographs, classical art, digital creations, as well as much, much more. As the AI algorithm is fed more images and is used – the more it learns to craft “human-like” images.

Most accessible AI image creators are barely a year old and already we’ve seen some impressive, almost human-like works of art. Some tools are used by typing in a descriptive summary of what you wish to generate, while others allow the user to upload their own image to start with. These advancements have made it easier than ever for individuals to create art with AI, pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology forward.

Looking for a more in-depth explanation? Check out V7 Lab’s breakdown of AI-generated images.

Ai-generated portrait-style artwork framed in Granby in Black.

The Pros & Cons Of AI-Generated Art

It seems that with this new development of machine learning – you either love it or you hate it! Like it or not, it’s not going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean there won’t still be a place for human artists and content creators!

Below we’ve listed a few of the awesome things AI gets right and some of its shortcomings that only humans can master:


Endless Possibilities

With the ability to continuously learn, AI has almost infinite potential when it comes to creation. It has already been used to create 3D spaces, metaverse experiences, as well as movie script writing, and even music!

Inspiration: New Styles & Ideas

Feeding a generator a subject prompt (This may be text entry, images, code, etc.) The AI begins to create. The prompt can be as generic or as complex as desired – your imagination really is the limit here! That being said, some outcomes aren’t nearly as great as others. However, when a prompt is successful it has the potential to spark new imaginative ideas or even blend and create new styles.

Leveling The Playing Field

Any artist can tell you – creating gets expensive! Paints, canvas, charcoals, and much more can rack up quite a bill, and figuring out what medium works best can be a trial and error. With AI, content creators now have the ability to explore an artistic outlet without much cost or a lengthy learning curve.

Currently, the US Copyright Office has decided against allowing copyright to be given to AI works, so content creators and business can share their creations at leisure without fear of getting hit with violations or infringements. It’s stated that “an image generated through artificial intelligence lacks the “human authorship” necessary for protection”.


Lacking in Human Touch

Unlike having a consultation with a live artist, it’s proven quite difficult to communicate with AI on the specific aspects of an art piece that might be essential to the creator. With AI, it’s all black and white, gray areas can only be taken on by humans.

If you have a specific vision, client conversation is almost impossible with AI and unlike humans, it lacks common sense. You might as well bang your head against a wall before attempting to tackle complex details or ideas with AI as it is now. Humans win big on this one!

Nothing New Here!

An artist can argue that “AI learns, it is not inspired” and they would be correct! Content created by Ai is based entirely on already existing data and imagery. It doesn’t have the ability to think up new creative ideas.

No Emotive Quality or Realistic Proportions

While AI can push out interesting content, it really can’t make a statement. It lacks opinions and feelings, so while some art can represent or invoke emotion on a subject, AI can’t. Humans can reflect on the subject matter and create art based on it as an emotional response.

If you’re looking for realism, AI might not be the best option either. Proportions and added (or missing!) limbs on animal creations look cool if you’re going for something alien looking! As AI lacks common sense when it comes to crafting realism, seek out a human artist!


Even though AI art is relatively new, there are quite a few AI art generator tools to choose from. Whether you’re looking for free or paid, text-to-image, or generating NFTs, we’ve compiled a list of different state-of-the-art tools for you to produce unique artwork for framing.

Different AI Generation Methods
Different creation methods from the Nightcafe AI-Generation tool source

Framing AI-Generated Art

So you’ve spent hours crafting the perfect prompt in order for your AI algorithm to pop out the ideal picture, all that hard work deserves a frame! Depending on your subject matter, an Ai digital art piece can be placed or hung virtually anywhere.

An ai-generated art piece in a modern-style living room

Before selecting your frame and matting think about the space you might want to hang your new creation in. Scenic and landscape pieces can create a calming effect in a master bedroom or bath, while fantasy portraits create a magical atmosphere in a home office or game room.

Selecting the Right Frame

Once you’ve found the perfect room for your newly generated artworks, it’s time to select your frame and matting combo! Firstly, take a look at your pieces and determine their style. Are they modern colorful works, or maybe a neutral or romantic classical style?

For generated works that represent or are reminiscent of fine art, we recommend choosing our ornate frame style, Granby. This wood frame style finished with an antique-style gilded pattern wrap looks great with any piece in need of a sophisticated dress. For more modern works or those with loud colors and patterns, we recommend toning down the frame with a classic style like Stafford.

Final Thoughts

Whether we like it or not, AI art is making its mark in the creative world. It’s a great tool when used correctly, which can inspire traditional and digital artists alike. Its stylistic renderings are endless and unique, but only if we as humans feed it the knowledge and know-how for it to keep learning and developing as an artist. Traditional and digital human artists will always have a place in the creative space, right at the top! After all, we taught the bots everything they know.

😉 (Skynet doesn’t stand a chance!)

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