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Artist Frames: Celebrating Diversity In The Arts

Celebrating Diversity: In the art world, diversity is more than just a buzzword; it’s an essential facet that breeds creativity and expression. Every artist’s human experiences, background, and culture all contribute to their works and views as artists, thus contributing to the vibrancy of the arts as well!

Join us as we meet some incredible artists, explore the importance of diversity in the arts, and celebrate our differences!

Artist Frames: Illustrations framed in Ashford and Granby Gold frames
Artist Frames: Celebrating Diversity In The Arts

Why We Need Artistic Diversity

The artistic community thrives on different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, creating a rich tapestry of creativity. In a world that is becoming increasingly diverse, it is essential to acknowledge and celebrate the various cultures, perspectives, and experiences that shape the art world.

Artistic diversity is not merely a matter of ticking boxes to meet quotas; it is an absolute necessity for several reasons:

  • Representation Matters: Art should reflect the diversity of the world we live in. It fosters a sense of validation and belonging when individuals see themselves represented in the arts.
  • Enriching Perspectives: By bringing unique perspectives, experiences, and narratives to share.
  • Preserving & Exploring Culture: Art is one of the most powerful mediums for preserving heritage. By ensuring that traditions, practices, and stories are passed down through generations,


Embracing artistic diversity in the creative space offers tons of advantages:

  • Innovation & Creativity: By creating a melting pot of ideas and concepts, which can lead to new art forms, styles, and movements.
  • A Wider & Broader Audience: By bridging gaps and connecting people with different backgrounds.
  • Creating Social Change: Art has always had the power to influence society and enact change.


While the benefits are great, there are always challenges to overcome:

  • Underrepresentation: Many artists still face barriers to gaining recognition and representation.
  • Resource Allocation: Funding, opportunities, exposure, and more may not be distributed equally.
  • Resistance To Change: There may be individuals and establishments who resist diversification.

Celebrating Diversity: Artists & Makers

🖼️ Artist Frames: Allison Ford – Abstract Artist

“My name is Allison Ford and I am a mixed media and abstract artist from South Carolina. I’ve always dabbled in the arts, but a few years ago, I took some time off between law jobs and decided I really wanted to learn how to paint abstractly. So I spent some time with some seasoned artists and learned a little bit about color theory, and have been painting and exploring ever since and have been just amazed by this journey that I never expected.

I am a mom of two boys and they keep me on my toes, and am also hugely inspired by their creativity and willingness to explore. I consider them to be my inspiration, along with bright colors, organic shapes (especially circles), and the sky. I really like to capture feelings with my work and bring joy to collectors by layering color and texture and creating little moments of unexpected fun. I also tend to use a lot of white paint in my work–I think the negative space gives collectors and viewers space to breathe.

I hang out online on Instagram mostly at @helloallisonart. You can find my work, including originals on paper and canvas, prints, and products on my website www.helloallisonart.com. I sell my work through my online store and also work by commission.”

🖼️ Artist Frames: River + Root – Photography

“We are D & Meg, and we are River & Root! A 2 person photography team that travels all over the US (and internationally) to capture authentic joy in stunning locations. We were born out of a desire to reflect the broader diversity of people than is typically represented in the wedding industry. We believe everyone deserves to have their life reflected to them as the work of art that it is.

Our guiding principles:

  • The outdoors is for everyone. All bodies deserve to feel comfortable, capable, and celebrated.
  • All hearts deserve to be met with compassion.
  • We learn new things every day, and we like it that way.
  • In-kind donations, reciprocal partnerships, community networking, and connecting – we do what we can to support others and pay forward the support we’ve received.
  • Unwaveringly support our LGBTQ+ community by promoting visibility, authenticity, and queer joy.

We find inspiration all over! We love that our adventures take us to the tops of mountains, the bases of waterfalls, and into the icy waters of the Pacific along the west coast. We’re constantly adding new dream locations to our list and scouting new perfect shoots is a favorite pastime. We are proud members of the LGBTQ+ community and as we see continual hate and erosion of the rights of our friends and family, we feel called to our work in a bigger way. Photography is a powerful tool for documenting the beauty that is everywhere, even in dark, hateful times.”

You can check out River + Root Photography on Instagram and on their website!

🖼️ Artist Frames: Jamie Boyd Art

Jamie Luna Boyd, a native of Franklin, TN specializes in abstract fine art. She began painting full-time almost ten years ago while going through a time in her personal life when she felt the need to express herself.

Her work is inspired by her personal experiences and her love for texture and movement. She’s passionate about creating art that evokes emotion and brings joy to the lives of others. Jamie strives to extract beauty from chaos and create art that is bold and soul-refining.

You can check out Jamie Boyd Art on Instagram and on her website!

🖼️ Artist Frames: Jess Peoples Art

“I have great memories of crafting with my grandma and working alongside Mrs. Howe at Mudpies studio, my first art school in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. From sewing to sculpting to throwing paint on a canvas, I enjoyed every second of my childhood artistic experiences. I’ve always been one to come home from the studio with that paint streak in my hair and spots on my back. Painting allows me to process life.”

I moved to Nashville right after college and worked for several startups and nonprofits before creating a path that allowed me to intentionally make time and space for painting. In 2019, I joined the Chestnut Group, found mentorship at Warehouse 521, and began collaborating and sharing my art publicly. Currently, I paint out of my home in Nashville alongside my husband, two children, and dog Larry.

I am inspired by so many things. Life is an inspiration in itself. My kids make me laugh and nature’s beauty is ever-changing. Watching the tenacity in their spirit as well as witnessing the cycles of nature continue to excite me. I’m not really a fan of trends. I’m a fan of the stories behind the art and why artists create what they create.

What actually touches our hearts isn’t just the beauty of the artwork, but the humanity in it. While everything keeps changing, there’s this hope inside each of us wanting to share some good news. My goal is to look for that story and encourage us all to celebrate the moments that spark a fire within us.

You can check out Jess Peoples Art on Instagram and on her website!

Promoting Inclusion & Diversity In The Arts

As art enthusiasts, creators, and artists ourselves, we can support diversity in the arts by actively seeking out different artists and their works, advocating for inclusivity in the art world, and celebrating all who contribute to the art world.

We’ve put together some ways to celebrate cultural differences in the arts:

  • 📆 Culture Calendar – Create a calendar and each month incorporate holidays and special events from other cultures. Spend the day to learn more about these celebrations and discuss them with those in your inner circle. Research artists and artwork revolving around the culture and celebration.
  • 📘 Folktales & Literature – Commonly known folktales or fairy tales often have originated in other cultures. Select a favorite and read each version, comparing the similarities and differences.
  • 🪅 Fairs, Temples, & Celebrations – Look for cultural events in your area! Immerse yourself and experience the event through food, music, dance, artwork, and more.

Final Thoughts

Celebrating diversity in the arts is not just a moral imperative; it is a pathway to a richer, more inclusive, and innovative artistic landscape. It enables us to explore new perspectives, challenge existing norms, and create art that resonates with a broader audience.

So when you’re looking to frame a new art piece to include in your collection, remember we must work towards breaking down barriers, providing equal opportunities, and fostering an environment where every artist, regardless of their background, can thrive.

Artist Frames: Celebrating Diversity In The Arts - A woman hanging a frame
Artist Frames: Celebrating Diversity In The Arts

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