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How To Keep Your Picture Hanging Level

In this post, we’ll discuss some steps you can take on how to keep your picture hanging level at all times.

Custom Size Frames: 5 Advantages for Sizing, Quality, and Purchasing

Custom size frames have several advantages over store bought picture frames. We’re sharing a few key advantages when it comes to size, quality, and purchasing.

Picture Frame Hardware Guide

Hardware is one of a picture frame’s most important aspects. It’s what holds the frame together, which ensures that your frame holds your art in place. This comprehensive guide will show you the function of the hardware we include with each of our frames here at Frame It Easy.

9 Helpful Tips for Buying Picture Frames In Bulk

Buying picture frames in bulk is often a big financial investment. We’ll go over some things to make sure you have covered before making a larger purchase.

How to Format Photos for Online Framing and Matting

Looking to have some photos printed online for framing and matting, but not sure how to format them properly? From understanding sizing and DPI to formatting offset matting and photo collages, we’re sharing some easy tips and tools to turn you into a photo formatting whiz using Canva and/or Photoshop.

How To Care For Your Picture Frames: 3 Pro Tips For Maintenance

While caring for most picture frames should be an easy task, there are still some helpful things you should keep in mind. We’ve got a few custom frame maintenance tips that will ensure your frame stays in good condition for years to come.

Custom Picture Framing: The 1/4” Overlap

The quarter inch overlap is a key part of custom framing, but it’s sometimes overlooked, and orders can arrive with unexpected measurements. In this blog, we are going to help you out with how to find an “Art Size” that’s perfect for you and your picture frame.

Top 5 Tips For Hanging Picture Frames Like a Pro

Picture frames, while meant to preserve and showcase your most precious memories, aren’t quite as effective if you don’t hang them properly. In this guide, we will take you through 5 key things to consider when hanging a picture frame.

Frame It Easy First Time Order Guide

Frame it Easy is an online custom frame service, and through this article we’ll help you understand the ins and outs of ordering from us.

How Much Do Custom Picture Frames Online Cost?

While there are many factors that can affect the cost of a custom picture frame, ordering online often offers some money (and time) saving advantages. In this guide we’ll help find the right frame for your needs and budget.

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