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Frequently Asked Picture Frame Questions – Back To The Basics

You’ve got picture frame questions, we’ve got answers. Custom framing takes some thought and consideration, as it is up to you to decide on your frame, matting, and size! We have so much information outlined in our Learning Center about how to measure, what frames we suggest, gallery wall tutorials, and on and on. But here we wanted to get back to the basics.

We’ve compiled your top questions and created this guide to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about picture framing. And even learn a thing or two!

family photos in natural wood picture frames

Picture Frame Questions: The Basics

Are picture frames expensive?

Picture frames come in a wide range of prices to suit any budget, from affordable options to high-end custom frames. Additionally, some companies offer matting and cover options with similarly varying degrees of quality and cost. 

Are picture frames high quality?

Picture frames are available in various levels of quality. High-quality frames are made with durable materials and professional craftsmanship to protect and showcase your artwork beautifully.

Are picture frames length by width?

As the standard for measurement, picture frames are typically measured width by height, not length by width. Horizontal measurement then vertical measurement of the opening where the artwork will be displayed. We go into much more detail in our post on picture frame measurements.

Are picture frames made in the USA?

Many picture frames are made in the USA, ensuring high standards of craftsmanship and supporting local businesses. This of course varies from business to business. 

What are picture frames made of?

Picture frames can be made of metal or wood. They come in various finishes such as natural wood, MDF, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. As a note, metal picture frames allow for a thicker option to frame such as a puzzle or a sports jersey.

Are picture frames measured in inches?

Yes, picture frames are generally measured in inches, though metric measurements are also common. Make sure you triple check that you’re using the same measurement system to measure your art as the company you are ordering a frame from. When it comes to measuring, you can never be too careful.

gold frame with colorful art

Picture Frame Questions: Art Types

Are there picture frames for posters?

Absolutely! Specific frames are designed to accommodate posters, available in standard or custom-sized sizes to fit your piece. 

Are there picture frames for puzzles?

Yes, framing a puzzle is very popular! You can find frames specifically designed to fit and display completed puzzles. Our metal frames allow for “thicker” artwork, ensuring your puzzle is secure in the frame, and looks great on your wall.

Are there picture frames for children’s artwork?

Definitely! There are frames specially made for displaying children’s artwork, often with easy-to-use features like front-loading designs. You can also swap art in any frame, making a rotating museum frame of your kids’ artwork. 

framed display on dresser

Picture Frame Questions: Ordering

Can I order picture frames online?

Absolutely! You can conveniently order a wide variety of picture frames online and have them delivered to your door. Big box stores will not have the ability to customize your frame, and most likely not have matting or acrylic cover options. Check out our custom frame designer, where you can pop in your photo or artwork and play around with all the options.

Can I buy picture frames in bulk? Wholesale?

Yes, many suppliers offer bulk purchasing options for picture frames at wholesale prices, perfect for businesses or large projects. Ordering picture frames in bulk saves time, and money, and ensures consistency across your order.

Can picture frames be mailed?

Yes, they can! That’s how we get our frames to your door. As long as the picture frames can be securely and properly packaged, snail mail is not an issue!

Can picture frames be ordered to size?

Absolutely, custom-sized frames can be ordered to perfectly fit your artwork or photos. It is most important that you measure your art carefully to avoid any issues with sizing. 

Do picture frames come in different colors?

Yes, picture frames are available in a wide variety of colors to match any room color or decor style. From metallic finishes to bright colorful frames, there is a nearly endless variety of custom picture frames to choose from!

Do picture frames have UV protection?

Some picture frames come with UV-protective glass or acrylic to help protect your artwork from fading due to sunlight exposure. Our acrylic covers come in 3 options, with the most UV protection of 99% being our Conservation Clear Acrylic

Metallic picture frame with  tree illustration

Picture Frame Questions: Sustainability

Can I recycle picture frames?

Many picture frames can be recycled, especially those made from materials like metal and wood. Check your local recycling guidelines for specifics. You can even reuse your picture frame for DIY craft projects, or give to a local donation center.

Can I reuse picture frames?

Sure you can! As your style changes, or as the kids in the photos get older, you may want to swap out what’s in the frame. Easily reuse picture frames by replacing the artwork or giving the frame a fresh look with paint, new matting, or decorations.

Framed kid's art

Picture Frame Questions: DIY

Can I paint picture frames?

Yes, picture frames can be painted to match your decor. Just ensure you use the appropriate paint for the frame material. Wood picture frames may be the easiest to paint, as it may be a challenge to adhere the paint to metal frames.

Can picture frame mats be painted?

Oh, yeah! There are all sorts of crafty DIY things to do with your matboard. This could be decoupage, stencil, dried flowers… there are almost endless possibilities! Matboards can be painted to match or complement your artwork and frame. Be sure to use paint that is suitable for paper or cardboard.

Learn how to jazz up your matboard with these DIY craft techniques!

Can I make my own picture frames?

Yes, you can. You can make custom picture frames at home or in a workshop with the right tools and materials. As always, remember to consider the size of what you’re framing, and ensure it is properly backed, and covered in order to protect your art from damage.

Can picture frames be repaired?

Damaged picture frames can often be repaired with the right tools and techniques, especially if the damage is minor. If the damage is more severe, you may want to contact the company to replace the frame (if possible) or ask for suggestions on repair.

Have picture frame problems? We’ve got solutions!

Do I have to assemble my picture frames?

Some picture frames may require assembly, but many come pre-assembled and ready to use. If you’ve ordered a custom picture frame to fit your piece, you will likely have to add your art to the frame, making some assembly required. If Frame It Easy is printing your piece for you, your frame will come 100% assembled and ready to hang!

black picture frame with giclee print

Picture Frame Questions: Locations

Do picture frames make good wall decor?

Oh yes!  Picture frames are excellent for wall decor, and have been since ancient times. Framing your art, and hanging it on your wall you to showcase your favorite photos, artwork, and memories. They add appeal to your home and make for great conversation starters. 

Can picture frames be centerpieces?

Yes, picture frames can make wonderful and unique centerpieces. Jazz up your tablescape with some smaller frame sizes. For events like weddings, parties, or Holiday hosting, add some picture frames to your table tops. They make for great dinner conversation!

Do picture frames go on a shelf?

Yes, of course! We love putting picture frames in unique places! Your framed art can be displayed on shelves, fireplace mantels, or any flat surface, as well as hung on walls…obvi!

Can picture frames stand up?

Yes, many store-bought, smaller picture frames come with stands or easel backs. The larger the frame size, the less likely a stand is possible. Smaller frames are more suitable for a tabletop display.

bird illustrations framed in natural wood picture frames

Picture Frame Questions: Miscellaneous

Can I hang a picture frame without nails?

Yes, you can use adhesive hooks, strips, or other no-nail hanging solutions to display picture frames without damaging your walls. However, if your frame is heavy, using wall anchors and screws is recommended. 

Do picture frames make good gifts?

You know the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Giving a framed photo as a gift will leave them speechless! Picture frames make thoughtful and personal gifts, perfect for preserving memories. Plus, no one will have the same gift as you! 

kids room with white picture frames

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered quite a bit of the basics. Our comprehensive FAQs about picture framing give you some basic details. Whether you’re a professional artist, a photography enthusiast, or looking to preserve and display cherished memories, framing plays a crucial role in protecting your art. If you have any additional questions about our framing process or materials, please reach out to our U.S.-based Support Team.

Sign up to be part of our framing family to discover expert tips, helpful insights, and everything you need to know to frame your art beautifully and effectively! Happy framing!

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