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Keep It Zen: Yoga Room Decor

Style so soothing you’ll need a savasana 🪷

Whether you’re opening a yoga studio, transforming a spare room, or carving out a small corner for practice at home, there are a few key design elements to setting the mood and figuring out your yoga room decor & flow essentials. While there are no real “rules”, there are a few general guidelines we recommend following to ensure you get into the “zen zone”. Color, lighting, smells, and other sensory stimuli all contribute to the ability to switch your mind and body to “yoga mode”.

Get ready to light your incense and roll out your mats with this yoga room decor guide!

Namaste-in-bed? Don't sleep on this yoga room decor guide!
Namaste-in-bed? Don’t sleep on this decor guide!

A Clutter-Free Chaturanga

A calm and free mind is key when it comes to getting in the best practice. So naturally, you’ll want your surroundings to be the same. Your space doesn’t have to be completely bare, however. Make use of storage that keeps clutter out of view and is easy on the eyes.

Baskets, shelving, and cubby-style bookcases are great options. These storage possibilities are not only great for housing unused yoga mats but perfect for displaying room decor – we’ll touch back on this later!

Another overlooked option for storing and displaying is a small high-top type table. A fabulous home yoga room option for holding candles, Tibetan singing bowls, and keeping things out of view while you’re busy in downward-facing 🐶 dog! A cluttered space is a cluttered mind, so nix everything that doesn’t serve a purpose if you can!

Nature, Greenery, & Air Quality

Hanging plant baskets, small succulent shelves, and large floor plants are all great prospects for becoming one with nature in a yoga setting. Introducing greenery to your practice area will not only be breath of fresh air for your mind but for your body as well. Potted plants purify the air inside and give back clean oxygen.

While you explore various shapes and forms throughout your practice, the ultimate balance, the yin, and yang structure can be reflected in your space with your plant choices. Go for different shapes, sizes, and colors to lift your mood and create balance. Plants also make the perfect meditation anchor point! Focusing on their colorings and shapes will be sure to leave you in a meditative trance.

Even if you don’t have a ton of space or light, here are a few almost impossible to kill plants to help you bring balance into your studio:

  • Philodendron
  • Pathos
  • Peace Lillies
  • Rubber Plant

Mood Lighting

While natural lighting is the best option to get your mind and body ready to step on the mat, artificial lights can be used as well. Make sure to use warm lights that replicate the sun’s warmth. Edison-bulb string lights, warm glowing candles, and dimmable Himalayan salt floor lamps are perfect and stylish lighting solutions.

Yoga Room Decor - Candles are a great lighting option and promote a calming atmosphere.
Yoga Room Decor – Candles are a great lighting option and promote a calming atmosphere.

Even color-changing LEDs are a great way to incorporate color light therapy into your practice:

  • Red & Yellow: promote high energy for more intense poses and practices.
  • Pink & Green: creates a calming sensation for deep stretches and slow yin flows.
  • Blue: for focus and deep meditation practice.

Wall Art & Shelving Shanti

It’s best practice to keep your yoga room decor to a minimum to avoid the appearance of being messy or too visually stimulating. (We are trying to “zen-out” here, right?) But a few decor shelves and fun pieces never hurt anyone. Whether you want to design with more traditional pieces, like a framed picture of buddha, or a more trendy mandala tapestry and yoga pose poster, choose your additions wisely so you don’t overwhelm your setting!

Need some inspiration to get on the mat? Hang up some motivating quotes or a poem that holds a special place in your heart. These are great visual reminders to keep yourself going! Yoga is not as easy as it may look, and these small reminders will keep you coming back to the mat time and time again.

If you’re not sure what to frame, check out Top Places To Buy Art Online and Our Favorite Sites For Free Art. Downloadable art is a quick and easy way to take your studio to the next level! Just download your file, then upload the image to our custom frame designer. Within a few days, your artwork will be printed, mounted, and framed – all you need to do is hang it!

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Make use of high shelving to hold trinkets, these will be out of sight and out of mind while you sail through Sun Salutations. Sturdy metal shelving and bare wall space make for excellent stabilizers when modifying poses, just make sure that you keep your balance! Mirrors are not only great yoga decor but also critical for checking your poses to make sure you’re in the correct positioning and not straining your body – aim to have at least one full-length mirror in your yoga space.

Mindful Scents

No yoga routine is complete without a calming scent. Fragrances open our minds – as we tend to associate aromas with pleasant memories. Incense, candles, and oil diffusers are all commonly used in practice, which one you choose is up to you!

Yoga Studio Decor - Incense, Candles, Oil diffusers, and Wax melts. So many choices!
Yoga Studio Decor – Incense, Candles, Oil Diffusers, and Wax Melts. So many choices!

Some common essential oil and candle fragrance choices for yoga are:

  • Frankincense – focus and clarity
  • Sandalwood – stress relief
  • Lavender – calmness and tranquility
  • Peppermint – deep breathing
  • Cedarwood – disciple and humbling
  • Orange & Lemon – body activation
  • Clary Sage – Inner peace

Color & Emotions

Muted, calm, and earthy colors are thought to be best for any relaxing and meditative space. Bright or harsh colors such as sunshine yellow or ketchup red should be avoided, as well as dark colors like dark greens and purples. The concept of color theory and psychology can be applied here.

The most prominent color in your space will set the tone as soon as you enter your practice, as emotions are highly impacted by color. The most popular color choices include white, light purples, pastel blues, blush pinks, peachy oranges, and sage greens.

Comfort, Noise, & Privacy Prana

Yoga Room Decor - A furry friend may bring comfort to some and may annoy others, consider your desired level of privacy when creating a practice space.
Yoga Room Decor – A furry friend may bring comfort to some and may annoy others, consider your desired level of privacy when creating a practice space.

Sound-proofing your space is easier said than done. If you have the option, consider closing doors to keep out distractions. Open a window and let the sounds of nature drown-out electronic hums or other bothersome noises.

Many yogis consider the sounds of nature to be enhancements to their practice! Great acoustics doesn’t mean absolute silence, meditation practices often use traditional Indian music to guide the mind.

If you value your privacy, be sure your space has sheer curtains or translucent window coverings to keep out peering eyes or other interruptions. Most importantly, make sure you are restful in your practice! A comfortable, inspirational, and healing space is key for your best practice!


Consider your intentions and what you want out of your practice to help guide you in creating your ideal yoga room! Aim to make your space stress-free, open, and light. You got this Yogi!

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Keep It Zen Yoga Room Decor

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