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Wood Color Trends For Your Home Decor

Here at Frame It Easy, we are all about keeping up with the latest trends. Home decor bloggers and Instagrammers have been posting a ton of wood trends lately, and interior designers and home decor magazines are saying that using wood in your decorating is a 2021 must! There are endless amounts of ways to bring wood into your home decor, from flooring to furniture, from large scale cabinets to small, strategically placed accessories.

And since we are in the custom frame business, we have some suggestions on how to incorporate wood frames into this latest design trend. So whether you are starting from scratch or want to enhance your already existing wood decor, let’s check out some ways to use our frames to maximize the look.

Light Wood

light wood frame

We recently posted about the 6 home design trends of 2021 that we absolutely love so far, and number one on our list was light wood. Lighter woods seem to be replacing darker shades and can lighten the mood (pardon the pun) and give off a modern yet cozy and comfy vibe. We love light wood because of how easily it can match and complement your other decor pieces. 

We offer three styles of wood frames that come in several different hues. Our Derby frame is a 1 ¼ inch frame with nine color choices, while our Dayton frame, which also measures 1 ¼ inches and comes in five different colors. Our Granby wood frame which measures 1 ⅜ inches is an ornate style frame and can be ordered in either gold or silver.

If you’re going for accessorizing with light wood, we suggest our Derby wood frame in Wheat or our Dayton wood frame in Sand. Both have a rustic oak/Scandinavian blonde aura that gives off uplifting energy. Consider framing colorful art pieces or watercolor paintings that will complement the light wood.

Dark Wood

framed display above the piano

If you have a room with a lot of light elements, such as cream walls, light colored cabinets, or white tiling, dark wood contrasting accessories will certainly pop in their environment. For instance, if your room has wooden ceiling beams or window trim, painting the ceiling and walls a white-based color will certainly draw the eye to those architectural details.

Likewise, using dark wood frames against light backgrounds will immediately get your attention, making your artwork or photographs a focal point in the room. At the same time, it adds a stylish and sensual look to whatever you choose to display.

You’re in luck if you decide to go this route. Both Derby and Dayton come in Black, as well as several other dark colors such as Russet, Merlot, and Umber. Of course, if you’re unsure of what color will look best with your art, our interactive Frame Designer makes that easy for you. Simply upload your photo and play around with the different frame styles and colors until you find one that fits. You can even share a photo of your frame by simply clicking share and copying the link provided.

Whitewashed Wood 

whitewashed decor

If you are unfamiliar with whitewashing, it is a way for you to lighten your wood pieces without hiding the pattern or grain of your wood, which gives it personality. Whitewashing is a great technique to give your wood surface an aged, rustic look, without a ton of work. Check your local flea market, tag sale, or Facebook Marketplace for some inexpensive furniture pieces that you can DIY whitewash. Not only will this save you some money, but it’s also a fun activity to complete. The whitewashing doesn’t have to stop with just your furniture pieces, try your floors, cabinets, walls, and even brick if you have some in your home! 

Check out our Dayton frame style in the color Whitewash to add to your walls! The Dayton is our natural wood style, with a flat profile face that is 1 ¼” wide. It’s made from a North American hardwood that’s either stained or painted. It is the perfect frame for painted art, family photos, or travel photography!

Gray Wood

gray wood decor

Gray wood is a timeless, versatile color trend and can easily fit into any current decor. Although gray might not make as much as a statement as other colors, it is still a simple touch that will complement other pieces. If you are using gray wood in your furniture, try adding black hardware or tabletop decor to make the wood stand out even more.

If you are planning to accessorize your decor with gray wood, our Derby frame in Rustic Gray is a perfect choice. Our Derby frame style is our most popular wood frame.

Colored Wood

Colorful wood display

This is another fun and creative way to have wood in your house. Step outside the box and try painting or spray painting a piece of furniture that will make your decor pop. Pick a color that will complement the other pieces in your space well, but will make this specific piece stand out. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to decorate on a budget.

Speaking of budgets, we here at Frame It Easy believe that custom framing should not only be easy and beautiful, but affordable too. We’ve done our research, and we stand behind the fact that we offer very affordable custom framing. We provide you with the lowest prices possible, and that is why we rarely offer discount codes. Our shipping costs are exactly what it costs us to ship your frames to you. We don’t profit off shipping which is why we don’t offer free shipping — we’re actually saving you in the end by not bundling shipping into the price of the frame.

Mix Wood and Metal

mix and match frame styles

As we always say here at Frame It Easy, when it comes to home decor, there are no real rules! So, although we’re talking about wood trends here, there’s nothing that says you can’t mix wood and metal for your home decor to go from wow to WOW! For example, you probably have wood cabinets in your kitchen; adding metal hardware to them gives a pop to what might otherwise be monotonous.

The contrast between metal and wood gives off a tasteful look, so don’t be afraid to mix and match frame styles and colors together as well. Our white frame styles can go with just about anything. We love how simple they look with white matboards for a uniform look, but we’re not opposed to adding a pop of color to the matboard as well. And we love the way our Derby frame style in white and Ashford frame style in gold look so elegant together. So don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Final Thoughts

Home office decor

We love that wood is a trend that will never go out of style and gives an excellent look to any room you add it to. If you are looking to make some quick home updates, we hope we’ve inspired you to try some new wood trends around your space. Don’t forget to send us some photos once your projects are complete so we can see how great they turned out!

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