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5 Ways To Tell You Should Frame Something

On the fence about framing something? Perhaps you have a photo taped on your wall that deserves a grand display. Or you have tons of Instagram photos that you love to show to any and everyone, even if they aren’t on social media. How to tell when you should frame something is often a blurry line that is different for everyone.

It can be tricky to narrow down what photos or other items should be hung up in your home. But by taking into consideration the level of importance of the items, you’ll be able to find those pieces and make a beautifully framed display.

To help you decide which pieces should be hung up in your home, here are 5 revealing ways to tell you should frame something.

1. You Can’t Stop Showing Off The Photo

newborn picture

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Photographs are precious! And they can tell a lot about a person’s life and their experiences.

Everyone has those special photos, whether they’re shared on Facebook, Instagram, and every other social media platform, or shown off in physical copies. Whatever the case, if you’re inclined to share certain photos with family and friends, it’s a good sign that you should frame those photos.

Framing your photos allows you to show off your memories in a deserving display. Whether you place the frames in your home, workplace, or elsewhere, you’re sure not to regret memorializing those special photos for you to show off proudly.

2. You Know The Piece Would Accent Your Space Well

hanging frames

If you have a piece that would really accent your spaces well, go ahead and frame it. Nothing ties a room together like a custom picture frame. Plus you can brag to your family and friends that you made it all yourself!

One way to decide whether the piece would look great in your room is to consider the design style of the space. Various pieces, color schemes, and frame styles look best in certain room styles. Check out our post on interior design styles and our best frames to accessorize with for more ideas!

However, feel free to go with your gut when it comes to styling your space. Accessorizing your areas with custom frames is different for everybody, so don’t hesitate to make the space your own in every way — including what you frame.

3. It’s Perfect For A Gift

custom frame present

Sometimes you just know when you have a photo that will be perfect for a framed gift. And framed items are great for gifts for any occasion! Having an item that you know one of your loved ones would be ecstatic to be gifted is a tell-tale way to decide to frame that item. Creating a beautiful and lasting display of your memories is very personal and perfect for a gift.

However, if you’re struggling to come up with a gift for a birthday or holiday, simply look through those photos or items that are special to you and your loved ones.

Perhaps you’d like to gift a custom picture frame, but you’re not sure what to put inside of it. Check out our guides to framing for all different occasions: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Graduation.

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4. It Makes A Statement

Large poster frames

We are all for a bold statement piece! When you want to let others know a little bit about what makes you tick without uttering a word, frame a piece of art or a photograph that expresses your feelings just as powerfully as the spoken word.  If it speaks to you, it can convey a message to you. Whether you use an iconic photograph of a world event or a piece of humorous art, you can get your message across without saying a word.

To add to the message, use your frame choices to make it even bolder.  Our Ashford frame in Hot Pink can turn up your playfulness a notch, while a stark black frame with white matting builds onto the impact of a more somber depiction.

5. It’s Important To You

gallery wall for bedroom

Photos truly show who you are and what moments have mattered to you. Additionally, a framed display has the ability to make a space your own and personalize it with photos and items that are important to you.

The last way to tell when you should frame something is simply if it is important to you. Of course, the possibilities are endless when it comes to items of importance. Photos can range from a family photo to a piece of art. Items can really be anything that lies flat: important letters, postcards, recipes, or travel mementos.

If you have these important items stuffed in a drawer, it’s time to create a deserving display!

What’s Next?

gallery wall in living room

Framing isn’t all about finding the inspiration for a photo and then staging it perfectly. Sometimes you really do have all you need (besides the frame) to create the perfect display.

We hope you’ve gained some insight to help you decide which photos and items are frame and display-worthy. If you can’t stop showing off the photo, it’s perfect for a gift, it would accessorize your space well, or it really is just important to you, go ahead and frame your piece.

You truly can’t go wrong with what you frame, as long as you find your own meaning and importance in it. So go on and get framing! If you’re looking to take what you frame to the next level, check out our post on the top gallery wall layouts for some tips and inspiration.

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Ready to get creative?

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