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What To Expect When You Order A Custom Frame From Frame It Easy

You got your frame, and unless you ordered a print with it, you’re likely ready to insert the art you already have. Your framing journey is almost complete! That said, you might still have some questions, and while our support team is always ready to address any of your concerns, we thought we’d tell you just how your frame is supposed to look when taking it out of the box.

First, let’s go over how the frame itself should look, by discussing each style in depth.


Derby frame style
Derby in black grain

Derby is our most popular frame style; it’s a finger-jointed poplar wood frame, with a decorative wood pattern wrap. This means that everything will be even and consistent throughout the frame. There will be no blemishes or quirks.


Dayton frame style
Dayton in cocoa

Dayton is our second wood style. It has a similar thickness and appearance to our Derby, but there is one key difference: Dayton is natural wood, meaning you will see the wood grain on the frame. Due to the natural features of this finished wood, the frame molding grain pattern may not be as consistently matched as our finger-jointed wood profiles. You can expect variations in grain patterns, courtesy of Mother Nature. We happen to think this is very cool because every Dayton wood frame will be unique in its own way!


Granby frame style
Granby in gold

Our final wood style! Our Granby is a more ornate, gilded frame. This means that foil — either gold or silver, in our case — is placed over the frame and adhered to it, giving it a decorative finish.

Hanover and Ashford

Hanover frame style
Hanover in gloss black

Our first, and most affordable, metal frame style, the Hanover is a thin frame. It’s less than 1/2″ thick when looking at it from straight ahead — making it perfect for posters or larger pieces where you want just the image itself to do all the work. Hanover is rounded in front, and the finish of the frame will vary depending on the color you get. If you get satin black, gold, or silver, you should expect a matte finish. If you get another color, such as glossy black or silver, you can expect a shinier appearance.

Ashford frame style
Ashford in gloss black

Next is our Ashford frame style. The reason for categorizing it with the Hanover is because it’s very similar, with the only real difference being that the Ashford has a flat front, and the Hanover has a rounded one. Everything else? Totally the same.


Hammond frame style
Hammond in gloss black

The Hammond is another round frame style. The Hammond is thicker than our Hanover style, measuring at just under 1″ when looking at it from straight ahead. Like the Ashford and Hanover, too, its finish depends largely on the color you select. Pick satin? Expect a matte finish. Select gloss? Expect something shiny.

Bradford and Stafford

Bradford frame style
Bradford in satin black

Now for our final styles — the Bradford and Stafford. If you’re wondering why we’ve lumped two styles in with each other, similar to the Ashford and the Hanover, it’s for the same reason. They’re very similar. Both are metal and have flat surfaces. They are also both very thick when you look at them from straight ahead. Our Bradford is 1″ thick when looking at it from straight ahead, and the Stafford is 1 1/2″ thick — making it the thickest frame style we currently offer.

Stafford frame style
Stafford in satin black

As for the finish? It’s the same as the Hammond — matte for satin, and shiny for gloss.

The Acrylic

Clear vs. non-glare acrylic

The acrylic is the window through which you view your art. But you might notice that it’s a little murky when you receive it. Don’t worry! This is by design, so, when you prepare it, it’ll be as clear as anything you’ve peered through in the past.

But you’ll have to get the film off first. It’s a pretty simple process, and you can see what that’s like in this video.

You might notice, though, writing on the acrylic. That’s normal! It’s just something to let you know that there’s film on it, and it’s meant to be removed. In addition, if you ordered a non-glare acrylic cover, you might notice your frame looks… blue.

Don’t worry! This is also just the film. Remove that as well, and your frame will be all set for hanging.

The Backing

How to add art to frames

Not much to see here! If all goes according to plan — correct measurements, etc. — the backing shouldn’t be visible in the frame. That said, our acid-free foamcore backing is off white and about 3/16″ thick. You can expect it to be totally smooth upon receiving it, with no dents or quirks at all.


This is a big one, and we’ve saved the biggest for last for a few reasons. First, not everyone orders frames with matting; it’s a totally optional decorative lining — and it’s not essential to whether a frame works or doesn’t from a functional standpoint.

That said, a good chunk of our customers get matting with their frames, so it’s important to address. In particular, we ship our matboards facing down. This provides extra protection in transit, to ensure the front facing side of your mat is free of scuffs on arrival. So, when you first open your frames, you might be worried that your totally epic orange and blue matboard color is… all white.

Not to worry! All you will need to do is flip your matboards around when you’re ready to add in your art and put the frame back together! It’s as simple as that.

Making That First Impression

Here at Frame it Easy, we definitely want you to love your frame the second you see it. But we have to take precautions on our end to make sure you get your order completely intact, and with no damage. As such, we have to dress it for a potentially long travel. Just remember the following, though, and you should be all set:

  • Matboards arrive facing down in the frame. So don’t panic if you see your matting is white when that’s not what you ordered.
  • Our acrylic will arrive with a film on it. Just remove it, though, and you will be all set.
  • All our frame styles vary, so be sure you know what you’re ordering before you do so! Of course, our support team is always ready to answer questions.

We definitely want you to know what to expect when you order your frame. So if you have any further questions, again, just reach out!

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