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The Best Framing For Your Guest Room

Having company over is one of the greatest parts of having a home. Indeed, when friends from far away come to visit, it’s almost like you’re running your own little bed and breakfast. Better yet, you get to see your friends that might live far away, people who you’d like to see more, but time and distance just prevent you from doing so. So it is truly special when they are a guest in your home.

As such, you’d want to make sure they’re comfortable during their stay. You’d think that this is no different than framing any other bedroom, but there are some distinctions. First, a room geared toward visiting friends or family should have a different vibe — maybe one less personal to you and your family. It should still look great; you always want to do your best to put your best foot forward.

But what do you put in your guest room? What are some of the best things to put there that show your guests a little about who you are, or to tell a story about yourself? Let’s go over some of the possibilities. Of course, don’t take what we say as gospel. Your home should be your space. If you like our ideas, use them! If not, try something that you think will look good in your guest room!

Frame a Photo That Tells a Story

large print framed

Every family has a story behind it. Whether it’s a close family member that is just staying over after binging The Bachelorette with you or a distant cousin that you haven’t seen in forever that’s in town for the family reunion. Hang photos of your family that can start a conversation about your family tree.

Did your family go on some crazy adventure? This could have been a vacation, a camping trip, or some other similar outing. Your guest might see the photo on the wall, and then ask a question about it. This could be a great way to start up a conversation, whether it’s over dinner, or just during downtime around the house.

What frame would be best for these photos? Well, it would depend on the contents. If it’s a camping trip, definitely go with our Dayton style. Try to match the color of the trees in the photo with the tone of the frame. But if it’s some other variety of adventure, go with a different style, maybe.

Frame Some Nice Art

large frame above couch

We all like to frame photos of memories, both with friends and family. Less thought of, at least sometimes, though, are paintings, prints, drawings, and other things like that. This might be less personal, but that might be better for your guest room.

If you’re looking for a place to buy less expensive art, you can always check out Art.com, as it definitely has some good options. We also have a long list of places to buy art for any budget. So check that out if you don’t quite like what you find on Art.com.

That said, paintings always look great in fancy frames. And for that, we recommend our Granby frame style. It’s only available in two different colors, but the shape of the frame itself has tons of character, and it’s definitely our most ornate frame.

If you want to take a more minimalistic route, maybe try our Ashford or Hanover frames. They’re both thin, and wouldn’t distract much from the painting itself, but will still display your art beautifully on your walls.

Frame a Big Photo of Your Extended Family

family gallery wall

If extended family is visiting, there aren’t many better ways to welcome them to your home than a big photo of you, them, and everyone else you love in your life. You might not always see your extended family; they might live far away from you. If that’s the case, you should show that, when they visit, they’re always in your thoughts. It could be a photo from your most recent family reunion, or maybe a recent wedding- anywhere where you see all your cousins, aunts, uncles, and everyone else.

If you want to do this, we have some tips on how to create the perfect family photo.

For family photos, we would recommend our Derby frame. It’s our most popular frame style. And it has a quaint, family feeling that will certainly wrap the whole display in a welcoming package.

Frame Something That Would Make You Want To Visit Your Home

guest room decor

A welcoming home is the best home. Decor, of course, is always the best way to make your home look as welcoming as possible. It’s a way to give your home its own little personality. This is a pretty general thing to discuss, but it’s a good reminder; sometimes the most important things are the most basic ones. But it’s the most basic thing that we often overlook. It’s as we always say, it’s your project: carry out the vision that you want to see on your walls.

The more pride you take in your room, the more people will want to visit. This doesn’t require you to break the bank either. By adding a comfortable throw blanket or cute accent pillows it can tie your room all together.

Framing For Your Guests

old framed photos

Showing off your home can definitely be nerve-wracking. What matters most is that you like what your home looks like, even if others don’t. What guests think looks good might not be what you think does. So it’s best to just have fun and take pride in what you put on your walls. That said, for friends or family visiting and staying in a guest room, try to remember these few general tips, and you should be all set:

  • Framing a family adventure is a great way to get conversations started.
  • Framing extended family photos can let your guests know their on your mind.
  • Framing nice art can definitely be great to look at.

Have a great guest room that you want us to see? Just reach out to us on Instagram, we would always love to see it.

The Best Framing For Your Guest Room

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