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Framing For Sports Fans

The sport or the team may be different, but if there’s one thing that’s the same about all die-hard sports fans, it’s that they love to announce to the world how much they love their team. They wear the jersey.  They fly the flag. They display the team colors. I mean, sometimes they even paint their face (you know fan comes from the word fanatic, right?)  Indeed, if someone really loves a certain team —regardless of the sport — they’ll make sure everyone knows it, from the hat they might wear to what they might put on their walls.

Of course, there are a lot of sports to choose from, too, from the “All American” four — football, basketball, baseball, and hockey — to the sports that seem to be burgeoning in popularity, at least in the United States, such as soccer, car racing, boxing and tennis. Even sports that are more popular in certain regions, like rodeo, skiing and surfing, have avid fans who like to showcase their favorite athlete and/or team.

Of course, wearing your team’s colors and flying your team’s flag may be your way of fiercely representing them, but home decor takes your fandom to another level. We’re here to help you with tips and trips to elevate your love of all things sports in ways that can be eye-catching to you and your guests. And if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the sports nut in your life, we’ve got that covered too!

Posters, Photos, Etc.

Sports posters

Whether you yourself like to collect sports memorabilia and pictures, have a sports-themed bedroom or basement, or know someone who does, a framed poster, photograph, or other large scale images are a perfect addition to your collection! There are tons of places to buy posters or you can purchase downloadable photos to upload right to our site. That way your frame comes ready to hang.

But don’t forget other items that can also be framed and make a bold statement. How about a copy of the front page of the newspaper when your team won the championship? The magazine cover that had your favorite athlete in action. And the photos and posters don’t have to just be limited to those who are signed to multi-million dollar contracts. What better way to honor the athletes in your family. Blow up the picture of your daughter sliding into home or your son crossing the finish line and make them feel like the sports star they are!

Large scale items really don’t need any matting and look great in a simple black metal frame, but you can always add a little color with our red, green, and blue frames, or with the addition of matting.

Team Jerseys

Sports jersey

There are few ways to better support your favorite team — and by proxy, favorite player — than rocking their jersey. Of course, for the diehard fans reading this, jerseys come in different degrees of value. Sure, there are the lower-priced ones with ironed-on numbers and lettering. But then there are the professional quality ones with stitched on numbers.

And who knows? You might even have one such jersey that’s signed by the very player it’s meant to represent! If this is the case, you wouldn’t want to risk the wear and tear of day-to-day living on it; keep it pristine in a frame!

As long as the jersey is less than ¼” thick it will fit in our metal frames, or ⅛” will work in our wood frames. Our page on How to Add Art to Frames might help if you decide to go this route.

Use Team Colors

sports poster

Of course, sometimes it’s not what’s in the frame that makes it burst with your favorite team’s aesthetic. Here’s where our matboards can elevate your framed piece into a true homage to your team. With all the colors we have to choose from, a single mat can showcase your piece. If you go with a double mat, the possibilities are endless.

As mentioned before, you can also use the frame to bring some color into your piece.  Have a photo of you and your family watching a Yankees game? Display it in our  Hanover frame in Blue for maximum amounts of team spirit!  Green Bay Packer fan? The same Hanover frame in Green would be perfect!

Save Your Ticket Stubs

If you’ve been to a special game, you probably saved your ticket to remember all the fun you had at the game, win or lose. While every fan has their highs and lows, rooting for the team is what keeps them going.

And if you do have your ticket stub saved, why not frame it? Let everyone know that you’ve sat in those bleachers, rooting them on — even in blazing hot or unbearably frigid temperatures. It’s a great way to remember all those great memories you had at the game!

For framing smaller pieces such as tickets and photo strips, check out How to Frame Small Art.

Make a Hall of Fame of Your Favorite Players

soccer player

If you’re a lifelong fan of a sports franchise, you likely have an encyclopedic knowledge of all the players that have come and gone over the decades. Some may be honored in your team’s personal ring of honor, or even the hall of fame for the overall sports league, but wouldn’t it be cool to dedicate a wall — or even a portion of one — honoring all your favorite players.

This could even culminate in you forming your very own “all-time” team comprised of your favorite players, even if they’re from different teams or even sports! And if you are always looking for a gift for a loved one who has everything, you could always add to the collection and save yourself countless hours of trying to find the perfect gift!

Sporting Great Home Decor

sports decor in bedroom

We hope that you’ve managed to get some ideas to take your wall of fandom to the next level. Of course, let us say what we always do: There are no rules. If you think of something that would work better than what we suggested, then go with that! It’s all about what feels right to you.

If you’ve managed to upgrade your display, though, with some inspiration from this post, feel free to share with us on social media. We’d love to see it!

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