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framed picture of dog

Framing Your Furry Friend: Inspiration For Your Pet Picture Frames

furry friends

The relationship we have with our furry friends is like no other. They give us unconditional love, and most likely you have the pictures to prove it. That’s why they deserve a special place on your wall, mantel or bedside table with pet picture frames! Here at Frame It Easy, we have tons of frame styles that are the perfect complement for that photo that captures your pet’s personality.

You probably have tons of photos already on your camera roll — or you can get festive and snap Ruby in her Halloween costume or Toby peeking out of his Christmas stocking. And we’re not stopping with dogs and cats. Maybe it’s a horse, rabbit, or even a bearded dragon that is your best friend. They have taken a piece of your heart, so let’s give them some space wherever you display your favorite photos.

For the furry (or scaly) friends in your life, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to create your pet picture frames with different themes.

The Holiday Pet

framed picture of dog in Santa hat

No matter the holiday, photos of your pet in festive costumes or with decorations are always winners. And there are tons of frames to make those great photos into an even greater display in your home.

For instance, consider choosing one of the holiday’s colors to use as your frame color. Chances are, if the photo was taken during that holiday, you’ll have some of the same colored decorations in the photo as well! This is a great approach for framing any photo you have. Choosing a frame color that is also featured in the photo, will allow for a cohesive and festive display.

Also, holiday pet picture frames make great gifts for anyone who loves your furry friend just as much as you do. Take the holiday photo earlier rather than later, in order to ensure that your frame will be ready to give on that special day!

Pet Portraits

gallery wall of dogs

For our photography enthusiasts, you might feel like a commissioned portrait of your pets is just the wall decor you need around the house. Whether it’s a professionally done photoshoot of your furry friends, or a drawn or digitally made portrait, you’re sure to love having these striking pet picture frames displayed in your home.

Don’t be afraid to explore your creativity, as well as let your pets’ personalities shine through with their portraits. Feel free to include their favorite toys, or perhaps shoot the portraits in their favorite play spot.

Remember to have patience when getting portraits of your pet! Most likely they are not in the supermodel business so it may take a while to get the exact shots you planned for. Your pet has a mind of its own, and sometimes they may know better than you! You may not end up with the photo you were expecting, but it could turn out better than you had imagined!

For more tips on how to get that frame-worthy shot, check out this blog on how to take the perfect picture of animals. Just remember, with pets, candid is usually better.

The Party Pet

Framed picture of pets

What’s better than throwing your pet a party, making them feel truly special? Our pets make us smile, so why not capture and frame pictures of them that make us laugh! The “party pet” photo makes a hilarious and adorable display.

Be sure to incorporate festive decorations into the photo. For instance, party hats, balloons, and cake for the party. Pool toys and lawn chairs for summertime fun. Anything that fits the occasion will elevate the fun factor! Don’t forget, what’s a party without friends? Try inviting some to join the festivities and turn that party into a full display.

The Family Pet Photo

engagement photo with dog

Let’s face it, your pet is another member of your family and contributes to the bond you all have within your home. Why not include your beloved pet in your next family photo? Or get in on the new trend and include your pet in engagement and wedding pictures!

To incorporate your pet photos into other family photos, consider creating a gallery wall! With a gallery wall, you’re free to create a display in any arrangement that you’d like by combining various photos with and without your pet. Don’t forget to shine the spotlight on your pet with a solo portrait!

gallery wall with pet picture frames

Check out our post on top gallery wall arrangements, which include asymmetrical style, grid style, or a triple frame display! You’ll love seeing your favorite pet photos displayed alongside pictures of your two-legged family members!

Pet Best Friends

side by side photo of dogs

Sometimes the oddest pairs of animals become inseparable companions. Those friendships are special! And photos of your pet’s best friends make the most adorable photos.

Perhaps take photos of them enjoying the outdoors, or shots of them relaxing and taking naps together. Your pet’s relationships with other animals are something you’ll want to remember forever! So capture tons of their interactions and create a framed display of the best friends.

Candid Pet

side profile of dog

A great alternative to staged portrait shots is simply taking candid photos of your furry friend. Candid photos can capture different habits and the personality of the subject. After all, who wouldn’t want to frame their happy dog, running around at their favorite dog park?

Candid photos are hassle-free and you simply need to have your camera out while your pet does their thing. They may have imperfect lighting as opposed to professionally done photos, but candid photos have a truth to them that only real-life action can be responsible for. Candid photos make wonderful and easy pet picture frames!

National Pet Day Photo

small frame of dog

National Pet Day is no joke. Taking place on April 11th each year, it is just another opportunity for us to take annual photos and create frames for our beloved furry friends.

So add National Pet Day to your list of holidays to photograph your pet and make the day all about them. Have a party for all of your pets, and take those “party pet” photos that we mentioned earlier. Or have a fun day at the park with your pet where you’re sure to have the opportunity to take great candid shots. Whatever the case, don’t hesitate to take every measure to celebrate your special friend. National Pet Day photos are yet another great theme for you to create your pet picture frames.

Framed Pets To Last Fur-ever!

Your pets are special additions to your life that deserve all the praise and attention in the world. What’s a better way to honor your pets than to display them in a custom pet picture frame?

We have tons of frame styles for you to explore once you have your pet photo you decide to display. Check out which colors that can complement the occasion your pet is photographed in, or simply the color of your pet’s fur!

From photos of your pet during the holidays to professionally done pet portraits, you have lots of opportunities to find or create the photo you’d love to display. We hope you’ve gained some insight from our different pet picture frame themes!

Feel free to get creative outside these themes, too. Maybe you can frame a paw print or a piece of art your pet creates.

If you’re looking for more inspiration of what to frame — that isn’t necessarily of your pet — check out our post with 25 personalized picture frame ideas to spark your creativity!

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