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Triple Picture Frame Displays: Show Off In Sets of Three

The number three is pretty pervasive throughout our culture — film trilogies, three meals a day, the three musketeers, etc., so it’s no surprise this affinity for a triple grouping carries over into home decor trends. Triple picture frame displays — sometimes called triptychs if there is a cohesive theme — can create a whole, cohesive unit with interesting balance.

Though it may seem pretty straightforward to hang three frames together, there are actually many different ways you can design a triple picture frame display, so we’re here to offer you a few different ideas.

(Of course, as we always say, there are no real rules when it comes to your personal preference for decor, but we hope the following suggestions give your imagination a little boost!)

Three In A Row

Maybe you want to display your frames so that they’re three in a row, perhaps the most common triple frame layout. It creates an orderly look– giving off a contemporary vibe, particularly if you ordered our Hanover or Ashford frames, which are thin and good for posters or larger works of art.

Triple picture frames above bed

You could also get three in a row up and down, too. So if you want to use this same basic concept, but go vertical, that’s totally okay, too!

Triple picture frame

You don’t necessarily need the frames to be uniform, either. Maybe you want the frames to be somewhat different sizes, and they’ll increase in either ascending or descending order.

Triple picture frames

The same is true for coloring in this look, too. Maybe you want to have the middle, bottom, or top frame be a different color than the other two to make a statement or focal point.

Triple picture frame inspiration


Triple picture frames on stairs

What if you want an orderly row, but one that isn’t straight across on an even plane? Well, the diagonal look might be best for you!

Perhaps you have three kids, and you want to put the oldest at the highest point and your youngest at the lowest.

Or, you could have several degrees, and you want to display your Bachelor’s at the lowest, your Master’s in the middle, and your Doctorate at the highest.

Or simply display a grouping of three related photos as triptych art pieces.

You could even have the frames descend/ascend with a flight of stairs, as seen in the picture above!

The Pyramid

Triple picture frames

The pyramids are some of the most mysterious and awe-inspiring structures on the planet. And while you probably couldn’t build one in your own home, you could imitate their general shape in the form of picture frames on your wall!

Anyway, this look would involve one frame sitting above two others that are on an even plane. It would be good if you have a piece of art that you value slightly more than the other two, and you want to show off that one piece’s special place in your heart by giving it just a slightly higher perch on your wall.

It can also help to add some interest if you have a larger wall and you want to fill the space in a creative way.

The Sideways Pyramid

Triple picture frame inspiration
Offset triple picture frames

This is the same concept, but you’d put one frame on one side, with two next to it. This would be good if you had one piece that was noticeably larger than the others, or simply to add some variety.

Three picture frames

It would even be good to create a sort of optical illusion, as though the one on the side is closer to the viewer than the other two next to it.

Triple picture frames

This could also work if you had three frames that were of similar height measurements, but one was significantly longer than the other two horizontally; the adjacent frame could be a nice bookend to the others.

Offset triple picture frames next to mirror

The Overlap

Triple picture frames on fireplace

If you have a mantle, bookshelf, or picture frame ledge, you can experiment with overlapping frames, too! This is a great look when you have frames of varying sizes, adding smaller frames up front overlaid on the larger frames in back.

Final Thoughts

And just like that, there you have it — a few different ideas to make your own triple picture frame display stand out.

While we encourage you to get creative with it, if you remember the final tidbits below, you’ll be golden:

  • Three picture frames in a row can be classy and contemporary.
  • Sometimes, you just need to be disorganized to get the exact display you’re going for, so try for a sideways pyramid or overlap.
  • Framing pictures diagonally can create a dynamic and unique focal point of a room or staircase.

Of course, some of the best ideas have come from our customers, so if you buy three picture frames and then think of something outside what’s suggested in this post, be sure to share it with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter as we’d love to see!

Triple Picture Frame Displays: Ways You Can Show Off Picture Frames In Sets of Three

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