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Common Mistakes Made When Decorating and How To Fix Them

If you’ve been to our Learning Center before, you know how we feel about home decor. It truly is all about what you think will look good in your space! There are no real “rules” when it comes to decorating your home, but there are some things to keep in mind so that your space looks the best it possibly can!

With that being said, some common mistakes are made when decorating that you might not normally think of. Luckily for you, we know just how to fix them! So let’s get into some of the common mistakes we see made when decorating!

Decorating Too Quickly

It’s okay to leave a wall, space, or an entire room empty until you find exactly what you want to put there. Don’t just try to fill the void with cheap decor items or items you aren’t too sure about. It’s much more cost-effective to wait for the items you really love than having to switch these cheaper items out every so often. Have your eye on a dresser that you love, but it’s not practical right now? It’s okay to keep your clothes in boxes for the time being. Home decor doesn’t have to happen overnight, in fact, it’s best to let it happen naturally over time, that way it will be exactly how you want it once you’re all finished!

Buying A Rug That Is Too Small

living room decor

Area rugs are great for under your coffee table, in front of your bed, or in the bathroom, but you don’t want to choose one that is too small for your area. Rugs can transform the look of your room, and can even be a focal point for anyone that enters the room. If you buy one that is too small, it will definitely be noticeable. When buying a new rug, be sure to measure the area with the furniture. A helpful tip to remember is that all the legs of the furniture should be on the rug. For larger items such as a sofa, it is okay if you can only fit the front two legs on the rug, but for the most part with furniture, all the legs should be on the rug.

Not Varying Visual Weight Of Furniture

What is the visual weight of furniture? Simply put, it’s the way our eyes interact with an object, or how much your eyes think an object weighs. Take a bulky couch for example, when you immediately see it, your eyes probably tell you that it’s heavy. Now think about a plastic chair, your eyes most likely think it’s as light as a feather. That is visual weight!  But it’s much more than just how heavy an item looks, color, pattern, texture, shape, and proximity also play a part in how much an item visually weighs.

With that being said, you want the items in your room to balance each other out and create a comfortable room! Too many “heavy” items can make your room feel over cluttered and crowded, too many “light” items can make it feel like your room isn’t complete or bare. You want to get a nice combination of both. If you go for a bulkier couch, consider getting a sleek coffee table. Be sure to distribute items of different “weights” evenly throughout your room to keep it even.

Not Adding Any Greens

If you’ve been to our Learning Center before, you know that we love adding plants and flowers to decor! No matter what interior design style you choose, plants go with everything! Real plants in your home can have many benefits, such as reducing pollutants and dust, keeping your room cool, and reducing carbon dioxide, plus they look great! If you don’t have the greenest thumb, faux plants look just as great (and sometimes even just as real!) as the real things.

And don’t be afraid to mix up your plants. Hanging, standing, tabletop, short, tall, large, and small! There are so many options for you to choose from that all look great.

Traditional plants just not your jam? A great way to coordinate plants and flowers into your home decor without having to water them every day is to frame them! This is a simple way to brighten your day every time you walk into the room but requires very little care.

Using Too Much Of One Thing

Sure those decor pillows look great, but that doesn’t mean you have to get ten of them and add them all over your space. One rule in home decor is that less is more, and there is truly something beautiful and unique about contrast. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your decor pieces that will create a cohesive look, but won’t be too much of one thing. Remember what we stated earlier, you don’t need to finish your decorating overnight, in fact, it’s probably even better to let it grow naturally. Letting your decor grow naturally will make it appear more personal and not like it was rushed (because it wasn’t!).

Using Dark Pieces In Small Rooms

When decorating a small room, it may take some extra consideration. You won’t want to use dark furniture, paint, or other decor items since that will make your room feel tighter and smaller. White has a lot of power when it comes to making your room feel bigger. The white walls and white ceiling create a blur between the two, causing your eyes to travel up and not be able to distinguish where one ends and the other starts. This makes your room appear bigger because the ceilings seem taller than they really are. Using the color white on your walls essentially does the same thing as using tons of light. It makes the room feel open and airy. It also simplifies a room, and that’s exactly what you will want to do in your small space.

Of course, you may be worried that your all-white room may feel bland or boring. You can easily spice your room up with some accent pieces like colorful pillows or cozy throw blankets and of course, wall art! This may be the only time we don’t suggest going crazy with the wall art, only because you don’t want your room to feel like it’s closing in on you, but adding a picture frame or two will get the job done!

Style Over Comfort


Sure, those dining room chairs may look stylish for your new space, but would you be able to comfortably sit in them for a few hours while your family eats? When choosing furniture, go for comfort over style. But that doesn’t mean your comfortable chairs won’t be stylish too! There are plenty of decor pieces that are both comfortable and stylish. This may take a little more research and planning, but don’t just settle on a bed because it looks good. It won’t be worth it when you’re up half the night because its not comfortable enough to actually sleep on.

Overdoing Your Decor

simple wall decor

While we always say do whatever you want, we mentioned earlier “less is more” in home decor. There are many interior design styles you can do for your home, but we suggest doing just one style, instead of mixing a few. Decorating your home can be a lot of fun, and it can be easy to get carried away. Keep it simple, and try not to listen to the home decor trends that won’t last for long. Instead, keep it classic and simple. You’ll thank yourself in a few years 😉.

Not Adding Enough Storage

Let’s be honest, no one likes clutter. Solution? Storage, of course! Storage can be built right into your walls or added in different decor pieces like a cubicle shelf, ottoman, or a coffee table that lifts up as extra storage. When you use decor pieces that double as storage, the bigger your space will feel and it will also look less congested. If you are decorating your children’s playroom, make sure everything has a home. Making sure there is enough storage for everything will allow you to keep the space neat and organized. If you are decorating your entryway, be sure to add a table, bench, or closet area so that everything has a home — shoes, jackets, keys, bags, and anything else someone might bring into your home. Keeping your entryway clutter-free is especially important because it is the first thing people see when they enter your home.


bedroom dresser decor

Lighting is very important, in any room in your home. Even if you have floor-to-ceiling windows in your space, you will still need to account for lighting during the night. Not only is the right amount of lighting important, but also where the lighting is placed. If you place the lighting too high, it could be too harsh, if you place the lighting too low, it may not light your room enough. Instead, try layering your lighting. Stagger your ceiling lighting, table lighting, and floor lighting. This will provide ambient lighting for your space and you are in control of how much light will be on at a time.

Hanging Frames First

hanging frames

If you are just moving into a new place or just redecorating for a fresh feel, your artwork should always be hung last! While we understand you’re excited to get your amazing Frame It Easy frames hanging on your walls, but you want to make sure that they are hung at the right height, and nothing else will get in their way.

Make sure that all your lights are plugged in so you can see if there will be any glare, your blinds and curtains are hung so they don’t get in the way, and furniture is placed exactly where you plan to keep them. This way you will be sure that your room will come together perfectly and nothing will block your beautiful artwork on your walls.

Final Thoughts

home decor

What we love most about home decor is how personal it is. Everyone’s style is different, just like their personality — and your home decor should reflect that. These are just some mistakes that we’ve seen happen in home decor, and we want to help save you from a decor disaster!

We hope we helped you with your next home decor update. Be sure to share photos of your finished project with us on social media so we can see what you did with the place!

Common Mistakes Made When Decorating and How To Fix Them

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