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Advanced Technology: What Sets Frame It Easy Apart

There’s rarely a day (okay, probably never) that goes by that we don’t log onto our computers, pick up our phone to text/Instagram/take a picture, or turn a dial to heat/air condition our homes. We use technology in every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat to the way we work. Yet we don’t give it much thought. Seriously, when you’re popping your lunch into the microwave, do you ever think, “hmmm, how does that actually work?”

So, it’s not surprising that we don’t give much thought to picture frames, their place in history, or the technology involved in their production. That’s okay. We know you are more interested in getting your artwork framed and displayed than how it’s actually made. But we thought a little understanding of the production side of our business might give you some appreciation for how technology can be a beautiful thing.

Our Story

gold picture frame gallery wall

Since the beginning of our company, started in 2004, Frame It Easy’s philosophy has been to make ordering high-quality custom picture frames online fast, easy, and affordable. We believe framing memories, artwork and more shouldn’t be time-consuming, complicated, or expensive. So with that in mind, we developed our easy-to-use custom frame designer to take all the guesswork out of designing a frame tailored to your needs.

Our dream team is composed of over 30 artisans tasked with caring for each step of crafting your frame. From professionally printing your photos to cutting, assembling, and shipping your order, we work to ensure that a beautiful, ready-to-hang frame arrives at your door quickly and safely.

Our Frame Materials

 White Metal Picture Frame

Here at Frame It Easy, we have 8 different frame styles to choose from, over 75 matboard colors, and tons of possibilities! When you order a custom frame from us, you can expect a frame that was made just for you. We don’t believe in pre-built frames; that defeats the purpose of designing a custom frame! We let you create your custom frame easily using our four-step Frame Design process where we’ve done the hard parts for you (like figuring out the math) so you can focus on the creative aspects of the final look — and then we’ll craft it for you.

We offer three wood-style frames, Dayton a natural wood with a flat profile, Derby a North American hardwood, and Granby an ornate wood. We also offer five metal frames Ashford, Bradford, Hanover, and Stafford in an array of colors all made from extruded aluminum. 

Our matboards are available in any size in a number of colors and options and serve two main purposes: to protect and decorate. Since condensation can build up between artwork and the cover, matboards provide a layer of protection against water damage. Matboards can also help draw the eye toward the framed piece. We use 4-ply boards made of fine-quality surface paper that is highly fade and bleed-resistant with a buffered acid-free surface, core, and backing paper. 

Similarly, if you choose to have us print your artwork, we offer two different types of paper, Art Paper, and Photo Paper. Rest assured that no matter which paper you choose we will use archival-grade ink and acid-free paper and both will produce a great-looking print! 

Our Equipment

Custom picture frames

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to quickly and efficiently deliver quality, American-made frames at an affordable price, and we are constantly optimizing and refining our manufacturing process to provide the highest level of service without inflating the cost to you.

Again, if you choose to have us print your artwork, we use top-of-the-line large formats and can print up to 1200×1200 DPI.

And, although we’re talking about technology here, let’s give a shout-out to all our team members who so expertly use all this technology. They pride themselves on using their skills each step of the way in crafting your frame. That’s why we like to call them our “dream team!”

Our Delivery


All of our frames are shipped in a box as custom as your frame. We use corrugated cardboard packaging that is precisely cut to each and every order, meaning that you won’t receive a huge box for one small 5”x7” frame. This reduces waste and means we don’t have to ship using bubble wrap (or even paper wrapping) to keep your frames safe. Plus, everything is recyclable. Check out our post on our custom made packaging to learn more about the full anatomy of our packaging! 

Your frame will also be shipped with all of the materials needed to hang your frame (except for the hammer!) so there are no extra accessories required. This includes an acid-free foam-core backing, clear or non-glare cover, backing springs for metal frames, hanging wire, and all the hanging hardware required to hang your frame on the wall safely. However, if you need to order replacements or individual pieces, you can find those on our accessories page. You can also find our acid-free framer’s tape to secure your artwork or our EaselMate to create a tabletop display.

Our Promise To You

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We want to continue to be at the forefront of using the ever-changing advancements in technology to provide our customers with a high-quality frame that will stand the test of time.

Innovation and adaptability are at the core of our business practice, and we are committed to continuously working to significantly increase manufacturing capabilities as new technology emerges, providing the best service to both our new and repeat customers, expanding our operations, and forging key strategic partnerships and B2B relationships.

Each year, Marcum LLP recognizes the fastest-growing technology and life sciences companies in Connecticut in their Tech Top 40 list. We are honored to share that Frame It Easy has made the list for the third year in a row for advanced manufacturing!

Our approach to online custom framing to provide our customers with high-quality frames that are simple to design and won’t cost you a fortune may seem simple but be assured that we strive to save you more time (and money!) to experience frameable moments with your loved ones in every aspect of our company. So in addition to exceptional customer service, quality materials, and expert workmanship, we will continue to use state-of-the-art technology when constructing your custom frames.

Who knew technology could be so beautiful?

Advanced Technology

Ready to get creative?

Whether you have a piece of art ready to frame, or you have something for us to print, we've got you covered. Our online custom picture framing perfectly fits not only your art, but your style and budget, too! Use our custom frame designer to create a frame, or browse our suggested frame designs. Happy designing!