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5 Unique Frame Location Ideas To Display Your Frames

Your walls are a canvas, waiting to be “painted” with your personal frames and photograph treasures. But there are so many unique frame location ideas to consider when deciding where your picture frames go. We’ve come up with several ideas on where you can display your frames that will elevate your decor and add that special something to your home. 

In this article, we give you 5 unconventional location suggestions for your frames. These suggestions not only maximize the use of space but also add visual interest to the lesser-thought-of areas of any room. Such often-overlooked areas add new opportunities to showcase artwork in unexpected places, adding visual interest and dimension to the room. Perfect for conversation starters!

1. Above an Eyesore

We put so much TLC into our homes, making sure everything is “just so” and that each room is appealing and special. There’s nothing worse than an eyesore to throw off the vibe. Think thermostats, unfortunately, placed light switches, or even imperfections on your wall. 

A  strategically placed picture frame adjacent to an eyesore in your home has the transformative power to distract from what you can’t cover up. This clever design solution not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room but will draw the eye to the beauty and not the beast. 

Suggested Art Ideas:

  • A family photo
  • A scenic print
Unique Frame Location Ideas

2. Inside Your Medicine Cabinet

Made ya look! Your medicine cabinet, typically reserved for the practicalities of daily routines, can become an unexpected yet intriguing display area for framed art. Think how often you are opening and closing that medicine cabinet! Why not pop some joy inside? Something small and significant can be the perfect addition to your bathroom. 

This framed art location idea not only maximizes this small space but also serves as a reminder of the importance of self-care and personal expression amid our busy lives. May we suggest a tranquil scene to start your day or a comforting message to end it? The art inside your medicine cabinet adds an extra layer of beauty and meaning to your daily rituals.

Suggested Art Ideas:

Unique Frame Location Ideas

3. Inside Your Pantry

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where families gather, conversations about your day are had, and memories are made. Much like your medicine cabinet, adding a frame (or frames!) to this unique location adds an element of surprise every time that pantry door opens.

Integrating framed art into your pantry closet may seem unconventional at first, but it presents a delightful opportunity to infuse a typically utilitarian space with a dash of creativity and charm. You can adorn the walls or style shelves with framed art to transform this space into a framed visual delight. As you reach for ingredients or organize supplies, you will be greeted by some pazazz, turning even the simplest of tasks into a joyful experience.

Suggested Art Ideas:

  • A framed family recipe card
  • Herb and spice prints
  • Vintage cookbook covers

Adding frames above and below unique places is a fantastic way to display your frames. These suggestions not only maximize the use of space but also add visual interest to the underutilized areas of the room.

4. Above and Below

Above A Door

Tight spaces, like above your door, are a great, lesser-thought-of frame hanging location. By utilizing this vertical space, you draw the eye upward, creating a sense of height and drama in any room. Whether it’s a small piece of art or a series of frames arranged in a gallery, the space void above the door provides a creative area for expression. 

Suggested Art Ideas:

Below a Window

By placing framed artwork below a window, homeowners can add a juxtaposition between natural light streaming in from the window and the framed piece. Think of a cozy reading nook with a kitty,-cornered chair, cup of tea in hand, and some visual interest with the perfect-sized frame just below your window.

Suggested Art Ideas:

  • Nature Photography
  • Travel Memories
  • Personal Artwork
Unique Frame Location Ideas

5. Add a Bold Frame In Front of Your Fireplace

We all know pictures hung or placed on the mantle are prime real estate for your frames, but let’s think beyond the obvious. Leaning a frame against your fireplace allows a larger art piece to live right against that blank spot in your living room. 

What a great opportunity to try something bold! Whether you use your fireplace during winter months or live in a warmer climate and it’s never used, a large eye-catching framed piece is your opportunity to showcase your flair. Additionally, incorporating artwork in front of the fireplace allows you to easily switch up the decor seasonally or for special occasions. This location offers endless potential for creativity and personal expression in your unique frame choices.

Suggested Art Ideas:

Unique Frame Location Ideas

Final Thoughts

Possible unique frame location ideas are not limited to those mentioned! We have so many tips and tricks in our Learning Center but we encourage you to think outside the box and find spots in your home for frames you haven’t considered before. Gallery walls, shelves, and leaning on table tops are all top of mind when it comes to frame placement, but the possibilities are truly endless. Keep an open mind and consider the locations less traveled for a personalized, stand-out, frame location. 

Do you have more unique frame location ideas? We would love to see it!  Share your pics with us on your socials! If we re-share it, you’ll receive a coupon for 15% off your next order. Tag us @frameiteasy and use #frameiteasy so we can easily find ya!

Unique Frame Location Ideas

Ready to get creative?

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