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Stairway Wall Art: Some Great Ideas to Frame Wall Art on Stairs

When people think of decorating their home, the first places that come to mind are probably the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. But what about the other places like your hallway or stairway? They might be overlooked, as you likely don’t spend much time in them compared to, well, the main spots in your house. Still, why not make them look their best? We agree; there’s no reason to not make every last bit of your house look its best.

In this post, we’re going to talk about stairways, and all the ways you can decorate them, as well as some of the best frames to use for that often-overlooked part of your home. Don’t get too caught up in what we say too much, though. Your house, your rules! We’d be happy to point you in the right direction, and if you take a path that we outline, go for it! We’re happy you find our advice useful. If you opt for a different direction, that’s fine, too — as long as you have as much fun in your home space as possible.

So what are some ideas that you can do to liven up your stairway? Let’s have a look!

Family Ideas for Stairway Wall Art

family photos on stairway

You more than likely share your home with other family members. And you likely have photos of them all around your residence. Still, there aren’t really other places in your home that are so… inclined. You should take advantage of that! Do something creative. For instance, why not put one photo of each member of your family in ascending order, from youngest to oldest? This would be a great way to tell everyone the story of your family with just a few photos.

Speaking of telling the story of your family, an actual chronological timeline of milestone events in your family would also be a good idea. From the wedding between the two heads of the household, all the way down to the first family photos with each successive new child. Sort of like your own personal family tree.

Has your family had a long line of pets? Cats, dogs, or any other animal we commonly like to keep in our company? The staircase could be a great place to showcase your appreciation for the four-legged members of your family.

For ideas like this, if you choose to go with any of them, we recommend our Derby or Dayton frame styles. They have a great welcoming look to them, and every option has a big, welcoming vibe that suits any home.

Thin On The Ends, Dense In The Middle

stairway decor

This is less a content idea and more an idea of a good way to arrange frames. Again, arrange frames as you want. There are no rules! But a unique arrangement is to have only one frame on each end of the staircase — that being the top and bottom — with a large cluster of frames in the middle!

As we stated earlier, the staircase is the only space in your home that’s not flat. So have fun with that aesthetic. You can play off that with this idea. The content could be anything. It could be family photos, which we talked about previously. Or it could be general memories — friends, life events, you name it. With this, it’s all about getting that general look rather than the actual contents of the individual frames.

Stairway To Framing

stairway wall art

The stairs are never the most thought of part of the house. Still, they’re part of it. And it’s always a great idea to have every corner of your home looking its absolute best. Just remember the following, and you should be on your way to some great projects:

  • Family photos and chronological timelines are great for the staircases.
  • Wood frames, specifically our Derby and Dayton styles are great for the stairs.
  • Try to pattern them so there’s only one frame on the end, but a dense amount in the middle.

Have photos of staircase framing projects you want to share with us? Just share them on Instagram! We always love to see what our customers are doing with our frames.

Stairway Wall Art: Some Great Ideas to Frame Wall Art on Stairs

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