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Sell The Perfect Holiday Gift: Boost Your Profits With Seasonal Art

Seasonal holiday art has become increasingly popular, with more and more people seeking unique and meaningful gifts during the holiday season. By offering these one-of-a-kind creations, you can tap into a growing market and boost your profits. Plus, with the right marketing strategy, you can position yourself as the go-to source for holiday art, attracting customers who are willing to pay a premium for quality and originality.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to sell the perfect holiday gift and increase your profits. Start incorporating seasonal art into your product offerings today and watch your sales soar!

Holiday Themes

Holiday art and decor can be found in many different forms, from specific holiday-focused themes to more general seasonal pieces. However you choose to incorporate it, seasonal decor is a must for artists who want the biggest boost to their profits! And if you don’t add seasonal art to your storefront, you’ll be missing out on sales from those searching for the perfect holiday gift! Take a look at some of the themes below if you need inspiration getting started:

  • 🍁Seasonal: Spring, summer, fall, and winter
  • 🎃Halloween
  • 🦃Thanksgiving
  • 🎅Christmas
  • 🕎Hanukkah
  • 🕯Kwanzaa
  • 🥂New Years
  • 🎇4th of July
  • ☀️Labor Day
  • ❤️Valentine’s Day

If possible, you’ll want to add a variety of holiday and seasonal pieces to your storefront. In doing so, you’ll cast a wider net to reach a larger audience of potential customers. Additionally, the variety will guarantee that you’re prepared for every upcoming holiday so there’s no worry or stress about creating more at the last minute.

Find Your Holiday Niche

As you consider which holiday themes you’d like to explore as an artist, it’s also important to think about which markets you can best serve. If your goal is to generate a healthy profit, finding your holiday niche can make a huge difference in how quickly your art gets purchased.

To get a better idea of where you can find success, search through holiday art listings on popular platforms like Etsy or Saatchi Art. Pay special attention to which themes and art you see most often, and which you see very little of. Ideally, you’d focus on more underserved niches with little or no representation. Your chances of success will be much greater because the competition for customers is significantly lower.

Frames & Matboards

Selecting the best frames for your holiday art is an important step: Your art will sell for more if you provide a one-stop shop with complete, ready-to-hang artwork. Offering prints alone means you’re leaving profit on the table. Take a look at our frame and matboard recommendations for your holiday decor below:

  • For the sheer variety of finish colors, our Hanover frame is the perfect solution for a memorable holiday gift. Try the Red or Blue option for the 4th of July, or a Green one for Christmas.
  • Looking for something a bit more elegant? The Granby is a wooden frame with intricate detailing that makes a statement no matter where you place it. The Black finish looks great for Halloween, while Silver and Gold are ideal for New Year’s or Thanksgiving.
  • Check out the colorful options for matboards: Go with Smooth White if you’re unsure (it looks great with all art), or a bold color to match the season or holiday for an added designer touch that enhances your work!

Ready to see what your art with your favorite frame and art combination looks like? Head to our interactive frame designer to get an instant preview! If you don’t like your creation, don’t sweat it! Try different frame styles or finish colors, and experiment with matting by adjusting sizing, color, or double matting for a striking layered effect!

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Pricing Your Holiday Gift

While pricing your art comes down to a personal choice, you can also be a bit more aggressive with your holiday art pricing! Because holiday shoppers are usually limited in time, your finished and framed art can be listed for a premium. That said, you don’t want to scare off potential customers by pricing an item too high, so it’s a delicate balance you’ll want to get just right!

In general, a 10-15% premium for holiday-themed art is a safe starting point. Once you’ve tested your pricing, make adjustments accordingly. It is important to note that interest in holiday art fluctuates quite a bit, so be flexible with your pricing and keep an eye on the calendar if you notice sales of those particular items are shrinking.

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Marketing Your Art

Once you’ve gone through all the trouble of creating and framing your holiday art, you need to spread the word so you can connect with paying customers! One of the best ways to begin is through social media because it’s free, there’s a built-in audience, and it’s easy to create a few posts showing off your holiday gift selections. Just make sure to capture high-resolution images of your work and include a link to your store that’s easy to find!

Beyond social media, try an email blast to everyone in your subscriber list a month prior to the holidays or seasons your art is focused on. Doing so reminds buyers of the upcoming event, and puts your product at the top of their mind when they decide to purchase.

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Sell The Perfect Holiday Gift: Final Thoughts

Imagine the joy on your customers’ faces when they receive a unique piece of framed seasonal art as a gift! Seasonal art adds a touch of warmth and festivity to any home, making it the ideal present for the holiday season. With a wide range of options available, you can offer your customers a variety of styles and themes to choose from. Whether it’s a cozy Christmas landscape, a spooky Halloween scene, or a whimsical snowman, seasonal art is sure to capture the spirit of the holidays and bring joy to anyone who receives it.

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