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How To Overcome A Creative Block And Sell More Art Than Ever Before

Are you tired of feeling stuck and uninspired in your artistic journey? Do you want to break free from the creative block that’s been holding you back and start selling more of your art? Look no further! In this guide, we will show you proven strategies and techniques to overcome creative blocks and unleash your artistic potential!

With our expert tips and guidance, you can finally achieve the success and recognition you deserve as an artist.

What Is A Creative Block?

A creative block is a relatively common mental state in which an artist, photographer, or designer is unable to create new art or generate inspiration from reliable sources. It can strike anyone at any time, from seasoned pros to new artists, creative block is something every artist will have to deal with at least once in their career. Whether it’s due to stress, fear, or another reason, it can be incredibly frustrating, but it’s normally only a temporary state. That said, for those artists in the middle of a stubborn creative block, finding your way out of it successfully can be a huge challenge.

Luckily we’ve rounded up our favorite tips and tricks to kick your creative block to the curb! Keep reading to explore effective strategies you can begin using today!

How To Overcome A Creative Block

While struggling to create new art can be a scary issue, especially for those encountering it for the first time, it’s important to realize it’s a natural part of the creative process! But by facing your creative block head-on and empowering yourself to find a solution, you can begin to learn effective strategies that work best for you so the next time you encounter a block, you’ll be that much better prepared to tackle it.

Take a look at our artist-approved solutions below!

💡Find new inspiration

While sticking to the same routine can be comforting, it can also stifle your creative flow. If you find yourself visiting the same sources for inspiration but keep coming up short, it may be time to explore new avenues for creative inspiration! We recommend seeking out creative blogs, exploring artist portfolios, or browsing art online or at your favorite gallery. Looking for ideas? Check out our Learning Center blog for oodles of ideas and inspiration, and don’t miss all the creative portfolios on Behance!

📆Take a long break

Sometimes a creative block is a symptom of a larger issue like burnout. If that’s the case, it’s best to pause what you’re doing and take a step back. By stopping your projects, you give yourself permission to relax and reset. Start with taking one or two days off as a starting point; if you’re still not feeling 100%, extend your pause for another couple of days. Don’t put your art off beyond that, though; the longer you pause, the harder it will be to get back into the swing of things!

☀️Switch up your routine

You may find it difficult to get inspiration from seeing and doing the same things on a daily basis, and that’s totally normal! Shake up the normal schedule to start: If you’re used to creating art or snapping photos in the morning, try switching it to the evening instead. The lighting, mood, and colors change as the day progresses, and those little details can spark your creative inspiration! Additionally, if you’re used to working in one room, try a creative session in your backyard instead!

🎨Experiment with new styles

Recreating art in the same style over and over again can be tiring, turning your creative time into a monotonous job rather than a process that sparks joy and relaxation! Change things up by experimenting with new styles, colors, or textures. If you’re used to working in acrylic paint, move to watercolor for a change. Similarly, if you’re used to producing more traditional style landscapes, stretch those creative muscles and get into a super modern abstract piece instead! Looking for inspiration? Don’t miss our guide to new and emerging art trends as a starting point!

🌎Travel and explore new places

Visiting new places can expand your mind and introduce you to new experiences or ideas, which is the perfect catalyst for overcoming a creative block! New sites, sounds, or customs, can infuse you with fresh ideas that will translate to your art or photos. So, whether you visit a park down the road from your house, or you travel thousands of miles away to an entirely new country, exploring foreign sites should give you the inspiration you’ve been craving! Eager to plan your next trip? Check out The Ultimate Guide For Travel Photography!

🏵Redecorate your space

Perhaps you’ve been working in the same studio space for years; it’s served its purpose well but now you’re not feeling inspired and having a hard time producing as much art as before. That’s perfectly normal, and the solution could be as easy as redecorating your workspace! Try a fresh coat of paint on the walls and some new hanging artwork. Move your desk or workstation to a different corner and swap out light fixtures. Sometimes a small change can mean big inspiration!

✏️Learn new skills

Why keep up with skills you’ve perfected if they’re no longer inspiring you? Sometimes the easiest way to overcome a block is to learn new skills that challenge you to grow and adapt. Maybe you’re a bit bored with painting and take a class at the local community college to learn figure drawing or find a skill-building tutorial online. Either way, exploring and testing new techniques can unlock your creativity and push you to create something new and wonderful!

🤝Network and socialize

A great way to overcome a creative block is to get out of your studio and into the world, interacting with other artists and photographers. Occasionally sharing your issues with others who face the same challenges can not only be therapeutic, but perhaps they can give you effective strategies they use for inspiration! Forging new relationships with like-minded people can open up tons of new opportunities for collaborative work, too!

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Final Thoughts

As an artist, photographer, or designer, your creativity is what pays the bills! But when your creative inspiration dries up, it can be a huge challenge to overcome! That said, with a few proven strategies artists rely on, you can find the perfect way to conquer your creative block and sell more art than ever before! Whether you travel to a fresh place, learn a new technique, or network with other artists, the most important first step is to try!

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