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Raise Your Freelance Rates Today: 3 Proven Strategies For Artists

As an artist or photographer, pricing and freelance rates are some of the more challenging topics to tackle! It can be confusing to figure out how to price your art and how much to charge for your time. That being said, it’s important to set a strategy so you can earn the cash you need, and customers can get their hands on your art or photography services for a reasonable price. Join us as we cover three proven strategies that freelance artists and photographers can use today to increase their freelance rates without losing customers!

1. Communicate Cost Increases

If the cost of your supplies is rising, it’s probably a good time to reevaluate your freelance rates. And, chances are if your costs are rising, your customers are probably experiencing the same thing! So, once you’ve decided to raise your rates due to cost constraints, the best strategy to do so without alienating your customers is to ensure proper communication with them before the rate adjustment.

The easiest way to accomplish this is with extra detailed invoices! Why does this work? Because you’re showing your client why the adjustment needed to happen in the first place! Communicating the rate increase with extra details in your invoicing creates a level of transparency and trust so your clients know you’re not taking advantage of them. If the cost of your editing software, paint, or printing has risen, include those details in your invoices.

Additionally, you can consider an email blast to your clients before the rate hike. Include details about why you’re choosing to raise your freelance rates, including how costs are increasing for you. Again, this shows a level of transparency and helps build trust with your clients, and ensures your customers won’t be taken by surprise by a rate hike.

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2. Show Extra Value

Another strategy to consider is to show your clients how much value they get by hiring you! This is where you’d think about what differentiates you from other freelance artists, and what your clients get in return! If your clients feel they’re getting great value for the money, they won’t mind paying a bit more for your services.

If you’re using Frame It Easy for printing and framing services, there are plenty of ways to show your customers they’re getting exceptional value for their money. This could include the fact that our frames our eco-friendly and made from sustainably sourced materials, or that our frames are made and assembled right here in the USA! And if you don’t have a framing partner, adding framing to your list of services can provide a point of differentiation that sets your business apart and earns you an extra customer (or two!).

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3. Provide An Incentive

Offering an incentive to your clients can also be an excellent way to lessen the blow of a rate increase. Your customers will not only appreciate the freebie and the extra value it provides, but you could also get a boost in sales depending on what you’re offering! Whatever incentive you plan to offer, it will encourage clients to take notice and help bridge the gap to your increased freelance rates. Below are several great incentive ideas you can start using today:

  • Coupons
  • Discount codes
  • Mini prints
  • Postcard photos
  • Stickers

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…And Don’t Forget

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Final Thoughts

As a creative, your time is valuable! What can be a challenge, though, is determining what your hourly rate is and how you can raise your freelance rates without offending your customers. Your relationship with your clients can be a delicate balancing act, which is why it’s incredibly important to strategize before raising your rates. Whether you communicate that to them through emails and invoices, show the value your service provides, or offer extra incentives like coupons, raising your rates doesn’t have to end client relationships or disrupt your income!

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