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Top Picture (And Frame) Worthy Destinations In The U.S. And Beyond

The factors for a perfect trip or vacation vary for everybody, but each place throughout the world has something beautiful — and picture-worthy — about it. There is no shortage of breathtaking landscape photos or unique details when considering various travel destinations!

Whether you’re after that perfect Instagram shot for your next vacation, or you’re simply looking for astonishing photos for a home art museum, we’ve compiled different picture and frame-worthy destinations from all around the world.

Specific Destinations To See

Miami – Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls Miami

There is so much to do in Miami, between the beaches, the delicious food and all the art around town, what more can you possibly ask for? Miami is the perfect place to vacation with some friends or your family. The culture around town has a vibe that everyone will enjoy. Whether it’s a vacation to just relax or it’s your spring break, everyone will be pleased with what Miami has to offer.

The art around Wynwood Walls contains one-of-a-kind pieces from artists around the world. The art is constantly being changed, with different murals and structures being made, so don’t forget to take pictures to bring back home. This is one trip you’re not going to want to forget!

Cape Cod – National Seashore

Cape Cod Seashore

Cape Cod is one of those areas that is overrun with tourists during the summer, only to seem like a complete ghost town during the winter.

Indeed, there are other places like this (The Hamptons and Long Beach Island come to mind), but the National Seashore in Cape Cod is possibly Massachusetts’s most iconic geographic feature.

Photograph it at the right time, like a summer evening, and you might have something that could make for an eye-catching piece of home decor.

Philadelphia – Old City

Philadelphia town

Philadelphia is a city filled with historical treasures, including Independence Hall, the Betsy Ross House, the Liberty Bell, the Declaration House, and much, much more. However, even if history isn’t your thing, there is still a ton more to do here.

Philadelphia has some of the best food tours (you can’t leave without trying their Philly Cheesesteak), pub crawls, and magic gardens, as well. There’s something for everyone of any age to do in Philadelphia! Take pictures around some of the most historic places to hang on your wall for everyone to enjoy.

Colorado – Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park

The United States has been the home to many different civilizations in the past. One of the oldest peoples to ever walk on this land were the Ancient Puebloans. And they certainly carved some interesting structures (on the side of cliffs, no less) that still survive to this day.

The Mesa Verde National Park is one such monument, and it looks like something that belongs more in a comic book than a history book.

Hanging a photo of it on your wall would not only create an eye-grabbing display but also possibly give you the chance to share some interesting historical trivia.

Wyoming – Devil’s Tower National Monument

Devil's Tower

While this area is known for being relatively flat, this stunning landmark sure sticks out. While it is popular for its beautiful scenery and rock climbing, it is also a sacred place for many Native American Tribes.

The Devil’s Tower National Monument, which is a near ninety-degree uptick in altitude in northeastern Wyoming is America’s very first National Monument proclaimed by President Roosevelt.

Be sure to capture a picture far enough away to fit the whole monument (FYI: it’s really big).

South Dakota – Crazy Horse Memorial

Crazy Horse Monument

Crazy Horse was a Native American of the Lakota tribe who famously defeated General Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn. It’s the biggest mountainside face sculpture in the world. (Yes, even larger than Mount Rushmore!) Some people even refer to it as the Eighth Wonder of the World in progress.

You can also walk right up next to it on a trail and get the best look possible. A photo of this monument would be the perfect addition to your travel gallery wall.

Chicago – Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate Chicago

You might have heard of the Cloud Gate, and possibly have already seen it, too! But it’s just so reflective that we couldn’t leave it out of this list!

The Cloud Gate is a giant chrome construct in Chicago. And if you photograph it the right way, you might get all its surroundings looking back at you in a reflection. (It makes for a great selfie mirror, too!)

Nebraska – Carhenge


If you like mysterious ancient structures and cars, well, this landmark might be for you. Located in Alliance, NE, it was started in 1987.

Whether you’re just driving through or living in the state, this would definitely be a cool site to see (and photograph). If you can’t make it to England’s Stonehenge, Carhenge is the perfect replica. And with its neutral tones, the photograph will look great in any area of your home.

Hawaii – Hawaii Volcanoes National Park


Hawaii is the most recent state to join the Union, and it’s composed of a series of islands.

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is on the big island, and it can present scenery that almost looks otherworldly. Get a close-up and its vibrant colors would look great showcased in a frame.

Hawaii – Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon

Hawaii is indeed a small state, but it has no shortage of massive things to photograph. While it’s not quite the geological colossus that the Grand Canyon is, Waimea Canyon certainly has more green in it, and it could almost pass for a filming location for James Cameron’s Avatar film.

The calmness of the Waimea Canyon will bring peace to your home. You can almost taste the crispness of the air through the photograph.

Alaska – Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier

Biggest state geographically? Yes. But Alaska is also one of the least populated, meaning that it’s the perfect getaway for someone who likes to chill out in massive expanses without the company of others. Just be sure to bring a winter coat; it gets cold!

The Mendenhall Glacier is nearly 14 miles long, and it’s not too far from Juneau, the state’s capital. It would certainly be a great attraction if you plan on vacationing in the country’s most isolated state.

Canada – Banff National Park

The moutains in Canada

Banff National Park, located in Alberta, Canada, is a scenic wonderland, with amazing views of the Rocky Mountains dominating its skyline. Lush forestry and wildlife is easy to come by in Banff, with various lakes that are bluer than you can imagine!

Banff is the perfect place for a photographer, nature-lover, hiker, or anyone who loves a beautiful and picture-worthy destination.

snowy moutains in Canada

Peru – Machu Picchu


Majestic mountain peaks and beautiful ruins really are a sight at Machu Picchu. At 7,970 ft, you might feel a bit breathless when trying to describe the view of the Inca Ruins. So make sure to capture a photo to do all the talking for you.

There’s a certain mystery to these ruins, as archeologists still debate their function. A backpacking and nature-lover destination, Machu Picchu is a must-see at least once in your lifetime!


Cities To Visit

Paris, France

Overlooking Paris

The Eiffel Tower, historic museums, art, cobblestone streets — Paris has it all. It truly is one of those charming and Instagram-able cities that attract people from across the globe.

The “City of Love” might actually mean love for your camera, because you’ll want photos of every inch of Paris to gaze at after your trip has come to an end.

Eiffel Tower

Santorini, Greece

Greece buildings

Every angle you look at the city of Santorini from is picture-perfect. From the fascinating steep landscape to the iconic whitewashed buildings, Santorini will leave you breathless.

If you’re unable to travel there yourself, the photos speak for themselves. Santorini is not a sight to be missed, and really is picture-worthy!

overlooking the water in Greece

Maui, Hawaii


Maui is all things tropical paradise. With picturesque beaches, lush forestry, waterfalls, volcanos, and ocean, the island is truly a photographer’s dream!

Explore the calming and friendly nature of Maui through scenic photography. Maui encapsulates various cultures, while also boasting the “aloha spirit” of good nature and company.

In addition, the sights from the Haleakala Crater are a can’t-miss on Maui. A simple drive up the mountain (10,000 ft to be exact), and you’ll feel like you’re in heaven as you watch the sunset from above the clouds.

Hawaii waterfall

Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. Boasting cultural history, new technology, and fashion, Tokyo is an exciting and bustling city.

There are countless picture-worthy opportunities throughout Tokyo: the lush cherry blossoms and historic temples, the brightly lit skyline, and busy city streets. Tokyo is not to be missed!

Tokyo at night

Barcelona, Spain

Overlooking Barcelona

A culture hub, Barcelona is a place to put high on your bucket list. Architectural masterpieces, great food, nightlife, and history make it a place you’ll never want to forget.

There are so many picturesque cafés around the city that make for the perfect photo-op of yourself or visit Park Güell and take a photo overlooking the city.

Park Güell Barcelona

Venice, Italy

overlooking Venice

There’s not a place on Earth that is quite like Venice, Italy. The Floating City truly leaves a mark on all who visit there! Gondola rides throughout the city are a popular Instagram-able sight. After all, where else are you going to be riding boats through beautiful canals and architecture as your primary means of transportation?

Canal in Venice

Fairbanks, Alaska

Northern Lights

Perhaps not the first place you think of when you brainstorm your next travel destination, Alaska is one of the most popular places to view the breathtaking Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights offer photographs like no other, like they’re straight from a dream, or maybe another galaxy. The cold weather and clear night skies make Alaska the perfect place to spot the auroras.

Northern Lights in Alaska

Lots of Places to See!

In an age of social media and sharing all of your experiences, we are constantly looking for the next destination to cross off our bucket list and share with the world. Whether you’re an experienced photographer or just snapping pictures on your cellphone, these locations are so breathtaking, they will always look good on your walls!

We hope you’ve gained some insight and perhaps added a few more places to your bucket list with our picture and frame-worthy destinations! If one of these locations happens to be close enough for a weekend trip, go and see it! Maybe, though, they’re a bit too far. If that’s the case, maybe we gave you an idea for your next big getaway.

Once you’ve taken the perfect photo, be head on over to our frame designer and get it hung on your wall!

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