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How To Find Creative Inspiration: Expert Strategies For Artists

One of the most difficult parts about being an artist or photographer is finding creative inspiration! Some days inspiration will come quickly, while others you’ll struggle to pick up your paintbrush or camera. The good news is that it’s normal to feel burnt out at times, and reigniting your artistic flair is possible and easy!

Join us as we explore proven strategies you can begin using today to unleash your creative inspiration and create more art than ever before!

👩‍💻Explore Art Websites & Blogs

One of the best ways to begin your search for inspiration is to explore the internet! Why does this work so well? First, it’s free to spend as much time as you’d like viewing and watching art-related content. Second, the opportunities to find new content are nearly endless, meaning you’ll never run out of options to check out! Last, you’ll be able to jump right into your next project if you need to since you can browse from the comfort of your own home or studio. Take a look at our website suggestions below to get started:

  • Explore all the creative projects your peers are working on, both professionally and personally, on ArtStation, which curates art from creatives worldwide.
  • Check out the creative portfolios of artists and photographers across the globe on Behance and get inspiration for a new skill or project.
  • Spend some time on our Learning Center blog. It’s filled with tons of valuable content related to art and decor.

🤝Collaborate With Others

A surefire way to spark inspiration is to work with other creatives! Not only does working with someone else hold you accountable to produce continuously, but the sharing of ideas and techniques allows you to explore different ways to express yourself. Additionally, when you partner with someone, you can share each other’s audiences, unlocking new markets and more potential income!

If you’re confused about how to start a collaboration project, spend some time on your favorite social media platforms connecting with other artists you admire or share a style with. Many artists will be open to hearing your ideas, so be sure you have a polished portfolio ready and spend some time crafting a pitch you can send potential candidates. It may take a few tries before you find the right fit, so don’t give up if things don’t work out the first time around.

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Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like exploring new places! Whether it’s a road trip to a local destination or a flight across the world, travel allows you to experience new ways of thinking. The destination isn’t as important as getting out of your comfort zone and exploring the world around you, so get creative! Try incorporating elements of your adventures in your work: The vibrant colors of a beachside shop, the lush green of a favorite park, or the chaos and noise you find in big cities. We also recommend you snap a few photos as you travel; looking back at those memories can unlock creative inspiration, too!

🌱Reconnect With Nature

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as spending time in the great outdoors! Start with finding a pleasant hiking trail, or if that’s not your thing, head to your favorite park! Maybe you have a fantastic back porch you can spend your morning on too. However you choose to do it, reconnect with the natural world around you and enjoy the boost in inspiration you’ll get!

🔨Redecorate Your Studio

Sometimes you can find creative inspiration right in your own studio – if you’ve put the time into making it an inspiring space! Splash some paint on your walls for an easy (and affordable) instant makeover, and don’t be afraid to use a bold color as an accent wall. Follow that up with some fresh window treatments like curtains, then hang a few of your favorite art pieces on the wall. If you have the budget, a throw rug and a new lighting fixture will also help! Changing up your surroundings can foster creative inspiration, so roll up those sleeves and get designing!

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🖼Visit Art Shows & Galleries

Discovering new artists and photographers can be a great way to boost your own creative inspiration! In addition to connecting with creatives online, getting out and exploring art shows and galleries in person is a winning strategy (plus it’s a lot of fun, too!). There’s no shortage of fabulous galleries all over, from small towns to big cities there’s a lot to see and explore! Use your time to browse galleries or shows that you may not be familiar with; in doing so you’ll likely find a wealth of inspiration you can use in your studio!

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🎨Try A New Style

Have you painted more modern masterpieces than you can count? Or perhaps you’ve snapped architecture photos for decades? Whatever medium you work in, and whatever style you’re comfortable with, it may be time to shake things up! If you’re used to traditional landscapes, try your hand at contemporary figure drawing or vintage photo collages. The goal is to mix up your style and try one you’re not as familiar with. Even if you’re not successful with the first attempt, the challenge of practicing something new should boost your creative inspiration!

🖌Learn New Techniques

As an artist or photographer, refining your skills to improve your craft is part of the job, but learning brand-new skills can be intimidating! That said, building a new skillset can open up the possibility of more art and more revenue. Where can you learn new creative skills? First, check with your local community college or university. Many offer continuing education classes geared toward working professionals. Additionally, sites like SkillShare have tons of art classes you can take online at your own pace.

🎬Find Creative Inspiration: Final Thoughts

Finding creative inspiration when you’re burnt out is hard, but it doesn’t have to be! Using our proven expert strategies, you can unlock your full creative potential and make more art than ever before! And remember, if one strategy doesn’t give you the results you want, move on to another one. It’s all about finding what works best for you!

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