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Design Your Waiting Room Like A Pro: 8 Must-Have Tips

Your waiting room has the power to make a great (or terrible) first impression. Given that customers will spend an average of 20 minutes per visit there, it makes sense to design a reception area that leaves each guest feeling positive about their visit. So, how do you create a welcoming, functional guest space? Keep reading for 8 of our must-have tips that’ll have you designing like a pro!

1. Directional Signage

Help with traffic flow by showing customers where they need to go. Customers should know where to sign in, where the restrooms are, where exits are, where extra electric outlets for charging devices are located, and be sure to add welcome sign as a friendly touch that signifies the entrance. Skip the pre-made signs and design your own on a site like Canva which allows users to quickly make a custom sign. Plus, they’ll look even more professional and striking in one of our custom, ready-to-hang frames.

Waiting room framed welcome sign.
Design Your Waiting Room Like a Pro: 8 Must-Have Tips – A welcome sign in our Ashford frame in Hot Pink with a Hollyhock matboard. Image by rawpixel.com.

2. Product & Service Education

Frame and hang pieces that educate your customers on your unique products or services. It’s an easy way to keep your customers informed while promoting your brand! Look for pieces that are more visual than text-heavy. Consider adding more visual interest with a colorful matboard or frame (our metal Hanover frame comes in green, red, and blue).

Waiting room design with framed art print above a clothing rack.
Design Your Waiting Room Like a Pro: 8 Must-Have Tips – Use framed marketing pieces to educate your customers.

3. Artwork & Decor

Art helps improve your customer’s mood and can alleviate stress. It also ensures a great first impression! There are many excellent sites that offer free downloadable art for an economical solution to dressing up your walls. If you’re unsure what type of art to look for, focus on pieces that feature nature to inspire a feeling of calm. Once you’ve selected a piece, you can upload it to our interactive frame designer, select your frame and mat options, and we’ll ship you a ready-to-hang piece!

A waiting room with chairs and nature art prints.
Design Your Waiting Room Like a Pro: 8 Must-Have Tips – Look for nature-inspired pieces to dress up your waiting room walls. Photo by Melissa Mullin on Unsplash.

4. Professional Certificates & Licenses

Display your team member’s professional certificates, licenses, and diplomas. As guests visit, they’ll appreciate seeing the team’s achievements because it helps build trust. Plus, you can get creative with your frame and matboard styles for maximum visual interest.

Diploma 3
Design Your Waiting Room Like a Pro: 8 Must-Have Tips – Frame and display your team’s professional achievements.

5. Community Puzzles

Give customers a fun challenge while they wait with a community puzzle! Keeping your guests busy in your waiting room is essential because they won’t notice the passage of time as much. As an added bonus, once it’s completed you can frame your puzzle and hang it!

Framed puzzle featuring book covers.
Design Your Waiting Room Like a Pro: 8 Must-Have Tips – Not only are puzzles great at keeping guests busy, but they make awesome art once they’re complete!

6. Staff Pictures

Ease new customers’ anxiety by displaying staff pictures on the wall. It’ll let customers know who they’ll be meeting and is another good strategy to build initial trust with your guests. Plan an interesting gallery wall to display the photos for an added designer touch.

Portraits of men in gold frames on blue wall.
Design Your Waiting Room Like a Pro: 8 Must-Have Tips – Displaying staff photos can help ease new customer anxiety. Photo by Caroline Minor Christensen on Unsplash.

7. WiFi Information

Guests will feel a lot better about spending time in your waiting room if they can connect their favorite devices to the internet! Display your wireless internet information, including the network name and password, somewhere prominent where guests can easily see it. Consider framing and hanging it for a more professional, polished look.

Woman working on a laptop in a waiting room.
Design Your Waiting Room Like a Pro: 8 Must-Have Tips – Display your WiFi information so guests may enjoy their favorite devices. Photo by AllGo on Unsplash.

8. Positive Press

Was your business featured in a newspaper article? Has one of your staff been noted in a trade publication? Frame it and display it! Not only will it help to tell your brand’s story, but customers will see those accolades every time they visit you. It’s a wonderful way to make a positive and lasting impression!

Framed newspaper pictures and ads.
Design Your Waiting Room Like a Pro: 8 Must-Have Tips – Display positive press for all your guests to see! Photo by Omkar Jadhav on Unsplash.

Final Thoughts On Waiting Room Design

Every business needs to have a comfortable, functional waiting room. A lot of organizations miss the mark, though. Given that your guests will spend an average of 20 minutes there, it’s a good idea to invest some resources enhancing your reception area. Adding directional signage, artwork, staff photos, and business information is a great way to begin, and customers will appreciate the extra touches that make your waiting room special.

If you need more help selecting the perfect frame, make sure to explore our guide on how to choose the right frame for your office. And once your new waiting room is complete, why not try a conference room or break room makeover?

Ready to show off your spectacular waiting room transformation? Make sure to share your creative framing projects with us on social media!

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