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How to Design a Break Room Employees Will Love

UPDATED: August 2nd, 2022

It’s important for employees to have a great break room that they can go to for rest and relaxation. Employees work best when they have a good work-life balance, and to promote this you can incorporate a few key pieces into a break room that everyone will appreciate. Keep reading to see our favorite design tricks & ideas to create a fun, memorable break room!

Rules and expectations

The break room is the perfect communal space to display your organization’s rules and expectations for employees. Employees are more likely to notice and absorb the rules if they’re in a spot they visit frequently. Try colorful frame and matboard style combinations in our interactive frame designer to make the display even more eye-catching.

Break room with comfortable seating, plants and person working on computer.
Add company rules to a visible spot. Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash.

Company mission and values

It’s important that employees have a good sense of their company’s history and future. Print and frame your organization’s mission statement and hang it in a visible spot in the break room. Consider grouping them with your framed rules and expectations display for a nice gallery wall.

Bright break room with comfortable chairs and tables.
Frame your company’s mission and values. Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.

Employee appreciation

Showcase great employees in the break room with a wall displaying your employee of the month or an employee wall of fame! Recognizing talent and hard work will boost employee morale and encourage everyone to try their best. Frame their portraits so everyone can enjoy and congratulate their colleagues.

Lady has her picture taken with a cellphone at an outdoor restaurant.
Show some employee appreciation by adding their framed photo to an employee wall of fame. Photo by Josh Rose on Unsplash.

Art placement

Add some personality and warmth to your break room with art! Framed posters are an economical and effective way to insert color onto a blank, boring wall. There are also many amazing sites with free downloadable art for those on a budget. Landscapes and pieces featuring nature are also excellent alternatives.

Framed floral paintings add warmth to a break room.
Art adds personality and character to a room. Art can be affordable too, with sites dedicated to free artwork!

Pet spotlight

Animals are a fun topic for almost everyone in the office. Offer a pet spotlight in the break room that features an employee pet of the month! Upload their pets’ image to our frame designer, choose a frame, and once it is delivered, hang it! Gift the framed pet picture to the owner as a keepsake when a new pet of the month is selected.

Framed photo of a pet
Consider a pet spotlight for a dash of humor and fun. Plus, a framed pet photo makes a great gift!

Community puzzle

Leave a few community puzzles in the break room as a challenge for the team to solve on their off time. It’s a good stress reducer and a great way for employees to connect with one another off-screen. Once the team completes it, frame the puzzle and hang it in your break room! It’s the perfect way to add personality and color to an otherwise blank wall.

Framed completed puzzle
Community puzzles are a great team-building exercise. Plus, they look awesome framed!


We’re big fans of plants! Not only do they look great, but they reduce stress and clean the air! Add a few easy-care indoor plants around your break room. Be mindful of how much sunlight and watering they might need. It will add a vibrant pop of green and an organic layer that visually improves your space. If you don’t want to bother with caring for a houseplant, grab a free nature picture from a site like Unsplash and upload it to our interactive frame designer. We’ll print, frame, and ship you a ready to hang picture!

Break room with comfortable seating and a large potted plant.
Plants add a vibrant pop of green and can reduce stress! Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash.

Final thoughts

Designing a break room employees will love doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Adding a few key pieces to your decor will make a huge impact on your employees’ well-being and they’ll appreciate the extra touches! We hope this has been helpful, and don’t forget to share your creative framing ideas with us on social media. And, once you’re done with your break room, check out our tips on designing a conference room your employees will love!

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