Decorating A Nursery

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What an exciting time for you….you are planning, creating, and decorating a nursery in your home! You know you want it to be a warm, loving environment, but it should also be functional and safe for you and your baby.  

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to styling and decorating a nursery for your newborn.

Choose A Theme/Color

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If you don’t have your heart set on lambs, dinosaurs, bunnies or trucks, think outside of the box when choosing a theme. Etsy is filled with nursery decor that can jumpstart your project. Or use a print that caught your eye, one of your favorite storybook covers, or an inspirational quote you’ve always loved to get your creative juices flowing. Frame it and you’ve got the beginnings of your one-of-a-kind motif!

You can now use your framed artwork as a starting point to choose a wall color by pulling a background color from it to coordinate your decor. Many of you have already had the popular gender reveal party soon after announcing the upcoming arrival of your baby so a traditional boy/girl color is a likely choice. If you are waiting to be surprised during delivery, the customary yellow or green hues have long been a safe option and will most likely work well with your chosen piece. But there’s a third choice. Using light, neutral colors is popular these days. These soft, muted colors emit a calming effect and will likely complement any artwork you choose.

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Make It Practical

Storage and decor for nursery

For such tiny things, babies need a lot, and it gets worse as they grow! Adequate storage is a must in any nursery. Try to get ahead of any clutter and mess and incorporate baskets, bins, and modular cubes into the room.  Storage ottomans are a great way to stow away things like crib sheets, blankets, and other items while providing additional seating besides the obligatory rocking chair.

When planning the layout of your nursery, keep everything you will need within reach. At 3 a.m. you don’t want to be searching for diapers, wipes, pacifiers, etc. Your crib, changing table, and rocking chair should be in close proximity to each other. Consider keeping toys, activity mats, books and other non-essential items in a corner of the room.  And following the advice of WebMD, the crib should always be placed as close to the door as possible and never near a window.


Lighting and seating in nursery

The nursery should be a calming space where your baby will eventually associate it with relaxing and sleeping. The first thing to keep in mind with lighting is that you should be able to have full control over it at any time of day or night. In emergency situations, you must have easy access to lighting. That being said, for the rest of the time, there is no need to be afraid of the dark! Blackout shades or curtains can be helpful when it’s time for a daytime nap and at bedtime.  Don’t forget to open them back up during the day or playtime for the powerful energy natural light brings into any room.

Three separate points of light are ideal in a nursery. If your room has overhead lighting that is too harsh, use low watt bulbs and consider adding fixtures that will diffuse the lighting even more. It’s equally important to have a strong enough light available for the middle of the night diaper changes.  The third source of lighting can be a reading lamp near your rocker which adds just the right amount of illumination during storytime.

Although floor lamps in nurseries are not recommended, it is recommended to use nightlights. There are many models to choose from that simply plug into existing outlets. However, you can also turn any lamp into a night light by simply switching out the bulb for a nightlight bulb.

Time To Decorate

Storage for nursery

It takes lots of planning to create that “perfect” nursery. Of course, your baby’s safety and comfort are your first concern, but that doesn’t have to exclude a sweet and enchanting space for your little one’s first room. By combining your vision and following sensible recommendations, you can protect your baby and create a charming environment. 

Like most things, sometimes the first step is the hardest part of decorating your baby’s nursery. We hope we’ve inspired you to use a framed print as that first step. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. You also inspire us, so please share your finished projects with us  And don’t forget to save some wall space for your most priceless artwork when the time comes ….photos of your precious newborn!

Decorating a nursery

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