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Maternity photos

Picture & Framing Ideas for Your Maternity Photos

Maternity photos in front of mountain

First of all, if you or someone you love is expecting a child, Congratulations! Or maybe you’re in the planning stages, and we’re excited for you, too! Preparing to welcome a new life into the world and your home is such a special time in your life. And while we know you’ll take lots of pictures once your little one has arrived, you should document and display photos you’ve taken throughout your pregnancy journey as well.

As your body goes through many changes, you start to appreciate it even more than before. And while you’re probably busy getting ready and anticipating your bundle of joy’s arrival, you will really know what busy means once he or she has arrived. You will also be so smitten with your new love that the excitement and appreciation for all the beautiful changes you’re going through will now become an afterthought. So take the time now to memorialize this special time in your life.

There are so many professional photographers out there who specialize in maternity photos, so do a little searching on the internet. You will be sure to find examples of their work that will help you choose which would work best for you. But if professional photos are not in the cards for you, get a trusted friend or even your significant other to take some for you. 

We’ve gathered a few ideas for your maternity photos and even a few frame choices so you can display them for years to come in your home!

When Is The Right Time?

silhouette photo

We think there is no wrong time to take maternity photos. In fact, we think you should take them throughout your pregnancy so you not only have a way to remember each step of the way but when all is said and done you can choose which photos you feel you’d like to frame and display. Some people take photos each month to show the progress of their baby bump. It’s a cute way to remember an important nine months in your life.

If you are having a professional session, most women opt to have their maternity pictures taken around the end of their second trimester and the beginning of their third, so somewhere between 25-30 weeks. By this point you most certainly will be “showing” but it will be before you feel (oh, we hate to say it) uncomfortable!!! That being said, you might have a little hesitancy about the way you look and not necessarily feel your most beautiful and confident, but we are sure you will change your mind when you see your photographs.

“Two With Nature”

Maternity photos in nature

Outdoor, natural settings can have a big impact on your photos. And if the location has special meaning to you, that’s even better. Maybe there’s a park where you and your SO have picnics and you will one day bring your child to play in. Perhaps you had a beach wedding and can revisit the exact spot you had wedding photos taken. Nature shots are simple; there are no props necessary. So find a lake, a field of flowers, or even your own backyard for a natural background that will enhance your photo.

Just keep in mind, nature can sometimes be uncooperative.  Rain or wind might interrupt your planned session, a windsurfer might also be taking advantage of the beach, not to mention dogs who might also be enjoying your favorite park.  When choosing to take your photos outside, keep an open mind that it might not go exactly as planned and you may have to reschedule. However, this could also make for some pretty awesome photos too!

When it comes time to frame your photos, if your background is bright and colorful, as most nature photography is, try opting for our simple Derby frame in black or white. The wood frame will complement the nature shot but the color won’t distract from what’s important here — your photos! 

Don’t Be Afraid of a Studio

Pregnancy shoot

For a completely different look, studio photos can be just as beautiful. You can choose  background colors, use props, and experiment with different poses. You can also get a more intimate vibe if that’s more what you’re looking for. This is also a great place to play with the lighting and take photos of your bump from different angles. Turn the lights low and take a beautiful silhouette of your bump, or turn the lights all the way up to highlight it! While many people tend to think you are more limited with what you can do in a studio, it’s the perfect time to experiment with the factors that you can control! 

If your studio photos are filmed in black and white or staged simply, consider a colorful frame choice to match your decor as an option. Our Hanover frame style comes in Red, Green, and Blue, and we even have a Hot Pink in our Ashford frame.  Or keep your frame color simple and complement it with one of our different mat colors.

There’s No Place Like Home

Maternity photos in bathtub

If you are more comfortable taking photos in your home, it’s a great option, whether you use a professional photographer or not. The whole idea behind maternity photos is to express the joy you are feeling right now, and if you are more comfortable doing that in the privacy of your own home then that is the perfect setting for your photo shoot. 

It’s also a great opportunity to use your surroundings to enhance your photos. Don’t think of it as using props but more as a way to incorporate things you love into your photos. The baby’s nursery that you’ve so lovingly created can be a wonderful backdrop and will also serve as a reminder of your child’s first room long after the stuffed animals and crib have been replaced. Again, the idea is to be comfortable, at ease, and enjoy the moment, and sometimes there’s no place like home for doing that. 

The More The Merrier

Two parents holding baby's clothing

While of course this is a big moment for you and your baby, (and let’s face it, the focus should be on you and your baby) you can also include others in the picture, and you don’t have to limit it to your partner. Big brothers and sisters would love to be a part of your photos. It’s a great way to make any stepchildren feel a part of the new family you’re creating. And don’t forget the other important family members….your pets! 

You know who and what is important in your life. Including others in your maternity photos is a special way to say that although there are big changes coming, some things remain the same.

Final Thoughts

family maternity shoot

It wasn’t that long ago that engagement photo sessions were a new thing, and now there’s hardly a couple who doesn’t take part in this ritual. We think maternity photos are the next big thing. We hope you agree and decide to take some of your own to always remember this special time in your life.

If you do, we’d love to be a part of turning them into keepsakes that you can cherish for years to come. Here at Frame It Easy we make the process of designing custom frames fast, affordable, and of course easy to do from the comfort of home. And once you become a customer, you can easily add to your collection from the moment your baby arrives and for years to come!

Maternity Photos

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