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Ace Your Art Website’s Product Page Design: 6 Genius Tips

As an artist or photographer, getting your art website launched and running is a huge first step! But once you’ve successfully taken the initial steps, how do you ensure more of your website visitors turn into paying customers? One way to boost your sales is with a fantastic product page design! This page on your website is essential to get right because if it doesn’t make a great first impression, chances are your buyers will move on to a competitor.

Join us as we explore how to optimize your art website’s product page design, and in turn, boost your sales today!

1. Product Descriptions

How you describe your products is just as important as the design of your website. Shoppers read those descriptions and make purchasing decisions based on them, so don’t overlook this aspect of your product page design. For your product descriptions, we recommend using colorful language to inspire customers. Nothing turns buyers off more than a bland description. If you’re struggling with generating expressive phrasing, check out this list of 500 powerful descriptive words you can use to improve your listings today!

Focus on describing what makes your product unique, whether that be the cost, size, or value, your product description needs to answer all the questions a buyer might have. Consider adding the elements below to really perfect your product description:

  • 📏 Size
  • 🌈 Colors
  • 📫 Shipping details
  • 📦 Packaging details
  • 💵 Price variations
  • 🎨 Creative inspiration
  • 💸 Refunds and returns info
  • ✍🏼 Edition and signature details
  • 📊 Sales or promotions

There are no rules for the perfect product description, that said, the more detail you can include, the better! Additionally, you’ll want to proofread everything a few times – grammar and spelling errors will make your site seem unprofessional.

2. Product Titles

Help your products stand out from all the others with creative product titles! If you’re not giving each of your products the title they deserve, then you could be missing out on revenue. Just as a bland product description can turn buyers off, so can a poorly done product title. Use expressive language to showcase each product; it’ll make it easier (and more memorable) for both you and your guests as they explore your art website or look through search results for the perfect piece of art.

If possible, you’ll want to include relevant keywords in your title. Keywords are the search terms your customers are using to find your art or photos. The more appropriate keywords your title has, the better chance a potential customer has of finding your website and offerings.

Again, we recommend you proofread your titles several times before going live. Typos, confusing punctuation or special characters, profanity, or misleading keywords will hurt your site’s reputation and its search result rankings.

💡 Snappy titles aren’t always enough to boost sales! Learn how to market your art for a quick sale: Art Marketing Like A Pro: 4 Proven Must-Have Tips

3. Product Images

Ordering a product online can be a risky gamble, but you can remove some of that hesitation by providing as many high-quality images as possible on your product page. High-resolution photos and images add a layer of trust that motivates browsers to become buyers. You can use your cellphone to snap a few snazzy photos or use a mockup generator if you don’t have samples to photograph.

If you’re photographing your items, be sure to shoot against a neutral background, preferably during mid-morning when light is at its best for shooting purposes. We recommend using a tripod to ensure your photos don’t blur, and that you capture your product from a variety of different angles. The more detail you can show customers through your imagery, the better!

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4. Page Layout

While designing a beautiful website with awesome product descriptions is important, it won’t make a difference if your customers are confused by your product page design layout! A confusing layout will lead potential buyers right to your competition, so this is an aspect of your page’s design that you’ll want to consider carefully.

Buyers expect a logical layout that has detailed information which is easily found. Additionally, your CTA buttons (call to action) need to be prominent on the page. Keep your site navigation to the header of or your product page, your product images, description, and CTA at the center of your page, and your social media links and contact info to your page footer.

You’ll also want to double-check that your fonts and background color are cohesive – if your customers are having a hard time reading your site, they’ll move on. We recommend either a dark font on a light background, or a light font on a dark background.

5. Customer Reviews

What converts more buyers? A website and product a buyer can trust! This is especially true if they’re a first-time visitor, so to capture their attention and keep them, you need to show your visitor how trustworthy your shop really is, and you can do so by adding product reviews to your website. With reviews, buyers can get real-time information about the quality of your product and whether it meets expectations.

As long as you’re offering a high-quality product and are honest in your photos and product descriptions, earning a few listing reviews should be fairly easy to come by. Just be sure to ask each customer for a review, and that it’s a simple process for customers to complete. The more positive reviews you earn, the more confidence buyers will have in your shop!

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6. Supporting Media

People consume media differently, so each buyer will come to your website with different expectations and varying attention spans. Some buyers prefer to read through media, so a catchy product description and title are a must; other buyers prefer pictures, and they’ll spend more time looking at your listing photos; while other buyers prefer either a combination or they prefer video!

Because each buyer is a little different, we recommend trying to capture as much of that market as possible, so casting a wide net and using more types of media to grab that consumer’s attention is definitely advantageous! Elevate your product page design with a video or two; perhaps one video could be a detailed product walk-through, while the other showcases your creative process. There isn’t a wrong or right answer here, so go with what makes the most sense on your specific website.

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Product Page Design: Final Thoughts

While getting an art website up and running is no easy task, to get the most out of it, you need to optimize your product page design. But with a few tips and tricks, you can easily make small changes that result in more website visitors and more art buyers. We hope these ideas were useful and have inspired you to improve your art website!

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