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Styling a Guest Room: Tips and Tricks to Create the Perfect Space

Guest room large bed

Have a spare room that’s turned into more of a storage area? While the rest of your house gets more attention, this extra space is often neglected. Consider turning that spare space into a guest room that can be enjoyed by family and visitors.

When guests stay in your home it is essential that, above all, they are comfortable. The easiest way to achieve this is by styling a guest room in your home appropriately and effectively. Yet, this can be difficult — you’ll be hosting a range of different people in your home. Your goal is to style a room for the comfort of everyone.

To ensure all your guests feel comfortable while visiting, we’re sharing some tips and tricks for effectively styling a guest room in your home.

The Essentials

simple bedding and decorations

When styling a guest room, you must consider the essential components. Every visitor will need certain things when spending the night in a place that isn’t their own home! Be sure your guest room includes these essential items.

Number one on the list is bedding. Preferably, clean bedding! While shopping, look for durable sheets and bedding sets that will not only look great in the room but also hold up after many washes.

The next essential to styling a guest room is the lighting: natural light, main bedroom light, bedside light. Hopefully, you can incorporate all three of these types of light into your guest bedroom, but if not, make the most of what you can do!

Next, comes space. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the room must be large and spacious. Your visitor will simply need space in their guest room, but that could mean storage space and desk space. There should be storage space for clothes and other items that they are traveling with. The most efficient way to incorporate this into your guest room would be a small closet or dresser.

On the other hand, a desk is not completely necessary in your guest room but is a nice touch to add for your visitors who might need a workspace. To make room for some storage or desk space in your guest room, consider playing with the scale of the items in the room. Perhaps the bed is just too big for anything else in the room, and you’ll be able to play around with the size of it to accommodate other items.

Lastly, when styling a guest room, be sure to include extra items. This means to provide them with things that you already gave them when they arrived, but could definitely benefit from having more of. Think extra blankets, pillows, and towels. You might even put some extra water bottles or books that they could relax with.

When styling a guest room, perhaps the most necessary idea to keep in mind is to think like a guest. Think of all that you want and need when you’re a visitor in another home or hotel. What makes you comfortable when you’re away from home? What makes you irritated and wish you had in the room? Thinking like a guest will ensure that you provide all of the necessary items for your own visitors before they even have to ask.

extra space in guest room


simple guest room bedding

Apart from having the essential items in your guest room, you’ll want to style it in a way that is pleasing to your visitor. Important in styling any room, first choose a color scheme. With a set color palette, you’ll be able to easily plan which items you’ll want to have in the room. If you are simply updating your guest room, just try and swap out items that are bulky and really don’t fit the color scheme.

Adding picture frames — whether art, photographs, quotes, or a welcoming message — to the walls is a great, versatile way to add a bit of interest and flair while sticking to a cohesive theme. Also consider framing special extras like your wifi password or a “room service” menu (things you can provide upon request).

Most of all, you’ll want to keep it simple to appeal to every one of your visitors. A simple and neutral room is best, and you’ll avoid any controversy or dislike with the actual styling of the room.

On the other hand, if your room is neutral and simple, isn’t it boring? To fix this predicament, utilize a variety of textures in your guest room. Think textured bedding, rugs, accessories. Texture makes a statement but isn’t too bold or overwhelming.

Lastly, you might be concerned about the small space you have for styling your guest room. Don’t be afraid to rework your small spaces to make them more comfortable for your guests. Again, play around with the scale of your furniture — you might consider a daybed and mini nightstand for particularly tight rooms. Perhaps even a foldaway bed will be best for your small guest room. Don’t be afraid to figure it out as you go, and change things up until you find the perfect fit!

Be Our Guest!

guest room bed and picture frames

Styling a guest room can be tricky when accounting for a variety of tastes and needs, but hopefully, you are excited to transform your spare room into the space of your visitors’ dreams!

Don’t forget about providing your guests with the essentials — bedding, towels, lighting, some space. You want to be sure you make your guests comfortable before worrying about how the space actually looks.

When it comes to styling a guest room, think like a guest so you hit all the points you’d be looking for as a visitor yourself. Keep the room simple with a neutral color scheme while utilizing different textures, so it’ll appeal to all your guests. Lastly, don’t be afraid of working with small spaces and figuring it out as you go!

To add interest to your guest room walls, consider hanging a variety of framed art and photos. Gallery walls are stunning displays that will work well in any spare or guest bedroom. For more, check out our tips and inspiration for creating your own gallery wall!

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