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How To Take the Best Instagram Pictures

Instagram has come a long way since we were taking heavily filtered photos of sunrises/sunsets and our food- all with no captions. Indeed, it’s now a platform that’s realized its potential, a place where you can show everyone the best side of yourself. It’s also a great platform to display all your best photography photos, whether they are professional or beginner.

Because of this, the potential for what an Instagram account could be has drastically changed over the course of a decade. Indeed, it’s gone from a simple page where you share some nice photos — which is still common and totally cool — to a marketing platform where you can spread your company’s message far and wide, or even promote yourself as an influencer!

Whatever reason you might have for being on Instagram, from casual to professional, you probably want your profile to look its best. And we’re here to help with that! We definitely want to do our best to get your photos, even if they aren’t framed, looking great.

Step 1: Settings Are Key

cellphone photo

Cellphones these days have some pretty advanced cameras. That wasn’t always the case, though. Rewind back to the mid-2000s, and the cameras that those flip phones had were… not great by comparison to what we have today. Even the smartphones from half a decade ago can’t really compare to the latest, most cutting-edge photography tech on current devices. Those settings and features are there to help, but sometimes they can muddy the waters and make things less clear to the amateur photographer.

The first setting that might be helpful to turn off is HDR. HDR is essentially something on your phone’s camera that takes a certain photo with a bunch of different exposures. This allows for great, high-contrast images. This is great with high-detailed images but is less effective in low light with moving objects. For the less-trained eye, though, the result can always seem off. Add in the factor of moving objects hampering its outcome, and it’s best to click it off for most photos. Of course, if that’s what you’re going for, then go for it! We don’t want to knock anyone’s creative vision, so take these recommendations with a grain of salt, if need be.

Step 2: Keep The “Rule of Thirds” In Mind

framed pet photos

Now, this might seem a little bit contradictory to what we always say. You might ask why we’re tossing rules around when, well, we quite frequently say that there’s no need for them. Again, these aren’t really rules, but more guidelines to help take your Instagram pictures to the next level.

The rule of thirds is a basic compositional concept for taking photos. Essentially, each photo can be divided into nine different sections — three horizontal and three vertical. The idea with this is to put key parts of the photo where the lines of the sections intersect. People have a tendency to look at the intersecting lines — even though they aren’t really there — rather than the center of the photo. This is why key details should be around those lines! You want people to see and notice all the great details of your photo.

How are you supposed to just see those lines, though, when you are composing a photo that you’re about to take?! That all seems sort of, well, complicated, right? Well, there’s a great way to see the lines on your shot, before you even take it! If you’re taking an Instagram photo, you’re more than likely using a smartphone. This allows you to take a photo and immediately upload it to everyone’s favorite photo-sharing social media platform. And if you have an iPhone, there’s a way to set your camera to show you those rule of thirds lines.

You’d just go to “Settings > Camera > Grid.” If the grid is turned on, you’ll see those rules of third lines, and you’ll be ready to compose a shot in a more “by the books” sort of way. After all, the more rules you get good at following, the better you’ll become at breaking them down the line!

Step 3: Framing It For The Gram (Instagram)

family cellphone photos

Instagram has gone from something you just share the occasional photo on to one of the best ways to market yourself and your business. Because of that, you want your photos to look as good as they possibly can! It’s unfortunate, but people often judge a book by its cover. So you want your product to look as good as possible on all fronts, to spark as much interest as possible with your following. Photography might not be your strength, and that’s okay! You can still take great-looking shots for your Instagram. And don’t forget — your photos don’t have to stay in the virtual world! Upload your best photos to our Frame Designer to hang them on your walls. No good photo should be left unseen.

If you have any questions or photos you want to share with us, just reach out to us on Instagram! We’d love to see them.

How To Take the Best Instagram Pictures

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