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custom framing for business

How Our Framing Can Help Your Business

office gallery wall

Pictures can certainly be a powerful tool. Even today, with all the advanced technology we use regularly, a simple image, photo, or document can mean a lot for your business, whether you work in a corporate office, as an artist/designer, or as a photographer.

And if you’re going to take, design, showcase, or gift an important piece, you might as well have it displayed in a beautiful frame (with a professional print, if needed), right? Here at Frame It Easy, we want to help you put your best foot forward, which is what our business to business mentality is all about.

Regardless of what type of company or business you’re running, we can help with quality, affordable custom picture frames, whether it’s for decor, client gifts, marketing, or a product to sell.

We have the most experience in helping the following types of businesses:

  • Ecommerce Retailers
  • Art Galleries and Museums
  • Corporate Offices
  • Retail Locations/Stores
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Municipalities
  • Trade Shows
  • Interior Design Firms
  • Artists and Photographers
  • Schools and Universities

Another great part is that our automated system makes the order process streamlined and on-demand, so you can place orders directly on our site easily and quickly. We eliminate the need for “back and forth” as much as possible, so you can get in, place your order(s) to your exact specifications, and it will be added to our production queue as soon as possible for faster delivery.

What We Offer

office gallery wall

A Ready-to-Hang Frame (Means Less Work For You and/or Your Clients)

ready to hang picture frames

If you run your own business, or simply work in one, you probably have more important things to do than assemble a picture frame. If you upload a digital print or photo on our site, we will professionally print, mount, and frame it so you receive a ready-to-hang frame.

While we also offer frame-only options (without prints for you to add your art) that are easy to assemble, nothing beats the ease of opening the package, removing a fully assembled frame, and just hanging it on the wall. Saves time, both for you and your clients/employees.

If you’re a digital artist or photographer, this level of convenience is also there for your customers, as they’ll receive the product finished, which means no work for them, other than hanging your piece on the wall.

All you need is your art and a sense of what size/style you want, and we’ll take care of the rest!

We Print Your Photos Using Professional Equipment

print, frame, and mat photo

When you have your photo printed, you probably want as much care and professionalism put into the print as it took to capture, draw, paint, or develop it in graphics software. A basic job at the local big-box print shop might fall short of what you had envisioned for yourself, your business, or your clients.

With Frame It Easy, though, you’ll have your photo printed with top of the line equipment and software. We’ll also print your file with no adjustments, so it’s true to your original rendering.

White Label Your Orders, And Nobody Will Know We Made It

white label custom framing

What if we told you that you could also order our frames, but have none of our company information on it? Let’s say, in this case, you’re a photographer, interior designer, marketing firm, or any other business, and you don’t want the customer receiving the frame to see any branding other than your own.

You could also have your business printed on everything (packing slip, return address, labels), too, to give your client the idea that you did it all yourself — from printing and framing to packing and shipping.

If you have a small business, it could give it the illusion of having a larger, more professional presence.

Well, with our white label service, you can do just that! And it’s not difficult to select, either. Simply check the box on the final checkout screen that you want your order white-labeled, and your customer will get our frame, but with none of our information. The centerpiece of the frame will be your photo or art, with your business details on the paperwork.

Oh, and did we mention there is no extra charge for this? That’s right — you can white label for no additional cost.

Fair Pricing = More Flexibility

art frame

Because of our innovative, custom-built software, we’re able to optimize every single order to the best possible cost and value. With granular pricing, we take into account every frame detail (sizing, type of material, etc.) to make sure you only pay for what you order.

This means if you’re ordering frames for an internal business project, you can rest assured you’re getting the best price, and if you’re looking to resell frames, you have the freedom and flexibility to markup the cost to meet your preferred margin.

This model is why we don’t have traditional wholesale pricing — we would rather offer fair pricing across the board for every customer and empower you, as a creator/business owner, to price for resale based on your niche and industry.

The work you put inside is what’s of the most value, thus we want to allow you the flexibility to price that accordingly, whether you need a single frame or fifty frames.

For Artists

As an artist, you can choose to offer original works on paper in a completely customized frame, or create a digital version that can be easily reproduced over and over.

By utilizing our white label service, you can be sure your name/brand stays at the forefront of the work.

For Photographers

Photographers can capture an infinite number of amazing images, and now you can offer any one (or two or ten or hundreds) printed in a customized frame to be showcased for years to come. No matter the client, you can both rest assured that a frame of any size or style will take mere minutes to design, and only days to arrive.

For Interior Designers

Interior Designers often work on projects with a variety of spaces, styles, and needs. Now you can offer a custom frame solution to each client as unique as their tastes!

From family gallery walls to big corporate offices, the sky is the limit as to what framed pieces you can offer.

For Marketers

As a marketing professional, there are no doubt a bunch of different projects you work on, from informational signage initiatives to trade show decor to client appreciation gifts.

With the ease and flexibility of custom framing, you can custom design any frames to suit any project.

Inspiring Ideas

If you think everything above sounds great but still aren’t quite sure how to apply these framing services to your business, we have a few inspiring ideas to get the wheels turning.

Things to Frame for Your Business

business picture frames

While there are many things to frame for a variety of internal company projects, here are some of our more popular ideas:

  • company mission/values
  • employee photos
  • product photos
  • menus; service lists
  • policy posters
  • fire exit maps; campus maps; building diagrams
  • marketing collateral
  • certifications; awards

Create An Eye-Catching Gallery Wall For Your Workplace

business framing solutions

Office walls, while having a reputation for being boring and bland, are a great opportunity to show employees and guests alike all the great things your company does — and possibly all the great places it’s going to in the future.

From decorative to practical, there are a variety of frameable opportunities in any industry. Employee photos, product photos, menus, mission/value statements, awards, signage, and motivational posters can all add that extra special touch to make your workplace environment more enjoyable.

We even have some resources and ideas if you need some help deciding on the best gallery wall arrangements.

Things to Sell Through Your Business

gallery wall picture frames

If you’re looking to sell framed items through your business (rather than use framed items inside your business), here are some popular options:

  • photographs
  • art
  • posters
  • signage

As a digital artist, designer, or photographer, you can create eye-catching pieces, offer them to your customers, and we will take care of printing, mounting, and framing them so you can focus on what you know best — your creative design.

office gallery wall

Give Your Business A Professional Framework

custom picture frames

Framing can traditionally be a lot of work that’s time-consuming, laborious, and/or expensive, so let us help make the experience, fast, easy, and affordable. We want to help you have the time and flexibility to focus on your craft by letting us handle the heavy (frame) lifting.

As a quick review, here are all the things Frame It Easy can do to help your business:

  • Add your own business name to labels and packaging through our easy (and free!) white-label service.
  • For digital uploads, we will print, mount, and frame for a ready-to-hang solution.
  • All our framed prints use professional photo equipment and premium paper.
  • We specialize in optimization and efficiency to offer best pricing for every customer.

For more information on what projects we specialize in, check out our guide, Is Frame It Easy Right for My Custom Frame Project? If you have any other questions, you can feel free to reach out to us through our business page. We’d love to help your business shine and grow!

How Our Framing Can Help Your Business

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