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Things To Consider When Framing a Game Room

Whether you call it your office, man cave, game room, or just the room you happen to game in, a game room is a place where gamers go to find their zen. It’s a spot where they can be surrounded by all their “nerdy” and “geeky” stuff without fear of judgment. And that’s a good thing! Everyone needs a spot they can retreat to and just be them. That’s why decorating your game room is very important!

“Nerd culture”, though, has exploded over the course of the last fifteen or so years. Most likely due to the rise of the very successful Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), there are t-shirts to wear, action figures to collect, and, of course, posters to frame. Framing posters can certainly take your game room from a place where you have all your favorite gear to a fully-blown trip into a different universe.

What are the best things to do with your gaming room walls, though? Well, let’s talk about that. Ultimately, you likely spend hours in your game room fixated on your latest pixelated adventure, and frames are a secondary thought. That said, adding a little more flair to the room could be good and add even more life to it.

Game-Themed Prints Are Easy to Find These Days

framed posters

Video games and other nerdy mediums have inspired a massive wave of independent artists. And with the internet, it’s made it easier for independent artists to set up their own online shops. You could get your fix of nerd-culture art on a site like Etsy, which has no shortage of gaming-based posters, prints, and the like. You could also check out a site like Displate, too.

They’re not just limited to gaming, but also comics, movies, anime — just about anything you can think of that resides in that general interest category. Looking for something less indie? Well, that shouldn’t be a problem, either. AllPosters has posters for just about every hobby and niche, so you should certainly find something that would suit your interest.

Think Colors

game room posters

One thing is definitely certain about the fantastical worlds of comics, video games, and movies: They’re colorful! Bright greens, blues, reds, and the like reflect the colors often found in your favorite properties. Luckily, we have styles of frames that come in those bright colors, our Ashford and Hanover, respectively.

Our Ashford can come in hot pink or white, among others. But it’s our Hanover that really has those comic book colors. It comes in red, blue, green, and white, among others. This means that, if you’re a long-time Zelda or Mario fan, you can find a color that matches the scheme of your favorite characters. We have a whole great guide on how to best frame your posters, and it even has some great tips about the color wheel.

So if this is something that you want to do when framing a game room, it would definitely help to check that post out, too, as it certainly has some great info to help you out!

Think About Throwing Non-Frame Items On Display With Your Frames

large framed poster

The worlds of our favorite characters are as busy as they are colorful. This means that your displays should be busy as well. Have action figures? Why not display them with your frames? Add some shelving next to your frames to display your favorite superhero.

In order to do this, though, you’ll need a frame that sticks out from the wall. Luckily, our Hanover frame — the one we recommended in the prior post — sticks out from the wall by about one inch, creating the perfect ledge for you to sit your favorite character atop. It’s like the ultimate makeshift shelf!

Or, you could simply stand your frame up on a desk or table in your game room, and arrange a display around that! That would definitely look great, as well as give some atmosphere to your room. You could even frame a background or environment behind your action figures and then display them in front of that, almost like you’re making your own diorama. It’s your space, so don’t be afraid to go as crazy as you want!

In order to stand a frame up on a flat surface, at least on our site, you would need to buy an “EaselMate” from our “Accessories” page; they work with any of our frames that are 13″ X 19″ or less.

Wall Scrolls Could Work, Too!

Star wars poster frames

If you’ve been to a comic shop, you know that wall scrolls are popular. What exactly are they, though? It’s pretty simple, they’re just fabric, oftentimes with rings on the top to thumbtack into the wall, with a picture of a popular character or scene on them. Think posters, but just one that can roll and unroll countless times without worrying about it becoming difficult to flatten out.

You could absolutely frame these, too, as the most fabric is less than 1/4″ thick, which is the thickest art we can accommodate. And it would save your walls from having too many holes put in them from thumbtacks! Plus, it’s just more aesthetically pleasing to put things in frames.

Upping Your Frame Game

large poster frame

When framing a game room, you want to make sure you get everything exactly as you want it. A person’s game room is their haven. A place where they can see all the things that gave them worlds to retreat to growing up. That escapism is still important as adults, so we think embracing that side of yourself is never a bad thing! Do what makes you happy. We should all feel totally comfortable in our homes. And having a room dedicated to your interests and hobbies would definitely help with that.

So do you have a room where you play your video games and just indulge in your general nerdiness? Awesome. If you want to give it that much more atmosphere, we say go for it. If you have already a great game room that’s totally framed up and want to share it with us, just reach out to us on Instagram!

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