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Decor Dilemma: 6 Common Frame Problems & Quick Fixes

Like any other household item, sometimes frames can encounter problems over time. Loose artwork, crooked frames, smudges, warping, and more can impact the aesthetic appeal of your space. Usually, this occurs only with less-than-stellar frames, which is why at Frame It Easy, we stress the importance of buying frames made with quality materials!

However, sometimes framing flukes happen and we’ve got your answer on how to fix 6 of the most common frame problems.

Decor Dilemma: 6 Quick Fixes For Common Frame Problems
Learn how to solve these 6 common frame problems!

In this blog post, we’ll go over six common frame problems and provide quick and effective fixes to ensure your frames maintain their charm and elegance, as well as keep your contents safe!

1. Artwork, Backing, Or Cover Is Loose

One of the most common frame issues is when the artwork, backing, or cover becomes loose, you may even be able to see the inside or backing of the frame in extreme cases. In other words, it’s a big eyesore and you risk your artwork being infested with dust or bugs if left in its current state.

To fix a loose backing, cover, or artwork check the following:

  • Lay your frame on a hard flat surface back facing you.
  • Check that your backing springs are properly pushed in and aren’t loose.
  • If you have a larger piece of artwork, you may need to add more backing springs in order to hold the weight.
  • If the problem persists in metal frames, check the angle hardware on the joints of your frame and make sure they are screwed in tightly.

2. Frame Is Crooked

We’ve all seen it before, you walk into a room and everything is perfect! A beautifully set table, perfectly placed couch pillows, but oh, that frame on the wall is super crooked! 😵‍💫 This one small flaw can cause quite an eyesore and may get worse over time.

Hanging wire on the back of a wooden frame

Luckily, it’s fixed fairly easily:

  • Lay your frame on a hard flat surface back facing you.
  • Grab a level and check your hanging wire (you can easily adjust the wire height with a screwdriver and move your mounting brackets!)
  • If the hanging wire isn’t the issue, look at your wall. Check your hanging hardware is securely nailed into the wall, make sure the hook is not protruding out, and that the installation is level.
Bottom metal frame railing being removed to place in art
Common Frame Problems: #2 Frame Is Crooked

3. Smudges On Cover

Smudges and fingerprints on the frame’s glass or cover can detract from the beauty of your displayed artwork. We totally get it, it happens, especially if you have little fingers living in your house! 👶

Opening a Frame It Easy order: Frames and Hanging Hardware Kits
Common Frame Problems: #3 Smudges On Cover

Here’s what you can do:

  • Lay your frame on a hard flat surface back facing you.
  • Remove the cover from your frame.
  • Using a damp, soft, and lint-free microfiber cloth wipe down both sides of the cover (you can ever wear gloves to not any fingerprints)
  • Allow the cover to dry before re-inserting it into your frame.

🧼 Like to keep things spick and span? Check out our Ultimate Cleaning Guide for all your art and frame cleaning needs! 🫧

4. Frame Pushes Outward From The Wall

When a frame juts out from the wall, it can create an unappealing visual. Thankfully this is an easy fix!

Here’s what to do:

  • Remove the frame from the wall.
  • Check if the hanging hardware is secure and hasn’t bent.
  • Make sure the backing of your hardware is flat to the wall – if not replace it with entirely new hanging hardware.
  • Rehang the frame, ensuring it rests flush against the wall.

5. Artwork Is Warping

Is your artwork looking a bit wrinkled or misshapen? Has it faded or have you noticed some water spots? It’s time to take a look at your frame’s placement in your space!

🖼️ Dealing with a warped or bowing frame? Check out our Bowing Guide for a quick and easy fix!

To help fix your art, try these suggestions:

  • Take the frame from the wall and remove your artwork.
  • Place the artwork on a flat, clean surface in a dry environment.
  • Lay a heavy, flat object on top of the artwork, like a book or a wooden board.
  • Leave it for a few days until the artwork regains its original shape.
  • If this doesn’t work, check out our Ultimate Poster Pack below for a wrinkle-steaming and ironing guide!

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6. Dust Or Debris Inside Frame

Have you noticed the inside of your frame is look a bit spotty? Worried about dust or bugs? First things first, you may want to think about upgrading your current frame! You shouldn’t have to worry about this issue with quality frames, this is more commonly seen with budget frames or big box store frames.

To remove unwanted debris:

  • Take the frame from the wall and remove your artwork.
  • Wipe down the inside of your cover with a damp micro-fiber cloth
  • Gently shake and tap the backing to remove any settled dust.
  • Wipe the outside of your frame and frame rails (be sure to get in any detailed crevasses on ornate or antique frames with a Q-tip or compressed air.)
  • Reassemble your frame and give it a once over to ensure joints are properly secure and backing is in place with no gaps.
  • After cleaning you may want to install a Dust Cover to keep your frame looking brand new!

Common Frame Problems: Final Thoughts

By addressing these common frame problems as soon as you notice them, you can maintain your decor’s visual appeal and overall vibe while ensuring that your framed pieces remain in tip-top condition. Whether it’s securing loose components like screws or hanging wires, straightening crooked frames, or addressing smudges and warping, these quick fixes will help you keep your frames looking flawless and your decorated space beautiful.

A staggered gallery wall in a modern bedroom

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