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Opening Your Frame It Easy Package

Yay! You just received your package. We know what you’re thinking: FRAMING TIME! Well, not quite yet. You have a few layers of cardboard and plastic between you and your framing end goal. Don’t worry, though! We’re here to make opening your package a seamless, easy process — one that will get your frame on your wall in no time.

How To Remove The Plastic Straps From Our Packaging (With No Scissors)

Custom picture frames ship securely with custom packaging

Here at Frame it Easy, it’s our utmost priority to ship your frame securely. Why is that? Well, the less apt a frame is to move around during the shipment, the more likely it is to arrive pristine, undamaged, and ready to hang on your wall — after some assembly, if you didn’t order a print.

Sometimes, though, our need to secure your frame requires some measures that may be puzzling to you. Don’t worry, though. This post is geared toward clearing up some of your more… strapping concerns about the package you just received — in particular, those plastic straps that surround your box.

You might think you need scissors or some other type of sharp cutting apparatus in order to remove those from your package. While you are able to use scissors to cut through the straps, you can simply use your hands instead!

While the plastic straps might be tight against the package, there is a spot where one end is secured to the other. On top of the strap should be a plastic tab, and while it may seem totally adhered to the other end, it’s not.

All you need to is lift that tab and pull; this should detach one end from the other, and then unraveling it from your package should be easy from that point.

It’s important to note, though, that the straps on our boxes can interweave. It’s important to detach the top straps before the bottom ones, just to make dismantling them easier.

The Wing Tray


You might be wondering what the wing tray is. Well, it’s probably the most vital portion of our custom packaging. It’s why we don’t need to use any sort of bulky padding for our frames and that is why our packaging is more effective and efficient than if we did. The wing trays are designed with the sole intent of making your frame secure, as well as securing itself inside the box.

The way to remove your frame from the wing tray? Remove the straps! The plastic straps securing your frame in the wing tray is the same process as outlined above. Find that tab and just pull on it. That will free your frame from the package and get you one step closer to hanging it on your wall!

The Hanging Wire

Here at Frame It Easy, we include appropriate hanging hardware with each assembled frame, and we make sure to attach any additional supports that might be needed for larger frames.

Metal Frames

Our metal frames are made of aluminum. They come either anodized or powder coated, and they are four separate rails that aren’t bound together. As such, other hardware (which we’ll get into below) is needed to hold the metal frames together that isn’t necessary on our wood frames.

Metal Picture frame Euro Hangers
  • Euro Hangers are what keeps your hanging wire in place. They fasten to the back of the frame, and hanging wire should be strung tight through each side to ensure an even display. You should also ensure that your Euro Hangers are placed evenly on both sides of the frame.
Metal Picture frame Euro Hangers with Hanging Wire
  • Hanging Wire holds your frame to the hook that is on the wall. It should be taut in between both Euro Hangers, and it should be placed on a hook until the frame looks even.
Metal Picture Frame Spring Clips
  • Spring Clips ensure there is no space for your backing to move in the frame. Without them, there would be a slight bit of wiggle room for the frame’s contents to move around, and we want to make sure it stays snug. Simply place some pressure on the spring clips into the back of the frame to flatten them out, and this will remedy that issue. (Just be careful as if you let go without them being fully under the frame rail, they could spring out!)
Picture frame bumpers protect your wall
  • Bumpers are meant to protect your wall more than your frame. Put the bumpers on the back corners of the metal frame to preserve your wall just as well as the frame you have preserves your artwork. (Note: sometimes these might be white foam squares instead of clear circles, but both are used the same and serve the same purpose.)
Metal Picture Frame Taped Plates
  • Corner Brackets are what keep your metal frame together. As the name suggests, they are on the corners of your frame, and you can simply loosen or tighten to disassemble or assemble the frame. Something to note, however: You don’t need to remove the corner brackets entirely to loosen a frame rail. All you need to do is loosen them a little bit, about a half turn.
How to hang a picture frame
  • Hook is what you mount on the wall for the frame to hang off of. Just make sure everything is level, and you should have a great display!
  • Nail is what holds your hook in place on the wall. All you need to do is make sure you’ve found the perfect spot to hang your frame, and then hammer the nail through the hole on the hook; you should be all set from there.

Wood Frames

Our wood frames differ from metal frames in one key aspect: most of the hardware comes pre-attached. We do this for a few reasons, the main one being that the hanging hardware on wood frames is more permanent once secured in place.

In addition, wood frames are bound together, which means that the rails are not individual, but rather one unit. The corners are detailed in such a way to give the look of one single frame, too.

Wood Picture Frame Hardware
  • D-Rings are the wood frame counterpart to Euro Hangers. They perform the same purpose, but for a different material. They come pre-fastened to the wood frame, since they are screwed directly into the frame profile.
  • Hanging Wire used for wood frames is the same as the wire used for metal frames. The hanging wire comes pre-attached to the D-Rings, with one side untethered so you can easily remove the backing of your frame and place your artwork into it.
Wood Picture Frame Hardware
  • Flexipoint Tabs come included on the back of our wood frames and are meant to be bent back to remove the backing from your frame, and then pushed back into place again once everything is placed in properly. These perform the same function as spring clips do for metal frames— keep everything in place and ensure nothing inside the frame can move or shake around.
  • Felt Pads are added to the wood frame corners to protect your wall.
Picture frame hanging brackets
  • Wall Buddies are for our larger wood frames to prevent them from bowing over time. (If you use hanging wire on a larger wood frame, the final product might warp and bow after a few months.) The Hanging Brackets are similar to sawtooth hangers— for those of you who may have prior knowledge of framing— these are placed on the corners of the frame, then attached to the nails & hooks.

*Smaller wood frames also come with a hook and nail.

Unpacking and Unraveling

custom packaging

We get it. Unpacking your order is an exciting thing. You just got your frame, and you’re ready to get it on the wall. But we think understanding what makes our packaging secure and effective is important, too, as well as how to best dismantle it. What’s the bonus, you ask? Our packaging is 100% recyclable.

All of our frames are shipped with a packing slip that includes in-depth instructions for frame assembly. Of course, if you have any other questions, though, feel free to reach out. While we try to make our website and packaging as easy as possible for you, we understand that you may still have some questions, so we will do our best to assist you further.

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