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Move Your Wall Art With You

moving wall art

You’ve just moved and the big stuff is done! You’ve arranged the furniture, stocked the kitchen cabinets, and organized your closets. Phew! Now you may be tempted to recreate your old space with your wall art. Since you’ve made a big adjustment, maybe your wall art should change, too. Use the lighting, color, and wall space in your new home to find the perfect new dwelling for your existing framed treasures. And maybe add a few fresh ones to your new abode.

Hanging picture frames of your loved ones or meaningful pieces of art is the best and quickest way to make any place feel more like home, so we’re sharing some suggestions on how to find a loving place for a few of your favorite things. 

The first step is recognizing all the ways your new space might be different from your last so that you can make better-informed decisions as to how to incorporate your personalized frames.

Your Living Space Has Changed

living room with framed display

Perhaps you have moved into a larger place and have new options for your artwork. Or you’ve downsized and have less square footage (and wall space) at your disposal. Your family photos looked great lining the mantel at your former home but may need another spot since your new place doesn’t have a fireplace. Or the small picture of your trip to Italy that hung over your desk in your bedroom looks dwarfed in your new home office. Use the space you have now to decide which of your pieces work best where.

Make the most of what you’ve got! Whether you moved into a bigger place or you’ve downsized, change your picture layout up to give it a fresh feel. Creating a gallery wall on a large wall such as in your hallway, your staircase walls, or in your living room is the best way to make a room come alive. On the other hand, creating a gallery wall on a small wall can make the room feel small and cramped, so you want to be sure you take overall size and arrangement into consideration.

Your Color Palette Has Changed

colorful room

Maybe your landlord wouldn’t allow you to paint, so you worked with what you had. But in your new digs you can go crazy and add color to your rooms! Maybe you’re liking the vibe your new place has with a monotone “Egret White” throughout. A change of color on your walls can alter the appearance of your artwork, so use this opportunity to create an impressive display.

You should want your art to pop on your walls. Your frame color and matting should complement the color on your walls, as well as your trimming, and accents such as doorknobs, mirrors, and decor. Giving your art a pop of color will draw your guest’s attention to the piece and give the room a focal point.

Your Lighting Has Changed

large picture frames on wall

A room flooded with sunlight may bring you joy, but it can wreak havoc on your artwork. Too much exposure to harsh light can cause discoloration and fading, even if your frame has UV protection. Likewise, a room with little natural light may need artificial lighting to brighten it, but that may cause shadows and glare to your framed art. Careful placement of your pieces can minimize these troublesome issues.

For more information on hanging artwork in “risky” places, check out our post on our Learning Center to take the necessary precautions when hanging wall art.

Trial And Error: Finding The Perfect Spot

tape on wall to plan hanging frames

After you’ve considered all the possibilities that your new home has to offer, experiment with it! Lean your smaller pieces on shelves, mantels, and desks until it works for you. Find a friend (or two) who can hold your larger pieces against a wall or over the fireplace before you hang it. You may have visualized a piece in a certain place and then decide it just seems out of place. Or you might be quite surprised with the look you’ve achieved quite by accident.

Another great way to visualize your art before you hang it is by using painter’s tape before you put holes in your walls. Make an outline of the size of the frame with the tape and stand back. This way you can see if the scale of the art will fit the space. The pictures on your wall should have enough space between them so they don’t look cluttered.

Another important thing to do before putting holes in your walls is to make sure your frames are level. Check out our post on how to keep your picture hanging level to keep it looking sharp.

Don’t Just Rearrange: Add To Your Existing Artwork

living room decor

You may already have several pieces that work well together in a grouping. If so, consider maybe changing the framing so they have a unified look. Or add a new piece to your existing favorites to get the balance needed. Again, use the painter’s tape method to test out different arrangements before you pick up the hammer!

If you have a piece of art that you want to display, but the frame just doesn’t look good against your new walls, consider reframing the piece. At Frame It Easy we have hundreds of combinations between frames, mats, and colors of both.

Final Thoughts

vibrant wall with picture frame

Moving can be stressful, but the fun part is getting to design a whole new space. We hope that by following some of our suggestions, it makes the process less daunting.

Remember to get creative with your new space, taking things like lighting, wall space, and colors into account. If you’re looking for more information on styling your new place, or even just redecorating, check out our post on our favorite interior design styles.

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