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Framing Ticket Stubs

There are very few things to remind you of an event you went to better than the thing that got you through the door in the first place — yes, we’re talking about the ticket stub for a concert, sporting event, or the like. They are your key to enjoy just about anything cultural that modern society has to offer. As such, you might end up keeping a lot of your old ticket stubs- just to look at for the occasional trip down memory lane. We don’t blame you! Events are fun. And you should remember them any way you see fit. If that’s saving the ticket stubs, then that sounds good to us!

That said, there could be a way you could upgrade your ticket stash from a bunch of stubs discarded into a box to a full hallway of memories. How do you do this, you ask? Well, that would be through the power of picture frames. There are a lot of uses for picture frames, and not all of them involve pictures, per se. If something is flat, you should be able to frame it. Ticket stubs are no exception.

That said, there are always a few tips, tricks, and guidelines we like to throw out to you if you are just getting started on your framing journey. Just remember, though, that these are general guidelines. No real rules exist, and you should do what you think would be best for your display!

What’s our general advice for framing your ticket stubs, though? Well, let’s have a look.

Measure those Ticket Stubs!

ticket stubs

This the first rule with just about everything you want to frame. But ticket stubs are pretty small. On average, they are less than two inches square. Tiny. That said, you never want to take our or anyone else’s word on what your ticket stub measures. Take out a ruler and measure it! Some pieces require a tape measure — big posters, etc. — and others require rulers. We recommend the latter for ticket stubs. It’s simple: Most rulers only go one foot. So you’d likely have to do less wrestling with it to get that perfect measurement than you would with a yardstick, tape measure, or something that’s meant for bigger things.

Mounting and Matting

different color matboards

We’ll repeat it for emphasis: ticket stubs are small. You’ll likely have a hard time finding a frame that’s two or so inches square for them. If you do, then great! You’re one step ahead. That said, most frame manufacturers have size minimums greater than what a ticket stub measures for safety reasons. Here at Frame It Easy, that minimum is 5″ X 5″. This may not be the same for every company, but that’s our minimum.

That said, there is a way to get that opening you want, while also adhering to the company’s size minimums. Just use some matting, and you’ll be back on track with your framing project. The way to do this on our site is simple. First, you go to our “Matboard” page and make the “Inside Width” and “Inside Height” the measurements of your ticket. From there, the outside dimensions need to be at least 5″ X 5″; remember our company minimum for frame sizes.

From there you would go to our home page and set your frame’s “Art Size” equal to that of the “Outside Width and Height” of your mat. The matboard should be cut to display your ticket, while also fitting in the frame perfectly. Just select a matboard color that you want, and you should be good to go!

However, because the frame won’t be holding your ticket in place, you’ll have to get creative on how to get it to stay still in the frame. Nobody wants a ticket that’s always falling down in the frame! For this, we recommend using an acid-free framer’s tape to mount it to the backing of the frame. This will get everything held in place quite nicely.

Your Ticket to Great Framing

ticket stand

If you’re a prolific event-goer, tickets can be a great way to remember all the great memories at this event. What better way to reminisce than framing the ticket stub to display on your wall?

We hope we inspired you to frame some of your ticket stubs for your wall! If we have, be sure to share it with us on social media. We always love to see what our customers do.

Framing Ticket Stubs

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