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Farmstyle Fun With Home Decor Blogger Brianna Dubinsky

Teal piano decor

For blogger and business owner Brianna Dubinsky, her career was a natural progression. A home remodeling project about four years ago motivated her to create her Instagram page @diyinspiredhouse. Soon after, her penchant for decorating with wood banners led her to start Wood Banner Co. Her company where she designs and creates both custom and wholesale banners. The company, she says, “grew from my love of decorating with banners. I wanted to design a wood banner so it could be durable enough to last year after year”.  While she’s had a lot of fun with the process of creating her designs and producing custom orders, her favorite to date is her lemon banner. Displayed on one of her favorite DIY projects (a piano she got for free on Craigslist!). The piano showcases Brianna’s flair for both home decor and wood banners.

gallery wall in living room

Brianna describes her style as farmhouse and vintage. As you scroll through her Instagram feed you’ll notice that she is a big fan of the color teal and buffalo check design. “It’s definitely a farmhouse staple pattern my customers love and so do I”. She constantly changes her decor to coordinate with the season or holidays, incorporating her framed items in the process. Some framing projects are more “permanent” though, as the gallery wall of family photos she created. While she chose pictures that brought back fun memories, she didn’t even realize that they were all outside pics until she actually began to hang them! The mother of four says her family loves to camp and be outside during their free time. They recently took a trip to Mexico where they “built a house for a family there, it was definitely a fun family memory”.

holiday decor

Of course, although Brianna loves her work,  it is, after all, work; and she admits that there’s been some trial and error involved. Completely self-taught, the designing process has been and continues to be, a constant learning experience for her. Typically it takes “several designs and re-designs before it comes out the way I want”. And because she works from home, it is sometimes hard for her to stop working and just relax. However, she loves to be inspired by others on IG; and that what was once her hobby is her full-time dream job. “Nothing makes me happier than when I work hard on a design and people love them!”

frames above entry bench

Check out Brianna’s Instagram page and website to get inspired. We guarantee you’ll want to add buffalo check, some wood banners, and maybe even some teal into your own home. And, of course, if you want to add any custom frames, you know we’re here to help

Brianna Dubinsky

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