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Beach Photography Ideas

If you’re like us, a few warm days with the sun streaming in and you’re ready to ditch your bulky winter coat, open the car windows, and go outside — this can mean only one thing: beach weather is right around the corner! 

Beach photography is a frame-able favorite. Whether it’s a serene image of an empty seashore in the morning or a hectic shot that captures the bustle of a popular summer hangout spot, here are our ideas on how to capture that perfect beach photo.

Those Beach Day Selfies

friends on the beach

With social media being such a big part of everyone’s life, it’s no wonder everyone is taking selfies of themselves and their friends. And where better to take a selfie than at the beach. Whether it’s your toes in the sand as the waves come in, a team shot after winning the volleyball game, or lounging on a towel, take out your phone, snap a photo, and you could have a great memory for years to come!

Camping At The Beach

bonfire at the beach

Camping and the beach just seem to go hand in hand. And after a full day of activities in the sun, a campfire on the beach is the perfect ending to a blissful day. Just be sure to check your local laws, first! We want everyone to enjoy, and photograph, everything summer has to offer, but in the safest way possible.

Family Photos

family photo on the beach

Many family memories have been made on a trip to the beach, so don’t forget to solidify those times with a photo. Building sandcastles, jumping waves, trying to eat your ice cream before it melts! All great photo opportunities.  If you take an annual family vacation, consider taking a photo in the same spot each year. It’s a great way to timestamp your family tradition and document how your family has grown over the years.(P.S., if you like this idea, we have a whole post dedicated to taking the perfect family photo.)

A Quiet Beach Landscape

empty beach

Maybe you’re artistic and like serene landscape photos.Get up early and head to the beach before it gets packed with vacationers and locals looking to soak up the sun. It’s a great opportunity to get some stunning photos.

Nature most often needs no help to get the perfect photos. Seagulls perched on wooden piers. Shells washed up onshore. The sunrise over the ocean. You get the picture. But you can take it a step further and interact with nature for a different look. Maybe you could walk for a little bit on the beach, turn around, and then photograph the path your footprints made. Bring some “munchies” to scatter around and you’ll soon have a flock of birds to photograph. Be creative and you may surprise yourself.

Either way, if your photographic skills turn out even better than you expected, frame them to remind yourself of better temperatures during the winter months!

A Distant Shot of a Packed Seashore

crowded beach

The beauty of a beach isn’t just seen when it’s empty. People enjoying it can be just as picturesque as your nature photography.  A packed beach means lots of opportunities to take pictures of people enjoying its splendor. Along with smiling faces and joyful laughter, look for the vibrant colors a day at the beach brings — think of the variety of beach towels, umbrellas, and sunhats. A crowded beach scene can bring its own joy by showing people coming together and sharing a great summer venue!

Action Photos

surfers walking to the water

Everyone knows the main attraction of the beach, though — the water! Whether you dive in it or just dip your toes in and enjoy the accompanying breeze, the beach wouldn’t be the beach — literally — without a massive body of water for the sand to the border. 

So if you’re the dive in kind of beach-goer, you might also like to surf or its prone counterpart, bodyboarding. Perhaps you are a water skier or its motorized counterpart, a jet skier. Photos of beach activities take a little more skill to capture, but they are well worth the effort.

Sandy Beaches, Clear Framing.

heart in the sand

We hope our suggestions have you anticipating the warmer weather that’s just around the corner and thinking about some great ways to photograph your day at the beach!  And since “a day at the beach” is synonymous with relaxing and enjoying all the beach has to offer, don’t stress over getting the perfect shot. With all the natural beauty surrounding you, you are sure to get some really great pictures.

When you get back home on dry land, maybe you’ll want to frame a couple of them to remind you of your seashore adventures. That’s where we come in. At Frame It Easy we make that part, well, easy! And don’t forget to share those photos with us afterwards.  We always love to see how creative our customers are.

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