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We’ve updated our profile names to be more easily identifiable when designing and reordering frames. But, for those who have ordered with us in the past, we understand that the change can be confusing.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of what the styles used to be called and what to look for when ordering now:

Previous Names... Current Names...
15 Shiny Black Hanover in Gloss Black
15 Satin Black Hanover in Satin Black
15 Shiny Silver Hanover in Gloss Silver
15 Satin Silver Hanover in Satin Silver
15 Shiny Gold Hanover in Gloss Gold
15 Satin Gold Hanover in Satin Gold
15 White Hanover in White
15 Red Hanover in Red
15 Blue Hanover in Blue
15 Green Hanover in Green
16 Shiny Black Hammond in Gloss Black
16 Satin Black Hammond in Satin Black
16 Shiny Silver Hammond in Gloss Silver
16 Satin Silver Hammond in Satin Silver
93 Shiny Black Ashford in Gloss Black
93 Satin Black Ashford in Satin Black
93 Shiny Silver Ashford in Gloss Silver
93 Satin Silver Ashford in Satin Silver
93 Shiny Gold Ashford in Gloss Gold
93 Satin Gold Ashford in Satin Gold
93 White Ashford in White
93 Hot Pink Ashford in Hot Pink
97 Shiny Black Bradford in Gloss Black
97 Satin Black Bradford in Satin Black
97 Shiny Silver Bradford in Gloss Silver
97 Satin Silver Bradford in Satin Silver
99 Shiny Black Stafford in Gloss Black
99 Satin Black Stafford in Satin Black
99 Shiny Silver Stafford in Gloss Silver
99 Satin Silver Stafford in Satin Silver
71 Black Derby in Black
71 Black Woodgrain Derby in Black Grain
71 Bordeaux Derby in Merlot
71 Cherry Derby in Cherry
71 Coffee Derby in Coffee
71 Gray Oak Derby in Rustic Gray
71 Honey Derby in Wheat
71 Natural Oak Derby in Hazel
71 Oak Derby in Russet
71 White Derby in White

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