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  • Made in the USA

    All frames are hand-crafted by skilled artisans in our Derby, Connecticut facility using materials that are 100% made in the USA.

    Here's a photo of the team of fellow Americans whose livelihood you're supporting with your order:

  • Wood MDF Frames

    Our Wood MDF styles are made out of an engineered wood called medium-density fiberboard (or MDF for short). MDF is made entirely from wood fibers bound together by a binding material and is very dense - the frames feel heavy and high-quality. Our many styles of MDF are achieved by using a decorative wood pattern wrapped around the material.

    As with all of our materials, our Wood MDF frames are 100% Made in the U.S.A.

  • Metal Frames

    Our styles marked Metal are made out of aluminum through a process called "extrusion". First, an aluminum billet (basically an aluminum log) is heated to almost a thousand degrees and forced (using 750 tons of pressure!) through a die shaped like the style being created. The newly extruded aluminum is then placed on a "stretcher" where all straightness imperfections are removed. Finally, the aluminum is either anodized or powder coated, converting the surface of the material into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant finish. These frame rails are extremely rigid and high-quality.

    As with all of our materials, our Metal frames are 100% Made in the U.S.A.

  • Matting

    Our matting is the perfect decorative compliment to just about any frame. We stock as many as ten thousand uncut mat boards in a variety of colors and cores, and each mat is alkaline-buffered to be acid-neutral, which slows the aging process of the mat as well as the artwork it comes in contact with.

  • Prints

    Our print lab uses top-of-the-line large format printers and we print using archival-grade ink on premium semi-matte paper. We use such high quality equipment and materials because we wouldn't feel right about printing your most cherished memories using anything less - your print should be the star of the show in your finished frame. When you see the quality at which we print your uploaded photos and images, we think you'll come back to us again and again.

    For our technical customers: we print at up to 2880x1440 DPI and stay as true to your uploaded file as possible. We never resample or perform destructive edits to your image. We maintain the exact profile and colorspace embedded within your file and never remove it or add our own. The only thing we can't do is calibrate our print output to what you see on your display - which means if you're looking for extremely precise color matching on your print output, you'll want to work with a color lab. That being said, we have never heard a complaint regarding color accuracy from our many corporate clients.

  • Acrylic Covers

    Clear Acrylic

    Our ACRYLITE® Clear Acrylic offers the beautiful clarity of the finest picture frame glazing at half the weight of glass and many times the impact resistance. Additionally, it blocks some ultraviolet light. It is the preferred material for larger framed art and provides the safety warranted in high traffic areas. It is the ideal glazing material for museums, galleries, and homes.

    Non-Glare Acrylic

    Our ACRYLITE® Non-Glare Acrylic has all of the clarity, impact resistance, and ultraviolet protection of our Clear Acrylic, but with a very fine matted coating which elegantly diffuses light and reduces reflections.

  • Foamcore Backings


    This is our standard, best-selling backing. It is non-acidic and will not damage your artwork (though artwork that contains acids will still degrade over the course of many years). Foamcore consists of a thick polystyrene (a stiff foam) core surrounded by protective paper on either side.

    Acid-Free Foamcore

    This is our premium backing, recommended for valuable artwork or artwork which will be framed for many years. It is buffered with an alkaline solution, which helps to combat the acids found in most printed artwork and slows down the rate at which the artwork damages itself.

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  • How do I measure my art?

    Ensure your artwork fits into your new frame by measuring its exact width and height. Measure each side from edge to opposite edge.

    We attach hanging wire to each frame so that it hangs on your wall exactly as it appears in our frame builder. So if your artwork is 18" wide and 24" tall, make sure to build an 18" x 24" frame and not a 24" x 18" frame.

    Your artwork will be covered by 1/4" on each side by either the matting (if your frame has matting) or the frame itself. This is to hold the art in place, or prevent it from “falling through” the mat board.

  • Which way will my frame hang?

    Our frames are built with your "Width" measurement as "left to right" and your "Height" measurement as "top to bottom".

    Our frame preview takes the "Width" and "Height" you specify, and shows you exactly what your frame will look like on the wall. If you need your frame to hang in the opposite orientation than the one you see in the preview, simply switch the "Width" and "Height" measurements.

    For example, a 24" x 36" frame would hang in the portrait orientation, but a 36" x 24" frame would hang in the landscape orientation.

  • Can my frame sit on a table?

    It sure can! If you'd like your frame to sit on a table, and it's smaller than 13" x 19", you can grab an EaselMate from our Accessories page. EaselMate works on all of our Wood MDF and Metal frames, as long as they don't exceed that size.

  • Can you print my photo?

    We sure can! If you have us print your photo or image file, we'll professionally print and frame it. Your frame will arrive in just a few days, 100% assembled and ready to hang on the wall - no work on your part besides tapping the (included) hook into the wall. Here's what you do:

    1. Pick a photo from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

    2. Choose what size you want your photo printed, from a small table-top frame to a large poster.

    3. Pick your favorite of our many frame and matboard styles and colors. You'll see a preview of what your frame will look like, and can even change the color of the wall behind the preview to your wall color at home.

    4. We will print your photo in the size you picked using a professional-grade large format printer, and then build the frame you designed to the exact size of the photo. Because we can build any size frame, we don't need to crop any of the detail from your photo.

    Each frame is built using 100% premium American-made materials and comes fully assembled with everything you need to hang it on your wall - no need to buy any additional accessories.

  • Are you guys experts?

    We like to think so! We've been selling custom-cut, hand-crafted picture and poster frames nationally for fifteen years. During that time, we've built a wonderful, experienced team of over 30 employees, a 25,000 square foot facility stocked with the most accurate computerized equipment, and a streamlined fulfillment process that allows us to provide outstanding quality frames at an unbeatable price, which we are extremely proud of.

    If you have a specific question or want to run something by an expert, reach out to us any time! We'd be happy to help out.

  • How long will it take to get here?

    It usually takes us 2-4 business days to craft and ship your order. As soon as it's shipped, we send you an email with tracking information so you know exactly when it'll arrive. The map below shows how long our shipping carriers usually take to deliver an order once it's shipped (they occasionally take an extra day or so).

  • Do I need to buy any accessories?

    Nope! Each of our frames comes with everything you need to hang it on the wall. You may want to take a peek at our Accessories page though, in case a useful add-on catches your eye. That's also where we sell replacement components for frames you already have (in case you want to switch out a mat color, need replacement acrylic, etc.).

  • My art has important details around the edge.

    Whether you get a frame with or without a mat, we will cut the frame such that the artwork size you provided is covered by 1/4" on each side. This is so that the art doesn't "fall through" the matting, or in the case of a frame without matting, show white borders around the art.

    If you have artwork with important details (such as an artist signature, or visually important detail) around the outer edge that you don't want to cover, the best you can do is give our website an artwork size that is 1/4" larger in each dimension than your art. So for example, if your art was 10" x 10", you would use an art size of 10 1/4" x 10 1/4". This way, we'll send you a frame that only covers the artwork by 1/8" on each side, which is the smallest overlap possible without the artwork revealing the backing behind it on at least one side, or "falling through" the mat opening.

  • Can I ship this as a gift?

    You sure can! Make sure to fill out your billing information correctly, but put whoever you want (friend, family member) as the shipping address. Our shipping carriers can easily deliver your order there. We include a packing slip in each box that details its contents, but it doesn't list what you paid for the order (just like a gift receipt).

  • Do you offer white-labeling?

    Not yet - we're working on it!

    Many of our corporate customers have asked for this feature - we're going to make it possible in the future for you to place an order but have us fulfill it, without putting the Frame It Easy name on the box or any of our usual labels/stickers.

  • My art is measured in mm or cm.

    No problem - just type your measurements in here, and we'll convert it to inches for you!

  • Do you offer bulk or volume discounts?

    Every single frame that we ship is cut to your exact specifications and assembled by hand after you place your order - nothing is "standard" sized or pulled off of a shelf, so there is no savings for us to pass on when a large order is placed because we are still custom-crafting every single frame.

    We do however custom-box every order and charge shipping at our cost, which is a substantial savings to all customers but especially ones that order in large volume.

    The one exception to this is if you are thinking about placing a very large volume order of identically sized frames, there may be some production-related savings we can pass on to you - reach out to us if this is the case!

  • Do you ship outside the USA?

    We are able to ship outside of the USA only to our military APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

  • My uploaded file doesn't look right!

    The most important thing to know here is that while every screen on every computer, tablet, and phone will show the same image slightly differently, when we print we go directly from your file to the paper (using top-of-the-line printers, ink, and paper, of course). We don't apply any changes or conversions of any sort in order to stay as true to the file you uploaded as possible. You should still be really happy with the finished product, and if we think you won't be, we'll contact you before printing it.

    For our technical customers: the most likely cause of this is that your file is a JPG in the print-ready CMYK color space, but your web browser is rendering it in RGB. If it appears correctly when opening the same file in your favorite graphical editor, then you can be assured we'll receive it and print it in that color space. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to us and we'd be happy to help!

I just placed my order.
  • I made a mistake or need to adjust it!

    Please contact us and let us know as quickly as possible! We'll work with you as much as we can.

  • Is it getting here soon?

    Probably! It usually takes us 2-4 business days to craft and ship your order. As soon as it's shipped, we send you an email with tracking information so you know exactly when it'll arrive. The map below shows how long our shipping carriers usually take to deliver an order once it's shipped (they occasionally take an extra day or so).

I've received my order!
  • It's the best thing ever!

    We're so glad you like it! We'd love to hear from you - reach out to us via email or your favorite social network.

    We'd also be honored if you told your friends or family about the great experience you've had with us - this is what we've chosen to build our business around. We think if we're able to provide an unbelievable quality frame at an unbeatable price, and really take care of our customers, that they'll trust us with their referrals and help us grow!

  • There's an issue with it.

    Please reach out to us! We stand behind the quality and workmanship of our frames 100% and will make it right at no cost to you if we've made a mistake.

  • I hate it!

    Oh no! Please reach out to us right away - we'll be able to help you out. Even though we use a really high-tech fulfillment process and take many quality control measures, it's possible we made a mistake. This happens very rarely, and in almost every case we can still make you happy and impress you with how we treat our customers! We want all of our customers to have a positive experience, but we also want the very few that aren't happy to realize that we stand behind our craftsmanship and quality 100%, and do what we can to turn their experience around!

  • I want to return it.

    No problem, you can return your order for any reason. Please see our Return Policy for all the details.

    That being said, if it's something wrong with your order or something you don't like, we'd love a chance to make you happy. Just contact us and let us know what's going on! We don't want any of our customers to be unhappy for any reason.

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